Chapter 48 The Righteous Cloak

Sun Wukong snatches the tiger leather skirt and wears it on, and says, "I have new clothes!" Monk Tang just feels relieved, it's great he likes it, or he will have to re-make a new one.
After finishing the tiger leather skirt for Sun Wukong, Monk Tang intends to refine Brocade Kasaya for himself. He plans to change the look of Brocade Kasaya. Taking out Brocade Kasaya from the package from Wukong, Monk Tang disdains. In spite of this Brocade Kasaya is not a fake one, it is not a really good divine focus. It is only just up to the standard of his ideal divine focus, it not even as good as the tiger leather skirt made for Sun Wukong just now.
But it doesn't matter, Monk Tang is going to re-refine to change the shape of Kasaya and upgrade it.
With the influence of the willpower of Monk Tang, the shape of Brocade Kasaya began to change, becoming an article of clothing, or it is more accurate to say that it is a cloak. The seven jewels inlaid in it became the seven buttons, and the golden silk threads on Kasaya are all swimming in the back of the cloak, Monk Tang smirks and turns the golden threads into two glittering Chinese characters---Justice(正义)!
After the refining, Monk Tang touched it, and the information of the cloak appeared in Monk Tang's mind,
Item Name, Brocade Kasaya (Form, The Cloak of Justice)
Level, first-level props
Material, Goldthread, gem, silk
After checking the information, Monk Tang rose up, Monk Tang drape this cloak around his shoulders, and the two big golden Chinese characters 'Justice' on the cloak became extremely shining in the early morning sunlight.
Monk Tang picked up his monk spade, rode on the white dragon horse, and shouted, "Wukong, let's go! And kill the goblins!"
Ten miles away, it was a not far distance as for the Little White Dragon. When Black Bear and his goblins hadn't woken up, the master and his apprentice had already arrived at the foot of the mountain. Monk Tang watched the magnificent and beautiful scenery of Black Wind Mountain and a burst of anger rose in his mind. Such a good place is occupied by goblins, which is unbearable.
"Wukong, you wake up the goblins and tell them I'm going to destroy them on behalf of justice!" Monk Tang stepped down and said to Sun Wukong. The words 'justice' is shining behind when Monk Tang was talking.
"I see, Master, I'll do it right now!" Sun Wukong agreed with excitement, took his Monkey King Bar and walked forward. After two steps, he turned back and asked, "Master, may I kill?"
Heard it, Monk Tang's eyes glared, No way! The monkey wanted to grab his opportunity again, and yelled, "No, let me do it for you. The goblin king here is pretty powerful, you can deal with him and move your muscles! "
Heard it, Sun Wukong poked his lips, it was boring not to kill anyone. Fortunately, he could have the fight to make him feel good. Standing in front of the mountain, Sun Wukong's Monkey King Bar quickly became larger and thicker. And then it was flying to strike the cave of Black Wind Mountain.
The tightly closed door of the cave was immediately shattered by his bar, like breaking through a membrane!
Monk Tang stared at the scene with his eyes wide, what the hell, why did he feel like the monkey was very skilled at doing this?
However, Monk Tang has no time to delve into it, because they stick in Sun Wukong's hands did stir up a hornets' nest, and a group of goblins with black goblin wind appeared in front of the cave.
Black Bear was very furious at this time. Last night, the monkey abducted his younger brothers twice, and then he thought about the countermeasures so that he lied down and rest until the middle of the night. When the hell he just wanted to sleep, the door was shattered by a big stick.
What's more hateful is that the big golden stick almost pinched him on the wall and became a bear cake.
He couldn't bear it. When the golden stick disappeared, he immediately carried his black spear, raised the goblin wind, and took his younger brothers out of the cave with a loud voice, "which son of bitch broken MY door, disturbing MY dream? Get out of there. "
The little goblins followed him, "Get out of there!"
Looking at the Black Bear that appeared in front of the cave, Monk Tang had to admire him. This Black Bear is really powerful who reminds him of a poem that describes Black Bear in the original book, "with iron helmet shining, his black armor is brilliant. The robe brings the wind, and the black and green silk spikes are long. Holding a black spear in his hand and stepping on a pair of black leather boots, his golden black eyes carry flashes of lightning. What described above is the king of Black Wind Mountain
In spite of his aggressive mien, when he heard Black Bear scold them for being a jerk, Monk Tang was immediately angry, and said immediately, "Wukong, get rid of all his teeth!"
"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong, who had been ordered by Monk Tang, had long been angry for a long time and rushed to him with his Monkey King Bar. He lifted the Monkey King Bar and put it into Black Bear's mouth ..., Sun Wukong seems to be very fond of this action!
When Black Bear appeared outside the cave, Sun Wukong and Monk Tang were already discovered by him, and his heart suddenly felt a little stunned, damn, how did the damn monkey come to my place? I haven't figured out a solution yet!
Face with Sun Wukong's attack, Black Bear naturally did not dare to underestimate. The black spear in his hand was immediately raised and hit on Monkey King Bar in Sun Wukong's hand.
There was a bang sounded and a big explosion showed up in the place where the two weapons were in contact. Black Bear and Wukong brought the power of the explosion into the sky, otherwise, it would definitely cause great damage to Black Wind Mountain.
Of course, the two are not to protect the natural environment. Black Bear is afraid that his younger brothers will be affected, and Sun Wukong is also afraid that the little goblin will die because of this. But he remembers that Monk Tang did not let him kill. If he accidentally killed someone. Sun Wukong swears that he will definitely not have a good time in the next day, and the monk will definitely misdo something!
Hitting on Sun Wukong's bar made Black Bear suddenly increased his confidence because he didn't feel how powerful Sun Wukong was. As his lord said, Sun Wukong is no longer brave as he used to do!
Suddenly brave, he smiled and said to the little goblins, "This Supervisor for Heavenly Horses will be given to me, you go and tie the monk to me, clean him up and put him into a pot then steam him, and wait for me to kill the monkey and then let's eat him! "
"Yes, my King!" The little goblins heard it and said it so loudly, holding the weapon to Monk Tang with a rush!
Hearing the words of Black Bear, Sun Wukong snorted. Only If he wants to play with him for a while, he really wanted to kill the black bear by a few sticks, who talked big. As for Monk Tang, Sun Wukong was not worried about him at all. Monk Tang's He still understands his fighting power. Didn't you see that monk was excited right now?
Monk Tang is indeed excited. Looking at the goblins rushing towards himself, Monk Tang sees not goblins but walking experience values ​​one by one. Holding the monk spade excitedly and he yelled, "I will destroy you on behalf of justice! "