Chapter 42 My King! Something happened!

Green pines and cypresses grow and flowing silver waterfalls, its essence rises. Monk Tang burned Guanyin Temple and then heads for Black Wind Mountain. The closer toward Black Wind Mountain, the more powerful the mighty between heaven and earth become. Obviously, Black Wind Mountain is also a blessing place, otherwise Black Bear would not take Black Wind Mountain as his own nest!
Just a few miles away to reach Black Wind Mountain, Monk Tang gave Little White Dragon a sign to stop.
"Master, why don't you keep moving?" Seeing Monk Tang stopped, Sun Wukong turned his head and asked in confusion.
He was just wearing a murderous look just now, but now he was afraid? Sun Wukong thought it.
"Come, my plug-in ... Ah, no. Wukong, come here, let me tell you something." Monk Tang said.
Sun Wukong turned his eyes and said, "What's the matter? Master!" What was this young monk doing?
"You see. Black Wind Mountain is in front of you, there is the goblin's nest, go and catch a little goblin!" Monk Tang said.
"Master, why should I catch the goblins? Let's just go and hit them?" Sun Wukong glanced at Black Wind Mountain and said dismissively. Although there is a lot of evil smell and a powerful might of goblins on Black Wind Mountain, Sun Wukong didn't take it seriously!
"No!" Monk Tang said righteously, hit him directly, how can I use your plug-in to upgrade?
"Why?" Sun Wukong scratched his head.
"Well, I'll teach you one more thing. Do you think the goblins in front are just like that and they can't threaten you?" Monk Tang asked.
Heard it Sun Wukong froze, and blinked, the light inside flickered, and secretly said: How did this little monk know my thoughts?
Looking at Sun Wukong, Monk Tang was happy that he guessed it correctly. In fact, Sun Wukong's idea is easy to figure it out. This guy doesn't even look at Tathagata, so, how could he take count of those small goblins? Monk Tang is not a fool. As long as he said so, it won't be a problem for him.
Monk Tang continued to say: "The principle is not to underestimate anyone, even if you know that the other party is weaker than yourself. A person, who is weaker than you, maybe uses some conspiracy tricks to kill you. Of course, if your strength can reach a level that you are not afraid of all conspiracy, you don't have to think about anything. What I said is nonsense!
Heard it, Sun Wukong scratched his head as if thinking something, and then said, "Master, killing the goblins of Black Wind Mountain won't be a problem!"
Monk Tang: "..." what the hell, is this monkey agreed that what I said is nonsense?
Monk Tang twitched his mouth and said, "Ahem, this ... You, dead monkey, off you go! You can go now, so much nonsense. You can kill all, but I can't! You have to think about it for me! "
Sun Wukong smiled grinning, "Master, you should say it earlier. If you do so, why not I just do as you said? "
Monk Tang opened his mouth, Damn it, he was so angry!
"Hip-hop ha-ha ... I do it right now!" Sun Wukong was in a good mood, and disappeared!
The corners of Monk Tang's mouth were slightly raised, with a little evil: off you go, my plug-in!
Little White Dragon was awake now, but his face was muddled: Hey? What happened before? Where is my Brother Monkey? Why Master smiles so evil!?
In Black Wind Mountain and Black Wind Cave, Black Bear and a group of little goblins gathered together and scratched their heads. Elder Jinchi disrupted his elaborate strategy. At this moment, he was thinking of new countermeasures, but Black Bear can't come up with a great idea. So, 'happy' alone is not as good as 'happy' together, so he grabbed a bunch of little goblins to help think together and have a 'headache' together!
"One report! My King, it's not good, a goblin was caught by a monkey!" Then a yelling came from outside the cave, and a little goblin ran from outside the cave, shouting while running.
His thinking was interrupted, Black Bear screamed angrily, "What is it?"
The little goblin shivered and slumped on his knees and said, "Master, it's not good, a goblin has been taken away by a monkey! What I said is true, I didn't know where the monkey came from, he grabbed one of our brothers and ran away! "
Black Bear muddled in a rhythmical way, it takes a while to recovered: "You said a monkey caught a goblin? Damn, where is the monkey? Such arrogant ... what the hell, no, the monkey can catch my goblin and run? What does the monkey look like? "
The little goblin hurriedly said, "he has a hairy face like Thunderchief (ps: he is the Chinese Thunder God, who has a sharp face, holding a hammer. Of course, he is not as handsome as Thor.), his eyes are golden, the thief looks cool!"
Black Bear: what the hell, wouldn't the monkey be Sun Wukong? What is wrong with him? why catch a little goblin?
"let's go, I will figure out what is going on here!" Black Bear stood up and said, giving up his plan, on account of a fact his brain hurts!
"Master, you want a little goblin, I'll get one for you!" Sun Wukong appeared beside Monk Tang, and threw a goblin with a goat's head to the ground, saying so.
"Brother Monkey, hello!" Little White Dragon said when Sun Wukong appeared.
"Well? Bro, you are awake! How about the seal on your body? how much have the seal been broken?" Hearing his voice, Sun Wukong asked.
Little White Dragon: "..."
Sun Wukong: "..." what the hell, are you going to break the seal again? Then don't you fucking talk to me, silly! I almost believe you succeed to break it down.
Monk Tang, instead of having a conservation with the two, is holding the monk spade and tapping the goat goblin's head gently! But after several hits, the goat goblin didn't mean to wake up, Monk Tang asked: "Wukong, have you already beat him to death, right?"
Hearing his voice, Sun Wukong replied, "No, it was just that I told him I was the Monkey King and then he fainted!"
Monk Tang: "..." what the hell, such a timid goblin.
Monk Tang glanced at Goat Goblin again, and immediately he was happy. Because this guy turned out to pretend to be in a coma. No wonder he never wakes up!
There is a saying that you will never wake up a person who pretends to sleep and likewise, you will never have to wake up a goblin, who pretends to be haunted.
Monk Tang blinked, an idea occurred in his mind, "Wukong, I'm hungry!"
Sun Wukong muddled: "What?" What do you mean, what do you mean? How could you suddenly become hungry?
Monk Tang patted his forehead, and there is a generation gap between the people who have lived for thousands of years, but fortunately, Sun Wukong, as a monkey, is a smart creature. Monk Tang glanced at the goat goblin, although Wukong still does not understand the specific Meaning of Monk Tang, he still following the intention of Monk Tang: "Master, if you are hungry, kill this Goat Goblin and eat him!"
Goat Goblin, who was motionless, shook violently at this moment, but still pretended to be dizzy.
Monk Tang heard it, nodded its head, and said in his heart that the numb one could be taught, but his mouth opened: "Okay, mutton skewers I cooked are delicious. I just took a look at this Goat Goblin. The meat is absolutely delicious and a good ingredient." What the hell, why I drooled while talking. Ah~~~I really want to eat.