Chapter 40 Killing Them All

Elder Jinchi was still very confident. He cultivates the spell of growth which is physically strong to recover his body. Although he saw Monk Tang kill the Quartet, Jin Chi was still confident. So, when he was angry, he rushed to Monk Tang immediately. However, his confidence did not last for a long time. The moment when he collided with Monk Tang, his confidence fell apart!
He thought he could defeat Monk Tang's monk spade in one punch, but when his fist hit on Monk spade, it was a pain in his heart and a vigorous pouring of energy into his body, while he shouted out "it's impossible", He watched one of his arms was smashed by Monk Tang!
"Ah ... my arm!" Elder Jinchi screamed, holding his bloody arm, and regretted it so much, he shouldn't be that kind confident, he thought!
Those fake monks saw that Jin Chi's arm was broken by Monk Tang, and they suddenly were muddled. Then there was an unprecedented fear coming into their hearts. Monk Tang was stronger than they thought. They knew how powerful Elder Jinchi was. They saw a monster who was killed by the fists of Elder Jinchi.
But Elder Jinchi, who was able to cut the demon in that way, was defeated by Monk Tang all at once. They dare not imagine how powerful Monk Tang is!
These fake monks were frightened, screaming and running away, but what made them even more desperate and frightened was that they couldn't escape from Guanyin Temple, as if there was an invisible wall covering the Temple!
Regardless of the fake monks who fled and ran, the killing intent of Monk Tang did not diminish after almost kill Elder Jinchi in one shot. He took a big step, holding his Nine-Ring Monk Spade, which was covered with blood, steps for Jinchi again.
"Monk Tang, you can't kill me. There is a demon king behind me as my backer, and there is a stronger existence to protect us. If you kill me, you will not end well!" Jin Chi watched Monk Tang. His heart has beaten so fast.
"NOT kill you? If I don't kill you, how can I face those who you slaughtered?" Monk Tang glared, and his monk spade held up.
Hearing Monk Tang's words, Jinchi immediately understood that the bad things he did were revealed in front of Monk Tang, but how could be? He didn't understand how it was discovered by Monk Tang. But he would never understand it because Monk Tang's monk spade has been smashed down so hard.
"No ..." Looking at the monk spade that was constantly enlarged in his eyes, Jinchi screamed desperately: "King of the Black Wind! Save me!"
With a buzz, when Jinchi's words fell, his body immediately generated a black demon wind out of thin air, which was protecting him in it, blocking Monk Tang's hit at the last moment.
"Hahaha ... See! Monk Tang, you can't kill me, as long as this demon wind of bodyguard is not dispersed, you can't do anything!" Jinchi saw Monk Tang can't break the demon wind of the bodyguard and laughed immediately.
When Monk Tang saw the black demon wind on Jinchi, he immediately snorted. Sure enough, this Jin Chi was related to the black bear essence of Black Wind Mountain, and it was much closer than the description in the original work (as mentioned before A Journey to The West, one of Four Great Classical Novels in China). The Black Bear in the original work was not protected Jinchi, even he did not care about his death!
But it's really different here. Black Bear actually left a demon power as protection in Jin Chi's body!
But, so what? Even if the Black Bear appeared to come to protect him, he could not stop his determination to kill Jinchi!
"You really think you don't have to die with this demon power? Well, Jinchi, you are so arrogant!" Monk Tang yelled, "Wukong, break this cover and blow it away!"
Jinchi heard it and was muddled for a moment, he doesn't know what does it mean, but he knew it the next moment and saw the monk with a rough-hairy face blowing a sigh at him, and the demon wind on his body shook a few times and broken, Jinchi now understood that the monk with the hairy face was the strongest!
At the same time, he remembered what Black Wind said to him: if they met the monk who came from Tang Land, they must inform him, don't do it on their own!
Only then did he understand the meaning of Black Wind's sentence. It turned out that Black Wind knew how strong the two monks were, and he regretted it!
Of course, regret is not helpful anymore, Monk Tang's monk spade has hit him, and with a slam, he was caught in eternal darkness.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, beheaded Elder Jinchi, and avenged the tragic death, with a special reward of 500 experience value! '
After beheading Elder Jinchi, Monk Tang couldn't help exhaling, and finally, let out a sigh of sullenness in his chest. He didn't care about the sound of the system. Although the evil head was gone, others should also be punished. After Jinchi's rotten meat was kicked by him into the pit, he ran to the other robbers!
"Ah, no, Elder Jinchi was killed by Monk Tang, run away!"
"Monk Tang is coming. It's scary. Runaway. He'll kill all of us."
"Don't kill me, I surrender, I want to go home, I want my mommy!"
Elder Jinchi was killed by Monk Tang, which completely breaking down those fake monks, some ran away recklessly, some slumped and kept their heads begging for his mercy, and some even stared blankly at nothing and scared!!
Listening to begging for mercy, Monk Tang decided at this time. Whether the one was scared or frightened, Monk Tang killed one by one.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience values! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience values! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience values! '
Not only the system prompt sounded in Monk Tang's mind but also his experience value accumulated continuously. Only after killing all fake monks, Monk Tang stopped. The moon-white monk's robe was red with blood, which is ripping blood!
After killing all the fake monks, the bad feeling in the heart of Monk Tang was completely gone. Although his whole body was stained with blood, the image of him was terrible, but in the eyes of Sun Wukong, Monk Tang was bathed in golden light.
Sun Wukong murmured, "killing can gain merits and virtues?"
Monk Tang mouthed the Buddha and looked towards the underground cell: "Amitabha, Almsgivers, I have revenge for you, you can let your resentment go, and hope you all will be at Paradise as soon as possible and hope you can start new samsara, I will see you off!"
Monk Tang read the sutras of releasing souls from purgatory. Although the stench and bloodiness pervaded the Guanyin Temple, the night sky became brighter as the Chanting of Monk Tang sounded.
Monk Tang can't see it and didn't feel anything, but in Sun Wukong's eyes, he could see all different, all transparent figures appeared from all sides of Temple, then bowed to them, and then those figures disappeared.
At this moment, Sun Wukong frowned, then suddenly realized it, as if he understood something. There was a bit of respect in Wukong's eyes.