Chapter 39 Go to Shit

(similar to 'go to hell')
"I see, I'm waiting for the show begins!" Monk Tang heard this, with a playful smile on his face!
"Hey, good luck!" Sun Wukong laughed and thought about what Monk Tang asked him to do, that trap, hey ... Sun Wukong felt nauseated about it.
Outside, Jinchi and other fake monks were here, holding the firewood, holding the firewood, and carrying the oil barrels. Jinchi nodded with satisfaction when he saw this scene, then waved the old palm and whispered: "Let's start!"
The moment the palm fell, a group of monks rushed towards Monk Tang's room lightly.
Inside, Monk Tang looked through the gap of the door to see what was happening outside, muttering in his mouth: This Elder Jinchi still wants to burn him to death, to destroy the evidence of my corpse!
Monk Tang watched the gang of fake monks who rushed to the door, and whispered, "Five, four, three, two ..."
When counting to "one", Monk Tang kicked the door open, pointed at Jinchi, and said, "Go to shit, you! Guys!"
Monk Tang kicked off the door, and his movement made an extremely loud voice. Elder Jinchi and others, who were a guilty conscience, were even more shocked!
However, Elder Jinchi is more concerned about that what Monk Tang said---- "go to shit?" means, and why he had a very bad hunch, he shouted, "Everyone, be careful, this little monk may play fox! "
Elder Jinchi reacted quickly, but it didn't work. The voice didn't fall. He heard a clicking sound from his feet, and then he fell to the bottom ... Damn it, when is there a pit here? he thought.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ...
A blast of screams came, and the area of the ground subsidence was very large. Almost 90% of fake monks fell into the pit!
At the moment the ground collapsed, Monk Tang laughed. This was a trap that Sun Wukong made, and he modified it once, not only as simple as a big pit there. According to his instructions, Sun Wukong put some pieces of stuff in that pit.
"Ah ... help, what a deep pit ..."
"My feet! Ouch! How can there be iron bars in it, damn it, who did this trap !?"
"It's so stinky, how can it be so stinky? Damn, this is shit ... damn ..."
"Help, I can't swim! Help me! ... Oh my gosh, I ... eh ~"
"Monk Tang, you are despicable ... I want to kill you! Eh ~" The moment Elder Jinchi fell, he knew that he and others had caught the trap of Monk Tang, but he couldn't figure out how Monk Tang did such a trap which is so big, so disgusting but cruel!
Unsuspectingly, he was stained with filth.
Monk Tang covered his nose, and the stinking smell made Monk Tang dizzy for a while, not to mention Elder Jinchi and others in the pit. Originally, according to Monk Tang's idea, he wanted to make them disgusting and gave them a happy end of death, but After seeing the scene of the underground cell, Monk Tang decided to kill these people in a very cruel way ... such as killing them with feces, and this pit will become the grave of them.
In fact, Sun Wukong's execution ability is absolutely powerful. Not only did he fully meet his requirements, but he also made a crueler improvement. Monk Tang wanted to ask Sun Wukong where he brought so many e-x-c-r-e-ment to Jinchi and those fake monks. 
In fact, even if the pit was deeper, e-x-c-r-e-ment could not kill them, unless those unlucky robbers could not swim, but Monk Tang tells Sun Wukong to arrange iron knives in the trap to increase the mortality of Elder Jinchi.
At the moment of falling, many fake monks were cut in half by sharp blades and pierced into kebab by iron braces! like sugarcoated haws on a stick! 
Of course, there are still a lot of people who survived. Jin Chi also survived, and no longer pretended to be weak. After climbing up the ground, he took off the filthy monk's clothes and uncovering his muscles, which is strong like rocks.
So, the next moment, as the order of Jinchi, there were almost no more than a hundred naked bald men, who vomited and bypassed the trap and rushed towards Monk Tang. The scene, the style of the horrible picture... so 'spicy' to eyes!
Seeing this, Monk Tang grunted, monk spade held it in his hand and told Sun Wukong that he rushed out to help him out.
When the monk spade slammed out, he knocked down a big man directly. Although these fake monks are stronger than ordinary people, they are far worse than Monk Tang of level 6.  when his monk spade hit on them, those half bodies of the fake monks are gone and died instantly couldn't move anymore, and at the same time, the residual body fell into a trap, where the grave created by Monk Tang for these brutes!
'Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host for beheading one robber and rewarding experience for 10 points! '
While killing the robber, the system's prompt sounded, but Monk Tang didn't pay attention to it, because Monk Tang's killing intention finally broke out at this moment. There was only one idea, which was to kill all the brutes.
Every time his monk spade fell off is a life fade away. Monk Tang waved the monk spade, which came into an afterimage. In the beginning, this group of fake monks rushed towards Monk Tang, but the situation quickly reversed. Monk Tang is holding monk spade to hunt down a bunch of fakes monk, crying for dads and mommies!
"Runaway, this monk is so terrible, even let us eat shit!"
"Come, help! Who can stop this monk, I can't do it anymore, I can't run anymore!"
"Give me up, I won't dare anymore, I dare nothing! Don't kill me!"
"He is not a monk. He is a devil. He is Shura in hell. I don't want to die!"
Hearing the crying and begging of these beasts, Monk Tang was unmoved and ruthlessly harvested their lives, and even in order to prevent these people from escaping, Monk Tang asked Sun Wukong to completely block the entire Guanyin Temple, nobody could enter or exit!
Jinchi watched his younger followers were chased and killed by Monk Tang, his eyes generated rages, and he roared, rushing towards Monk Tang!
"Stop! You! Goddamn, monk!"
Did you finally come for me? Monk Tang looked at the Jinchi rushing to himself and snorted in his heart. Monk Tang wanted to kill Jinchi most, but those robbers protected Jinchi very tightly, even though the disabled people still protected him.
At this moment, Jin Chi rushed to him exactly as he wished. After killing a robber, Monk Tang swept him into the pit, Monk Tang gave up the idea of chasing others and rushed towards Jinchi!
Jinchi is very strong. Although he has not yet formally contacted him, Monk Tang understands that Jinchi's s strength is definitely not lower than the fifth level, he is the strongest among mortals he has ever encountered with, but he still can't stop his monk spade!