Chapter 41 This Is A Plugin!

In Black Wind Mountain, in Black Wind Cave, Black Wind King, Black Bear, and a bunch of little goblins are drinking alcohol and eating barbecue.
Suddenly, Black Bear's dark face changed noticeably. He stood up, spilled wine beside him, and said, "Not good, something happened to Jinchi, he used the magic power I left him!"
Seeing his gesture, the little goblins immediately stopped and one little goblin came forward, his eyes turned, and said, "my King, why not send someone to Guanyin Temple to see what happened?"
Hearing it, Black Bear thought for a moment and said, "Okay ... it's not necessary, Jinchi is dead, and my magic power has been broken up!" Black Bear's face turned dark.
Hearing the words of their king, the little goblins were all shocked. Who can dispel the magic power of their king? Even if it is a trace of little magic power on Jinchi, it is also a very powerful force, and mortals can never break it up!
"my King, do you know who did it, should we avenge for Elder Jinchi?" A little goblin asked.
"we'll know till I investigate what is going on!" Black Bear said, and then he stretched out his black hand with black hair and held it in the air. The luxuriant-decorated caves created strong winds, and there was a slight wind gathered towards the palm of Black Bear in all directions.
After a while, wind in the cave stopped, and there was a little black whirlwind in Black Bear's palm. It was exactly the magic power broken by Sun Wukong, which was brought together again by a secret spell from Black Bear. He can learn some information from this magic power.
Black Bear swallowed the little black whirlwind, and after a moment, he screamed angrily: "Damn the Golden Cicada X, how dare he ignore what I said. They did not report that Monk Tang and the monkey came, but they dared to kill the two by themselves, damn it. You really deserve it. You! Such idiots! even ruin my plan! "
All in Black Wind Mountain shuddered in the black bear's rage, and the little goblin knelt in fear and begged for mercy.
In the end, a little goblin braved his courage and asked him carefully: "The Monk Tang you said is the monk from the Tang Dynasty?"
Gurus, Black Bear took the wine glass and took a deep sip of the wine, and said, "yes, that's him. That damn Jinchi, bald donkey, who relied on my little power to kill Monk Tang. Is that monkey a display? He was still thinking about taking steps to approach his goal and looking for a chance to kill the monkey and Monk Tang. Now all plans have to be changed! "
As he said this, there was a hint of fear in Black Bear's eyes, and this fear is from Sun Wukong, although his master told him that Sun Wukong was suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain five hundred years ago without any past heroic, he does not dare to underestimate Sun Wukong.
According to his plan, he wanted to make Jinchi stand in front and make a secret whistle to him, and inform him of the whereabouts of Monk Tang, and then take action according to the plan, but Jinchi did so and also exposed his magic power, he knew every arrangement before is in vain and a new arrangement is needed to be discussed in a long term!
At this moment, Black Bear hated Jinchi, and regretted that he left Jinchi with a little of goblin power!
In the Guanyin Temple, Monk Tang rose up after finishing chanting. Seeing it, Sun Wukong came to Monk Tang and asked, "Master, what are we going to do next?"
Monk Tang heard it and glanced at Guanyin Temple and said, "Put all the corpses of these beasts in the pit and bury them. As for this Guanyin Temple, it doesn't have to exist anymore, burn it!"
Sun Wukong heard it was stunned, then quickly do as he said, and a short time later, the Guanyin Temple was on fire.
"Then? Master!" Sun Wukong, who returned and asked with a little excitement ... he coordinated well what Master said that kill people and set fire.
"kill the goblins!" Monk Tang's eyes flashed, carrying monk spade, and put on the back of Little White Dragon. The monk's robe was also not changed by him, and he went toward the direction of Black Wind Mountain in the smell of blood in his memory.
Sun Wukong's eyes flickered and he said, "Master, you are going on a killing spree!" But Sun Wukong didn't feel anything wrong but was even more excited. He just clearly looked at the goblin power on Jinchi just now. The goblins linked with Jinchi will not be any good ones! He knew he could have a fight too!
Riding on horseback, Monk Tang has opened the character panel and checked the experience value he has now. Although he was serious to kill goblins, Monk Tang knows that he is still weak, and may even defeat the weakest goblin. However, so upgrading is necessary!
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 6
Experience: 1500/320
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
1500? When Monk Tang saw this, he was joyful that it should be able to upgrade several levels. Monk Tang immediately said: "I want to upgrade! System!"
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to host, your level is now at level 7, the upgrade conditions are met, do you continue to upgrade? '
"Go on!"
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, your level upgrade one more level, your current level is level 8, the upgrade conditions are not enough to continue the upgrade!'
Heard it, Monk Tang was embarrassed, he thought he could upgrade to level 10, but he didn't expect that just upgrading two levels would be inexperienced, but Monk Tang was not dissatisfied. Although he only improved two levels, Monk Tang obviously felt that he was ten times more powerful than before. Monk Tang was confident that even if he encountered a goblin of level 10, he could kill them all!
Of course, in his heart, Monk Tang still hopes that he can now be upgraded to level 10 because when his level is at 10, the system will also be in an upgrade, such as the system mall and other functions will be open.
Once the system mall is open, he will be able to learn more skills, and his strength will be in leaps and bounds, instead of only relying on killing brute by his force.
But now he can only think about it, it is far from upgrading to level 10.
Of course, Monk Tang already had an idea in his mind, that is, to gain experience value by war. When he came to Black Wind Mountain to find some small goblins to kill, and accumulate experience value, and upgrade to level 10.
Monk Tang glanced at the new task panel:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 8
Experience: 540/1280
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
Monk Tang silently calculated in his heart. If he wants to upgrade to level 10, he needs 3300 experience. According to a little goblin's as 100 points of experience value, he has to kill 33 little goblins. This is not a decimal. Monk Tang took a look at it and worried. But Monk Tang glanced at Sun Wukong, who was running ahead and touched his chin. A plan had already been born.
With Sun Wukong, let Sun Wukong catch some little goblins and let him kill them. It is easy, Monk Tang's eyes are bright. This is a plug-in!