Chapter 47 Tiger-Leather Skirt on Sun Wukong

Watching Monk Tang ate a gluttonous meal, and then his face returned to his original appearance, Sun Wukong felt unhappy and thought that he was looking forward to a thing, which actually didn't happen. This monk not only did not die, he actually became stronger. Sun Wukong knew that Monk Tang's body is much stronger and he completes a new transformation.
But when he saw Monk Tang waving his hands to take away dozens of bodies of goblins, he felt a surprise. When he saw Monk Tang taking so many things out of nothing, he was surprised because he didn't feel spatial fluctuations around him.
What spell is this? Sun Wukong felt novel and a little shocked, so Sun Wukong came to Monk Tang and asked,
"Master, what happened to you just now? I worried about you!"
Sucking ~ Monk Tang took a sip of the boiled thick soup and glanced at the monkey obliquely. He thought that it would be a strange thing for the monkey to worry about him, but he said, "I'm fine because my body has prompted. That's why it takes a lot of energy. Well, I need to supplement energy in time! That's all."
"Master, where did you put those little goblin bodies?" Sun Wukong then asked this is what he cares about!
Heard it, Monk Tang raised the corner of his mouth and immediately knew why the monkey said he was worried about him. The purpose was to inquire about his space thing. The monkey was really clever, knowing to please him first, but Monk Tang would be fooled by him. Making his heart Itchy is a good thing. He says, "Wukong, that's just a little trick of mine, nothing serious, I won't explain it!"
Sun Wukong, "..." trick? It's a trick? He even can' t perceives a trick? His heart feels itchy ...
After eating and drinking, the sky is already bright, and the golden rays of the east are blooming on the horizon. It is the early morning sunlight. Monk Tang glanced at a Chinese-style unlined garment worn by Sun Wukong and said, "Wukong, you take out the dry fur of The Lion Tiger Beast. I think your clothes are a bit shabby, so I will make a new one for you! "
"Really?" Heard it, Sun Wukong rubbed his cheeks with excitement, his eyes shining brightly.
"Of course! When did I lie to you!" Monk Tang said.
Sun Wukong, "..." Master, you should speak with your conscience!
Monk Tang, "..." what the hell, what does it mean that the monkey doesn't make any response, which makes me embarrassed!
The master and apprentice stared at each other for a while, until Monk Tang's eyes were sour, and he didn't want to stare again, saying, "Okay, bring me the fur, I'm going to make one!"
He doesn't know if the animal skin can be used as a material of divine focus? Should that be ok? Or it will be even more embarrassing! Seeing the monkey going for the fur, Monk Tang thought so.
Although he chose the sub-professional of being master of divine focus and became a first-class refining division, he still knew nothing about making a divine focus, so he was inevitably worried.
However, when getting the fur from Sun Wukong, Monk Tang knew how to make it!
The method of making a divine focus provided by the system does not use fire or other tools but relies on the wills to refine. The only thing is to think about it, it is very appropriate to use the words 'May all your wishes come true'.
Of course, the strength of willpower determines what kind of props can be refined, and now Monk Tang's willpower is at most able to use materials to refine a prop, of course, the better the quality of the material, the better the foundation of divine focus. With the refining level of Monk Tang is increased, and the items' level can also be refined to increase.
And Monk Tang understands that the process of refining props is also a process of strengthening willpower, so there is such a thing as proficiency. When his proficiency reaches the highest point, he will upgrade, which means that his willpower has been improved by one level.
With the fur of The Lion Tiger Beast in his hand, Monk Tang remembered that in his previous life, Sun Wukong wears the tiger fur skirt in a cartoon named A Journey to the West, which is nice looking.
Imagining the picture of the tiger fur skirt in that cartoon, Monk Tang felt a mysterious power slowly appeared in his mind. Meanwhile, it exercised on the fur in his hand.
The magic scene happened, and Sun Wukong's eyes widened as if he sees a ghost.
Just now, Wukong was happy to hear that Monk Tang wanted to make clothes for him, but Monk Tang didn't move at all, who is holding the fur. Wukong was anxious, but considering that Monk Tang was thinking about a way to do it for him, so Sun Wukong did not squeak.
But then, he couldn't help it. He didn't see any movement from Monk Tang, and he didn't feel any fluctuation in the power. But then the fur moved slowly. No, it was deformed by itself. Then it became a piece of clothing, and there was a fluctuation of power on that clothing!
Sun Wukong's eyes were clear. He knew that this dress was a divine focus. Sun Wukong had already his judgment, but how could this fur suddenly turn itself into a divine focus? Sun Wukong looked at Monk Tang and ask himself, Is this the monk's credit?
This is a magical process, especially the deformation of the fur through his willpower. Monk Tang feels it very clearly. Monk Tang laments that the willpower is so great. You don't have to take any action, but you can refine it by thinking. In addition, Monk Tang thinks that the willpower has more than just a simple function to make divine focus.
There is still a wide range of uses for the willpower, but he still can't figure out where could use the willpower. He can now use the willpower to refine divine focus. That's because he was guided by the system. Otherwise, Monk Tang would not find the willpower in his body, nor could he master a way to refine divine focus by the willpower!
Looking at the tiger fur skirt in his hand, as soon as his palm on the skirt, the information of the tiger fur skirt appeared in Monk Tang's mind,
Item Name, Tiger Leather Skirt
Level, first-level props
Material, The Lion Tiger Beast
Is it a first-level prop? Sure enough, the refined props are equal to the level of their own refiner. If he wants to increase the level, he must raise the level of willpower. Monk Tang thought of it when he sees the information about the tiger leather skirt.
After a while, he turned back and said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, come here, this tiger leather skirt is my present for you!" Hey? Why should I make a skirt for Sun Wukong? He is a man, what the hell, I was really deeply influenced by my previous life.
Sun Wukong jumped in front of Monk Tang, instead of picking up the tiger leather skirt immediately, he asked, "Master, how did you do that?"
Monk Tang stunned, "What??"
"This dress, how did you turn it into a divine focus?" Sun Wukong asked, pointing at the tiger fur skirt, his eyes full of curiosity.
heard it, Monk Tang said, "Amitabfa, you mean this? I am not only a monk but also a master of divine focus. This tiger fur skirt is made in my ways. don't like it?" Don't he like skirts? Should it be refined? What a troublemaker!
"Yes! I like it!" After listening to Monk Tang, Sun Wukong snatched it off, took off his big Chinese-style unlined garment, and put on the tiger leather skirt, and turned from a monkey to a savage, like Tarzan.