Chapter 4 The Emperor Wanted to Play Routines Again

There are a monk spade, a kasaya, and three golden metal rings.

Guanyin said: "This kasaya, named 'Brocade Kasaya', with seven treasures embedded in it, will not invade water and fire, and prevent evil spirits. "

"The spade named, 'nine-ring tin rod', is strong and solid, and it has the power of shocking!"

"The three golden circles are gold hoop, tight hoop, and forbidden hoop, which can be used to surrender the demon with huge powers.

"With these five treasures, the sutras seeker will definitely help."

The emperor Tang stepped forward, respectfully received the five treasures, and then handed them to Monk Tang one by one, and helped Tang Sheng dress neatly.

I would be grateful if it would be others. But the emperor helped to dress, but Monk Tang is not grateful at all. How Monk Tang feels is that Emperor Tang wants him to go on the road quickly to learn from the experience!

After tidying Monk Tang, Emperor Tang kindly took Monk Tang's hand and said: "when The master goes westward all the way, there must be more hardships, I, willing to swear you as my brother, given the name of Sanzang. Are you willing?"

Monk Tang was overjoyed, "Thank you for your name," but muttered in my heart: the routine is so deep, did the ancients play like this?

Huh? Why hasn't Guanyin left? Monk Tang glanced at Guanyin, who had been smiling, wondering. According to the plot, Guanyin should leave after leaving the five treasures!

Emperor Tang also looked at the Guanyin Buddha in amazement. Isn't the fairy busy?

Guanyin's voice sounded again: "It is natural to experience a lot of hardships on the way to the west, but it is also an opportunity. However, the sutras seeker must be qualified with one condition. It must be a body of common people. Only the mortal body can experience hardship. When you get the real sutra, you can become a real Buddha."

What do you mean? Monk Tang was frozen!

Guanyin waved her hand, and a golden light fell on Monk Tang. "I will temporarily seal your cultivation. The day you get the true sutra is when the seal is untied!"

The colorful glow appeared again on her body, and her body slowly lifted off and then disappeared.

Monk Tang: "# ¥% # ¥% ……"

Monk Tang felt so weak that his strength seemed to be taken away when the golden light fell on him.

Monk Tang immediately opened his own character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 1

Experience: 0/10

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and gold three-hoop (fake)

Monk Tang jumped his feet. This seal should be abolished directly. And no changes were found in the panel.

Ruthless enough, Monk Tang thought, this is to make him be a weak chicken, there is no power to protect himself!

And Monk Tang still felt a force remaining in his body, and continued to destroy his body!

"Is the system in?" Monk Tang remembered the system.

System: ‘Yes, host, I ’ve been there!’

"Damn it, now that you've been there, why have you been banished from cultivation?" Monk Tang stared.

System: ‘Host is destined for this!’

Monk Tang: "..." is destined? Damn it, shouldn't the system be omnipotent?

"Can I recover?" Monk Tang refused to accept it. The 19th-level cultivation was a service benefit.

System: ‘Rebuilding is better. As long as the host has enough experience, upgrading to level 19 is very easy!’

Monk Tang: "..." even speaks a set, this system!

"How do you get experience? Complete the task?" Monk Tang asked.

System: ‘Yes, you can gain experience by completing missions, and you can gain experience by killing monsters!’

"Kill the monster? How do you define this monster?" Monk Tang asked curiously.

System: ‘Everything in the world can be killed, and all are monsters!’

Hiss ~ Monk Tang took a breath of cold air, this system is so ruthless, so indifferent, so killing!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, complete the task of becoming a sutras seeker. Do you want to receive rewards? ’

"yes!" Monk Tang no longer wanted the system's ruthlessness, and immediately received the reward. After receiving ten points of experience, Monk Tang immediately chose to upgrade, and he still had experience playing the game to upgrade.

“Ding Dong, the upgrade was successful! ‘The system ’s prompt sounds.

At the moment of the upgrade, Monk Tang immediately felt stronger, as if there was a supreme existence in the underworld and then instilled energy into him.

Of course, it feels stronger, but it is far worse than the previous 19 levels, but the chat is better than nothing.

"You, my brother, when do you set out to get sutras in the West? It's getting late!" the Emperor Tang Huang's voice sounded.

Monk Tang's scolding in his heart turned out to be ruthless for the emperor, for his own country, and even for himself. This is obviously to let him go now. Of course, Monk Tang just dared to think in his heart.

"Of course, the sooner the better!" Monk Tang said, but he thought: Li Shimin, you should wait for me, and when I come back, let you kneel before me to sing the song “Conquest”!

The Tang Emperor heard the words and was overjoyed, and secretly said that Monk Tang was on the road, with a big wave of his hands, and shouted, "Come, don't be ready yet!"

The emperor moved his mouth and many people are rush to do things ... Monk Tang envy, why if I wasn’t the emperor when I have time travel? unfair!

That is, in less than ten minutes, everything was ready, customs clearance papers for identification, several sets of moon white monk clothes, and a bag of dry food, a purple gold bowl, and a tall white horse.

Dressed in brocade kasaya, holding a nine-ring spade, and then holding a white horse, he walked out of the city.

Beating the gongs and drums, the country celebrated, and Tang Land was in a state of jubilation. The Bodhisattvas were down to the earth, and the sutras seeker was selected. This said that Tang Land was about to enter the rhythm of the prosperous age.

People in Tang Land believe in Buddhism. How can they not be happy? Although it may be a false master to get sutras.

But some people can go to study the scriptures, anyway, it is not them who suffer.

At this moment, they are really sending off!

Two hours later, outside the city gate, Monk Tang and Tang Huang walked to the front, and behind them was a farewell party that stretched for several miles.

Emperor Tang said to Monk Tang, "my brother, this journey is difficult and dangerous. You must be careful and you must bring the true scriptures back."

Monk Tang smiles: Alpaca, you just care about the true sutras!

Monk Tang said, "Yes, Your Majesty, I will be more careful!" I thought: I will come back and let you kneel in front of me.

At this time, a eunuch came forward, took a jug of fine wine, and poured two glasses.

Emperor Tang personally took a cup and handed it to Monk Tang, and then he picked up a cup himself and said, " my brother, I will do it for you today, I hope you return soon!"

Monk Tang took the wine glass and heard the words, "Okay, do!"

"Slow, my brother!" Tang Huang held out a hand and stopped Ling Yu. " my brother, I know that my homeland is hard to leave. You must be very reluctant to live with Tang, but Tang cannot follow you westward, but it will allow Tang Land to be incorporated into your blood. And I will go the west to worship the Buddha together with my brother! "

Monk Tang heard a word, secretly said what kind of routine this Emperor Tang will play?