Chapter 44 My King! Something Happened Again

Goat Goblin heard Monk Tang's words and scared to kowtow again. "My kind monk, don't make fun of me, how dare you dare to fight with you!" He tried to lie to me, and then killed me through this pretext? No, I won't be deceived by him!
Monk Tang doesn't know his idea. If he knows it, he will laugh out loud. This Goat Goblin really thought highly of him!
If it wasn't a test for his own strength, Monk Tang would have killed this goblin for experience value!
Hearing Goat Goblin's words, Monk Tang frowned and said coldly, "Why did I have you but you can't fight with me? You can go to death now!" He raised his monk spade.
Goat Goblin is almost crying, fuck..... this dead monk just wants to kill him. What about the compassion of being a monk? Why this monk has no mercy? Goat Goblin knew he has to fight.
Although he had already guessed that he was dead soon or later because he has aroused his fierceness. Goat Goblin is still a goblin and a beast after all. Although his wisdom has enlightened, as an animal, his instinctual fierce is inalienable! To save his life, Goat Goblin decided to fight.
"Okay, I'll fight with you!" Said so, Goat Goblin gritting his teeth. In his heart, he thought that if he would die, he would take one more life of someone else!
Feeling the fierceness of Goat Goblin, Monk Tang is not shocked but happy about this. A goblin with a fierceness can truly measure his strength!
"Let's get started!" Monk Tang smiled.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
Five minutes later, with the sound of the system, Monk Tang gasped softly, and beside him was a huge goat with a smashed head. After five minutes of fierce fighting, Monk Tang finally killed Goat Goblin.
Monk Tang knows his ultimate strength, and he can fight with average goblins. The difference in strength between him and those little goblins is not much. It can be seen from his exhausted condition that how much effort Monk Tang wasted to kill a Goat Goblin.
Monk Tang gasped, muttering in his heart: Damn, no, his strength is still too weak. It is his limit to kill a little goblin at level 8. If he encounters more than two goblins, he is definitely not their opponent. He must use his plug-in to upgrade to level 10 at a time. Otherwise, if he goes to Black Wind Mountain and Monkey gets entangled by Black Bear, he will be in danger. One more thing is that he can't rely on the Little White Dragon.
Monk Tang glanced at the Little White Dragon grazing beside him, this guy really thinks he is a horse right now... how silly he is!
Thinking of it, Monk Tang said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, you go to Black Wind Mountain again, and catch at least 30 little goblins back!"
Sun Wukong heard it, in a daze for a second, and he does not understand what Monk Tang is going to do, how can he let him catch the little goblin, isn't a Goat Goblin enough for him to eat? What a greedy monk!
At last, with the stare of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong pouted his lips, and he has gone to do it. Anyway, catching the little goblins is the most simple thing for him, it doesn't take any effort at all, he just went for a moment.
After Sun Wukong left, Monk Tang opened the character panel and looked up:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 8
Experience: 640/1280
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
The experience has increased by 100 points compared to the previous one, which is exactly the result of killing Goat Goblin, so Monk Tang's calculation is correct. If he wants to upgrade to level 10, he really needs to kill more than 30 little goblins!
On Black Wind Mountain, Black Bear led a group of goblins and went to the place where the Goat Goblin was kidnapped. But he couldn't figure out anything at all. Even if Black Bear breaks his head, he couldn't understand why Sun Wukong seized a goblin. Finally, he just went back to his cave and continued to think of his new strategies!
However, just when he had a clue again, a shout came again: "my King, something happened again. The monkey was here to catch our goblins again. After catching a group of goblins, he ran away!"
Black Bear heard it, anger in his mind and he yelled, "Fuck, is he done it? This damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, what is his trick? Why does he grab our little goblins? One is not enough for him, how could he kidnap a group my goblins! Don't push me too far!"
He picked up his black cricket spear, turned into a goblin wind and went out of the cave, standing at a high altitude and looking out into the distance, but Sun Wukong had already run away with a group of tied little goblins back to Monk Tang. Black Bear was angry and shouted, shattered the top of a small hill, and then calmed down!
Monk Tang looked at the goblins all over the floor, and smiled, very satisfied. These are all experience values. With Sun Wukong, his plug-in, it really can make upgrading much easier!
"Master, I have cast a fixation spell on these goblins so that they can't move it. Do I need to unlock it?" Sun Wukong said, catching some goblins is too simple for him. He looks forward to watching Monk Tang is going to do with them!
After listening to Sun Wukong, Monk Tang waved his hand and said, "No, it's good and convenient for me!"
Sun Wukong: "..." What does convenience mean? Sun Wukong was puzzled but immediately understood that because Monk Tang had already started to brandish his spade, like knocking on watermelons, knocking goblins' heads out of the flower one by one.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
The system's prompt sounds constantly in my mind. Monk Tang feels very pleasant. Monk Tang didn't check how much he killed in total. Monk Tang knows that he can upgrade again. Open the panel and look at the accumulated experience which has reached 3840 points.
Without any hesitation, Monk Tang chose to upgrade: "The system, please upgrade me!"
'Ding Dang, congratulations to the host, your level upgraded one level, now level 9, the experience meets the conditions for upgrading again, would you like to continue to upgrade? '
"go on!"
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, your level upgraded at level 10. You, lack of experience, can not continue to upgrade! '
'Congratulations to the host, your level is upgraded to level 10, the system store is open, the portable space is opened, and the sub-professional system is opened. Please choose a sub-professional ...'
After the level has been increased to level 10, Monk Tang feels that the energy from earth and sky is instilling in his body quickly. In a moment, Monk Tang feels more powerful. Although he has only improved two levels, the improvement in strength is more than ten or twenty times!
Monk Tang felt that his body became lighter and lighter, and then he slowly rose into the air. In a stun, but a kind of enlightenment appeared in his mind, and Monk Tang knew what was going on now ...