Chapter 46 Damn it! I’am Starving!

Monk Tang opens the sorcery skills bar in his mind, and then all kinds of the sorcery and skills were displayed in his eyes,
Kung Fu Of Fillip, Kung Fu Of 'One Finger', Magic Gun of T-Rex, Magic Fist of T-Rex, Mystic Palm, Eighteen Palm for Dragon-Strike, Six-Veined Magic Sword, Nine-Yang Kung Fu, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade ... Kung Fu of Wind Blade, Kung Fu of Fireball, Kung Fu of Water Polo … …Deadly Reach, Wind And Rain … Method of Thirty-Six Changes, Method of Seventy-Two Changes ... The Kung Fu Masterpiece of Immortal Kings, The Kung Fu Masterpiece of Emperor..., The Kung Fu Masterpiece Immortal Emperor, Tathagata's Palm ... One Breath Cleaning Three Evil Qi, Exorcism Spell...
Monk Tang looks at these skills and swallows his saliva. Monk Tang knows some but doesn't know others, but they seem to be very powerful when he saw the name. Monk Tang looks at his character panel and then withers. Because he has no remaining experience value at all, he used it all for the upgrade just now!
Host, Monk Tang
Occupation, Monk (sutras seeker)
Level, Level 10
Experience, 0/5120
Deputy position, Refiner (level, first grade, proficiency 0/10)
Skills, Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props, Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
Since there is no remaining experience, Monk Tang intends to temporarily give up an idea of buying skills and wanted to buy it when he killed the Black Bear. It is not too late to purchase some skills after killing some goblins, and Monk Tang already has an idea of ​​what skills to buy, but the skill is a bit expensive, not something he can buy by killing a few goblins!
Monk Tang then opened the props grocery area again, and looked at it and was happy about it, because almost everything lies in it except for the lack of sorcery skills and some special items, which cannot be purchased. There are all kinds of items, even aircraft cannons, atom bombs, and so on. However, these modern weapons are relatively expensive. A pistol requires 100,000 points of experience. There is no need to spend such huge experience points to buy it.
However, some modern daily necessities are cheapest., such as pots and pans and various seasonings, etc., and most importantly, some of those are all free. Seeing this, Monk Tang is happy at this moment, and he suddenly thought that the system has the brotherhood. that's all he needs!
Grunt! Suddenly a thunderous voice sounded, Monk Tang was startled and asked, "What is it?"
However, as soon as his words came out, Monk Tang was blushing. Damn, this was his own belly singing, but then Monk Tang has to leave it alone because his stomach began to keep singing. The sensation of an unprecedented hunger transmitted from his abdomen and spreads throughout his body. His body has become thinner and weaker, and finally, his skin becomes dry and meager, almost like mummification!
Sun Wukong was also startled by the sudden changes in Monk Tang, and frowned, asking, "Master, what's wrong with you?" What the hell, what did the monk do to himself, and how did he become mummification? Dead? I am free now?
Too hungry, Monk Tang feels that he will starve to death if he doesn't eat anything, looking at Goat Goblin and other little goblin's bodies, his eyes are starting to glow green, although he can hear the voice of Sun Wukong, he is not in a mood to answer his question!
Blink, all kinds of pots and pans and various cooking tools and seasonings appeared in front of Monk Tang, then he moved his weak and staggering legs towards the bodies of a lot of goblins and then extremely fast quickly cleaning some of the goblins, bloodletting, skin peeling, cramps... all have been done in one second.
Then, there was a raging fire here, and after, all kinds of meat aromas permeated. Wukong saw a bald young monk biting a lump of roasted animal meat in a big mouth, who is not to stop. His eating manner was even more terrifying than a starving ghost's!
This time Monk Tang ate a total of twelve little goblins, and his extreme hunger slowly disappeared. The dried skin also restored its glory and elasticity, and he threw away the thigh bone of a bull goblin in his hand. Monk Tang slammed a full belly gently, watching the piles of animal bones, Monk Tang shook his head sadly. Just now he was too to cook carefully, Even the seasoning was scattered randomly, a lot of good ingredients are wasted!
Now that the hunger has basically disappeared, Monk Tang decided to cook a few dishes carefully to eat, let alone treat yourself!
Then, the flame of cooking started to burn again ...
While cooking, Monk Tang also asked the system what was going on and why he was so hungry. Monk Tang had a feeling that if he didn't have enough food around him, he would probably be starved to death!
Monk Tang, "You come out! System, can you explain to me, why did I become like that just now? Damn it, I was almost starving to death!" Monk Tang was still suffering from the shock.
The system promoted, 'you rest assured, that is a normal phenomenon because you have raised the level to level 10, which is equivalent to reaching the mortal realm, your physical body has become no longer a mortal physical body, but this transformation requires a process. It also requires lots of energy. Hunger is a signal that the host's body needs more energy!'
Monk Tang heard it asked, "well, System, did I succeed to physically transform now?"
The system promoted, 'It can only be said that it is completed at this stage, and you will undergo a physical transformation and evolution every time when you upgraded by one level!'
Heard it, Monk Tang is staring, and yelled in his mind, "What do you mean? Do I feel hungry every time I finish upgrading, and then I need to eat a lot of food?" Although he likes to eat, he doesn't like the feeling of hunger. Every time he has to experience it to improve one level. Is this a sequel of the upgrade? Monk Tang complained.
The system promoted, 'Yes, the host is right. You will experience a feeling of hunger every time you increase the level by one level, but it will not be as strong as this time. Of course, it is hard to say. If you upgrade too many levels, maybe the hunger will be more intense ... '
Monk Tang, what the hell, it seems that he cannot continuously upgrade several levels at once. If he continuously upgrades, he must prepare enough food!
Monk Tang, "System, my portable space won't break if I put the body of these goblins in it, right?" To be told that every time he increases one level, he has to eat a big meal, Monk Tang is thinking about storing food, and Monk Tang decided to store a lot if he is starved to death after the upgrade, that would be a joke in history!
The system promoted, 'No, you can store them with confidence. For example, food and other items will hold its form in the portable space like the one which is put in the portable space before. The fresh item won't be putrid.'
Heard it, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction and then swiped his palm to put more than a dozen goblins into space. He just thought about it and then those goblin's bodies, pigs, cattle, and sheep, appeared in the portable space. Moreover, the goblin's body is neatly placed in a corner of space. The time, space, and even all things in that space are stagnant!
However, Monk Tang found that as long as he has a little bit of thinking, the objects in the space would move as his thoughts, and he was the absolute master of this portable space!