Chapter 43 Analysis from Monk Tang

"My Monkey King! My Monkey King! Please forgive me, you, as a NICE monk! Please forgive me, don't eat me, I woke up right now!" The goat suddenly jumped from the ground, and then he started to kowtow. Hearing the conversation between Monk Tang and Sun Wukong. He was scared. As for Monkey King, He always eats goblins. But what about his monk? Does he eat goblins? How terrible he is?
"Oh, wake up? Don't pretend to be dizzy?" Monk Tang said with a smile.
"no! No! Never dare to do so!" Goat Goblin staggered.
"You said you were pretending to be dizzy? Did you lie to me?" Sun Wukong's icy voice sounded very tense. He just said to Monk Tang that the goat was fainted by him. This is too embarrassing and shameful!
Goat Goblin heard the voice of Sun Wukong, so he almost feels dazed again, and cried, "My Monkey King, I was really dazed before, but I woke up again when you carried me to the ground, But I dare not wake up! "
Monk Tang said at the moment: "Wukong, I have a question to ask him. Don't scare him. If you scare him, he will be a waste!" if he was scared to death by Sun Wukong, it is not his experience value. Sun Wukong couldn't steal his opportunity to gain the experience value.
Goat Goblin: Waste? What does that means, isn't the terrified sheep delicious?
"Huh!" Sun Wukong heard it snorted but said nothing. According to his original intention, he wanted to kill him with his stick. Goat Goblin, who dared to tease him, but Monk Tang said, and he couldn't do so. Wukong was still staring fiercely at Goat Goblin, making Goat Goblin shiver.
"Well, little sheep, don't be afraid, he won't hurt you because I am here!" Monk Tang said softly and warmly.
Goat Goblin was even more scared. Although Monk Tang was so handsome and his voice is soft, his monk robe, which is exuding bloody smell, made Monk Tang like a bloody Shura!
"my kind monk, what do you want to know from me? I will say everything I know." Goat Goblin fought his teeth.
"Well, good!" Monk Tang reached out one of his hands and touched the goat's head. The goat was shaking his body again.
Monk Tang said, "Is your King the Black Wind King? What does he have to do with Elder Jinchi? Tell me about your King! Tell me everything you know."
"Yes, yes, got it!" Goat Goblin nodded again and then began to tell!
Monk Tang is very speechless. This Goat Goblin really has no rituals, so he sold his king and said everything.
However, Monk Tang has really gained something. In fact, Monk Tang really didn't mean to listen to it, but he didn't expect that Black Bear really did a set for him and Sun Wukong, but this set is really not technical one for them. It is a plan to lure the monkey away from his base!
Black Bear planned was to lead Sun Wukong away from him, and then send other little goblins to cooperate with Elder Jinchi and catch him and use him to defeat Sun Wukong and make Sun Wukong surrender. If Sun Wukong surrenders, it's a great idea to kill two birds with one stone.
Even if Sun Wukong is unwilling to surrender for him, that's fine. If Black Bear cooks Monk Tang and eats him, that's not bad!
After listening to the Black Bear plan, Monk Tang felt that the plan was very simple, but it was really feasible to implement. Not to mention whether he would be caught. Assuming that he was caught, it's another story that whether the monkey would surrender or not in order to save him. Monk Tang also worried a little about it in his heart.
Monk Tang could not help throwing his eyes at Sun Wukong, and Sun Wukong looked up as if hearing nothing!
Upon seeing this state, Monk Tang immediately understood that the relationship with Sun Wukong was not so stable as he thought. If he fell into the hands of the goblin himself, 80% of Sun Wukong would not save him!
"tell me that there is a big master behind your king? Do you know who it is?" But Monk Tang cares more about this!
"I do not know, all I know is that my king and Elder Jinchi have the same owner, but they have never seen him, and the owner of my king has never appeared once!" Goat Goblin said.
Monk Tang heard it touched his chin and fell into contemplation. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his mind. Monk Tang had already guessed who the owner of Black Bear was. It was definitely Guanyin.
This is not a random guess by Monk Tang, but a careful analysis. When looking at the original book(A Journey to the West), Monk Tang found a suspicious thing, that is, Black Bear is a character in the original book, who is a wild goblin with no background, but he was taken away by Guanyin. And then he became a god of the mountain, he paced in the clouds in an instant!
But it is a bit unreasonable. Although in the original, Guanyin Bodhisattva has been observing the progress of Monk Tang and his companies in secret, it will never pay attention to them all the time, and it will never be so coincidental that she appeared when Sun Wukong is going to kill Black Bear.
Unless there is any connection between Black Bear and Guanyin, Guanyin will know what danger Black Bear will encounter, or Black Bear can ask for help from Guanyin Bodhisattva, so Guanyin appears so timely. Black Bear must be the beast pet of Guanyin Bodhisattva!
In addition, it can be seen from Elder Jinchi that the Guanyin Bodhisattva is the owner of the Black Bear because Goat Goblin said that the owner of the two is the same person, and Elder Jinchi worships Guanyin in his temple. It is absolutely logical that the slaves worship the master!
After analyzing it, Monk Tang exhaled in a strong breath. Although the system says that this is the world of evil travel, Monk Tang feels that this is basically the same plot in A Journey to The West, but what happened here is very different from the original.
Monk Tang recalled many plots in the original work. Monk Tang found that Journey to the West is likely to be a 'eunuch' version of the evil travel book which deliberately did not describe some things in detail, but implicitly contained many clues.
Monk Tang smiled. This world is becoming more and more interesting. Many secrets are waiting for him to realize and discover!
"my kind and nice monk, may I leave now?" Goat Goblin, a bit tingling kneeling, saw Monk Tang in deep thought, asking carefully.
Hearing Goat Goblin's voice, Monk Tang withdrew his thoughts and looked at Goat Goblin with a smile and said, "Want to go? Is it not possible, you can go after completing one of the things I told you!"
Goat Goblin nodded. Nonsense. If I don't leave, I 'll stay here and be eaten by you. He patted his chest and said, "you, my kind monk, if you have anything to ask me to do, not mention one thing, even if you got a hundred things, I will do those."
Monk Tang smiled and waved his hands, "Don't be like that, there just only one thing you can do!"
"You just say it!" Goat Goblin whispered.
"You fight with me, as long as you win, I will send you home!" Monk Tang did not forget the purpose of letting Sun Wukong catch a little goblin back, that is, to check if his combat power can fight with the average little goblins, if he can, naturally he doesn't need to have a check. If he can't win, then he will open his 'plug-in' to upgrade or something!