Chapter 45 Tenth Level---Metamorphosis from A Mortal

Watching Monk Tang slap the monk spade and start killing the goblins, Sun Wukong is in a daze for a second, does this monk let me catch the goblins to kill to give vent to his anger? Did the Goat Goblin stimulate this monk? This monk seems to want to kill more than me!
However, what made Sun Wukong more puzzled is that after Monk Tang killed all the goblins, Sun Wukong felt that the power from heaven and earth was quickly instilled into Monk Tang, and then Monk Tang quickly broke through two levels. Then, his body slowly rose.
Sun Wukong knows what does it mean. It means that this monk has left the realm of mortals, and his cultivation has reached the realm of metamorphosis from a mortal. And he is half immortal.
Although Sun Wukong is powerful, born sage, well-informed, he also was perplexed that how could cultivation become so simple?
Although Sun Wukong is a natural immortal, it seems that he is cool, Sun Wukong knows his affairs. The reason why he is a born immortal is not a one-time effort. He was born from a magic stone, which was used by Goddess Nv Wa to patch up the notched sky in ancient times. And he has already had great merit. And this stone experienced countless years of absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, then he was born as an immortal. In fact, it took him a long time to have the body of immortal.
No people, like Monk Tang, broke through a higher level without cultivating vital energy after a while. Monk Tang was his first time to see.
Monk Tang didn't know that his breakthrough shocked Sun Wukong, but he was savoring the changes in his body and digesting the enlightenment in his mind, knowing that he was out of the mortal domain, and he was a semi-immortal existence.
When his body fell to the ground, Monk Tang shook his head. Although he would fly, he only could rise into the air at a low height. It was still a long way from the real fly, or it should be said that he is far from riding on the mists and clouds. But it is also very good, at least he didn't be worried about falling from a height to death!
His eyes opened, the fine light flickered in his eyes, and it took a long time that his eyes back to normal.
On account of a fact that he was immersed in the changes in his body, he didn't hear the system's prompts. At this time, Monk Tang made the system repeated, the corners of his mouth could not help going upwards. The system store was finally opened, and the portable space was also opened, as well as the subprofessional system!
Monk Tang asked, "System, what is this portable space? Is it a space that can hold items, or like a space ring?"
The system said, 'The portable space is much more advanced than the space ring. Space equipment such as the space ring can only hold dead objects, but the portable space can hold everything. As long as it does not exceed the volume of the portable space, everything can be installed. Host, You can understand that the portable space is a blessed space, but I as a system, prefer to call it 'the prototype of the world?' "
Heard it, Monk Tang took a sigh of cool breath and Monk Tang who knew the myth story so that he knew what a blessed space meant, but what the hell was the prototype of the world? Monk Tang reckoned the portable space is just a simple space with a length, width, and height of only 100 meters, which seem to have no relation with 'the world' in any way.
Said the voice of the system, 'The host, you are really stupid. I said that the portable space is just a prototype of the world. Of course, it is not a world, and it is far from a blessed space, but Host, your portable space can grow. In the future, every time you upgrade a level, the portable space will grow accordingly. It means that the higher your level is, the larger the volume of the space is. It is also possible to become a real world. This portable space has unlimited possibilities. It depends on how you will use it!"
Monk Tang heard it, immediately excited, knowing that he would probably become the master of a new world in the future, which is equivalent to a god. Of course, just thinking about it now, Monk Tang only shifted his attention for a short while.
Monk Tang asked, "System, what's going on with this sub-profession, I haven't heard it!"
The system prompted, 'There are so many things not mentioned in this system. The sub-professional host can be understood as an occupation for making a living, such as the master of alchemy, elixir, divine focus, etc. As for the specific occupation, you will understand it after selecting one. Now please chooses your sub vocation!'
Monk Tang heard it, touching his chin and did not choose, but carefully thought about it. In the end, Monk Tang chose to be a master of divine focus. The reason why he did so is that Monk Tang had grudges on Brocade Kasaya for a long time, which is not good-looking, so he never wears it, but after becoming a master of divine focus, he can transform it as his wishes!
'Ding Dang, congratulations to the host for opening the sub-professional, the current level of a master of divine focus is 1st-class, with proficiency 0/10.'
Monk Tang, "Well, are the sub vocation also graded? I thought that as long as becoming a master of divine focus, I would make a divine focus?"
System, 'host, you are delusional. I hope that you will not have this kind of idea . You can understand the truth that you can't became a fat by eating a bit of food. Otherwise, I, as a system, will make you invincible in one second! '
Monk Tang said, "Oh, it implies that you can't do it!" Monk Tang was scornful.
System, '! # ¥ %% ... '
Monk Tang is not entangled in the sub-professional of master of divine focus, but said, "System, please open the system store to me."
Monk Tang's eyes glowed. Although the system mall was opened just when he had time-travel to this world before he had time to see it. Guanyin seal his cultivation, so he always regret about it. Now the system mall is open again. He would like to make full use of it. The key is that Monk Tang wants to buy a skill for himself!
'Ding, the mall has been opened, please check it by yourself. If you want to buy top-grade products, please pay the corresponding experience value! '
Opening the system mall, a brand-new page appears, an unexpectedly simple mall, with only two columns, sorcery skills and props.
Monk Tang said, "Well, why so few? Just two? Doesn't the mall sell elixir?"
System, 'The system doesn't sell elixir, because it 's useless. Eating the elixir is to increase experience points. Using the experience points to buy experience points. Are you stupid, host?'
Monk Tang, "..." what the hell, have I always been despised by System? It's fine, If I don't take elixir, but I can buy it for others. You are stupid.
The system, 'Host, have you said in your heart I am silly? If you want to buy elixir for others, it 's better for you to open the alchemy sub-professional, refining it directly for others, or you can make it for yourself to increase your experience value. It is the most fundamental thing for the host to gain the ability to refine the elixir! '
Monk Tang, "% ... ¥%" You are a system, so you are reasonable and you are awesome. I am convinced of what you said. Are you happy right now?
Monk Tang was convinced and then opened the sorcery skills bar, ...