Chapter 49 Sun Wukong Destroyed Black Wind Mountain

Monk Tang is not worried about the safety of Sun Wukong at all, but he is a bit worried that Sun Wukong will not beat the Black Bear violently. He is valuable and must be harvested by his hands!

However, Monk Tang didn't have time to pay attention to Sun Wukong and Black Bear. He had to focus on his eyes. Monk Tang didn't know why he was so excited after he was shouting his slogan--- "I will destroy you on behalf of justice! " then he rushed towards goblins.

Nine rings on the monk spade crashed and jangled. In a few steps, he met a first little goblin. Immediately a monk spade blasted out, and then the little goblin was cut into two parts!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points of experience! ’

Seeing Monk Tang killed a little goblin all of a sudden, the rest little goblins who rushed over was suddenly stagnant.

Damn, all the little monsters immediately realized that the little white monks in front of them were not as weak as they think, but the little goblins were not afraid of him, and they were wielding their weapons towards Monk Tang!


Monk Tang was smashed one more goblin again by his monk spade, hitting on a little goblin’s head. The little monster's head, like a watermelon, immediately broke. The red and white stuff scattered and the body flew out. Falling to the ground showed his original shape, he is a black bear as their king--- Black Bear!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points of EXP! ’

The beep sounded again, and the corner of Monk Tang's mouth rise, and he was very happy. At level 10, indeed his strength greatly increased, and it was very easy to kill those goblins.

Those goblins are very ferocious. Although Monk Tang has shown his great strength and killed two in a row. But it not only scared these little goblins, but it completely aroused the fierceness of these little goblins.

A little goblin howled and slashed at Monk Tang's waist, trying to give Monk Tang a cut at his waist.

Monk Tang moved his step little and dodged the knife. Then, he picked his Nine-Ring Monk Spade and smashed toward him!


The little goblin's body was immediately smashed in half, and the internal organs all came out, struggling twice before falling to the ground.

After a few minutes of fighting, Monk Tang has been sure that the approximate strength of these monsters in Black Wind Mountain. Those weak ones are equivalent to him at the fifth level, and those stronger ones are equivalent to him at the eighth level. However, he is now 10 Level, has completed metamorphosis, can be easily killed against those little goblins.

Moreover, this is the result of his close fight with brute force. Monk Tang believes that if he has learned more skills, he will be stronger. He licked his lips. To learn skills, he must accumulate more EXP (experience)!


At this moment, the black cloud in the sky suddenly exploded, and Black Bear was gone. After playing against Sun Wukong for a while, he found that Sun Wukong was getting stronger and stronger, and gradually lost, so he planned to retreat strategically first and to come up with countermeasures to deal with Sun Wukong and Monk Tang!

At the same time, the little goblins in the battle with Monk Tang also disappeared. Monk Tang, a monk spade by turns, almost flashed his waist.

"What's the hell, Wukong, where are they?" Monk Tang said, killing at his high moment, and all goblins are gone. Those are EXP!

"Hee hee, that Black Bear was timid, and ran into the cave of the Black Wind Mountain! I didn't enjoy myself to the full! I didn't even use 30% of my power, he just ran away!" Sun Wukong grinned.

"Run? How could they be like that? No way! Wukong, find them out for me!" Monk Tang stared.

"Yes, Master!" Seeing Monk Tang glaring, Sun Wukong immediately followed what he said and flew into the cave, but soon flew out, saying, "Master, I can't find them! They’re all gone!"

Monk Tang heard it and said, "you have to learn from me. Listen to me, you fly up and smash their nest severely with your Monkey King Bar, I don't believe that t, those goblins can still hide in  smashed mountain. Now you can kill, but leave the life of the Black Bear for me! "

Sun Wukong heard its eyes lit up immediately, saying, "Hee ha-ha ha ha, Master, I know how to do it!"


Sun Wukong's body turned, and then he was flying into the sky, to the sky above Black Wind Mountain. The Monkey King Bar in his hand, became longer and thicker in the storm, and then carried the storm of the sky to the cave....then he poked the nest by his bar. Yes, he ‘poked’ their cave.

Seeing this, Monk Tang patted his forehead and thought that how much does he like to poke things?!

But it doesn't matter, as long as he did what he told to him!


The huge Monkey King Bar slammed on Black Wind Mountain fiercely. With a boom, Black Wind Mountain was smashed out of a big hole, but it was not the end. Sun Wukong was holding Monkey At the other end of the King Bar, it started to stir up slowly, and the part of the Black Wind Mountain that was poked by his bar was stirred up back and forth!

Finally, Sun Wukong pried it up hard!


With the last excavation on Black Wind Mountain, it suddenly burst apart, half of the mountain body was pried up in the sky, and in a short time, the rocks were flying, and a grand rock fell down from the sky!


The black cloud reappears, Black Bear comes out, looks at the destroyed Black Wind Mountain, and yells at Sun Wukong, "You are just a Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, don't push me too much, you are a goblin as well. It’s better for you to be low-key! "

"Wukong, don't listen to his nonsense, smash it! smash it severely!" Monk Tang yelled at him, mom, where are the little goblin hidden by this Black Bear?

"Haha, yes! My Master! Got it!" Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang’s words and laughed, ignored Black Bear talking in anger, and continued to stir up!

"Boom——” it was another hit on the mountain, which was torn apart, where screams came from the mountain. A lot of little goblin being smashed to death and most little goblins were roaring in terror, bouncing up and down!

"Ah ... Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, you are looking for ‘shit’ with a lantern in toilets (“Shit” is a homophone for the word “Death” in Chinese)!" Watching the little goblins strangled by Sun Wukong, Black Bear was furious and rushed to Sun Wukong and a war started with Sun Wukong!

On the ground, those the little goblins scattered and ran in chaos, Monk Tang was instantly excited, rushing towards a little goblin close to him, carrying the monk spade, and shouted, "Goblins, where do you run, come to here! My spade can’t wait! Come on. "


The little goblin was smashed by Monk Tang in one shoot and his blood covered the ground.

Monk Tang kept at his feet, taking a big stride, chasing and killing those little goblins who fled!

Then, the sounds of “Bang!Bang!Bang!” and screams were heard continuously here, making everyone feel scalp!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points! ’At the same time, the beep sounds constantly.

Coincidentally, Little White Dragon woke up from the seal. Seeing this scene suddenly, he has muddled. What's the situation? Master is hunting down goblins?