Chapter 38 My Bar Gets Hungry

If it was said that Monk Tang wanted to kill Jinchi and others just because they were not good persons, for the sake of gaining experience value.
So after seeing the scene in front of him, Monk Tang immediately forgets things about gaining experience value, but the only thing in his mind is to kill the group of these damn people. The last sense of wit did not drive Monk Tang crazy, he saw Everything in front of him, Monk Tang said heavily: "I will definitely take revenge for you and send them to inferno!"
Coming out of the ground, Monk Tang had frost on his face, with a murderous surgeon his body, and different from a usual image of a cute little monk, because Monk Tang saw a scene like a hell under the ground.
Before Monk Tang talked with Jinchi, he had speculated that the pilgrims who had left money might have been killed, but he did not expect that they died so cruelly. After going down the passage, there was a very large underground space, It should be an underground cell.
But there is no partition, that is, the whole room is full of various types of torture. The key is that Monk Tang found more than 20 bodies in it, including males and females, old and young, and the deaths were miserable. Cramps, bone shavings, shavings ... are even crueler than Ten Big Cool Punishment in Manchu Dynasty.
Especially those women, their clothes are disheveled, they are covered with tooth marks, and they are bitten away in some places!
Without even thinking about, what these women had suffered at their last gasps!
Even Monk Tang imaged some pictures in his head that Jin Chi and others used to punish those innocent people in this cell, Imaging the abnormal behavior of Jin Chi and others as well as their perversions. His intention of killing is more intense!
"Wukong, cover the mouth of the cave. After revenge for them, we will set them up for funeral and burial." Monk Tang stood in front of Guanyin and said, the cold light in his eyes was extremely fierce, which seems could freeze the space around him.
"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong responded, and then did so. He was obedient and quiet this time. Sun Wukong did not know why he felt his master was so unfamiliar and even made him feel a little scared. Sun Wukong knew that he should be obedient at this time.
The hole was closed silently, and Sun Wukong said again, "Master, are we going to avenge for those poor people right now? My bar is hungry and thirsty!"
Alas ... Monk Tang heard the words and almost failed to hold on. Damn it, why did Sun Wukong say this? Monk Tang didn't remember what he said to do in front of Sun Wukong!?
"Take your time, let 's go back to the room and then figure out a way to take revenge. It 's a bit easy to kill them directly! And we don't need to take any action, they will come to us!" In the room, Jinchi and others will definitely do something for his golden bowl and Brocade Kasaya!
What Sun Wukong had done before was actually just for the disgusting Elder Jinchi and his people! However, it is the time to change his mind for Monk Tang, not only disgusting them but setting a trap to kill the beasts. In addition, Monk Tang also intends to kill the beasts in the trap as their graves!!
"Wukong, the trap I asked you to do just now, you go and make it deeper and bigger, and then get some iron drills, blades and the like it" Monk Tang commanded Sun Wukong.
Sun Wukong blinked when he heard it, and then disappeared after a flash, who appeared after a while, indicating that everything was done. Monk Tang said that Sun Wukong did a good job, stopped praised him that worthy of being Monkey King till Wukong 's face flushed
When Monk Tang was preparing with Sun Wukong, Elder Jinchi and other fake monks were plotting together!
"Elder, when do we start? The monk from the Tang Land seems to be very rich, just the purple golden bowl is enough for us to spend for a long time!"
"it's true, Elders, let's do it quickly. Look at the young monk who is thin-skinned and tender-skinned, much more beautiful than a woman, alas ... I can't wait!"
Jin Chi heard a cold hum and said, "You all have to wait. After they fall asleep, we start to steal the treasures that the little monk said, and then they will be burned to death with fire. This Tang monk is different from the monks we met. There must be no proof of their death. Otherwise, we can't explain it to the Emperor in Tang Land! "
"Copy that, Elder, we do what you say, but Elder, do we need to tell the Black Wind King! He said that we have to inform him when Tang monk Black arrives at here"
"hum, nope, if someone tells Black Wind King I will kill him, cook and eat his meat, and informing Black Wind King? are you stupid? If you tell Black Wind, can we still get any benefits? A purple golden bowl, Brocade Kasaya will become the collection of the Black Wind, nothing will be in our pockets! "Elder Jinchi hummed.
The fake monks heard it, after thinking for a while, they repeatedly flattered and said, "Yes, yes, you are right, we must not tell Black Wind King about the monk of the Tang Land about. If we have to inform him we can do it until everything has been done. The result is almost the same anyway! "
Hearing this monk's speech, Jin Chi nodded with satisfaction, and finally, there was a smart man.
Two more hours went by, and it was midnight. It is a deep time when most people fall asleep. It is the time when Elder Jinchi and other fake monks who are sleepy and yawning, got down to set fire, but when they saw Jinchi's face, they are all awake!!
"Be swift! get up! start to take action! Fatty, you, take a group of people to the kitchen to get the oil. Skinny, you take a group of people to move the firewood, and then surround the zen room with firewood and oil it. The rest! Come with me and steal the monk's stuff, remember that if there is anything wrong, we have to kill them! "Elder Jinchi commanded, and then walked towards the zen room where Monk Tang was with the help of two monks!
Monk Tang and Sun Wukong have never fallen asleep. After watching the scene, Monk Tang has no drowsiness at all. Although he closed his eyes, he was just chanting. Monk Tang was trying to calm down his violent mood.
Sun Wukong is sitting on a chair not far away, scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks from time to time, looking anxiously, looking out through the gap in the door from time to time!
A whisper of whistle and footsteps passed into the ears, Monk Tang opened his eyes and said in his heart: finally, you are here.
"Master, they are coming!" a shadow appeared next to Monk Tang. Then Sun Wukong whispered to Monk Tang, reminding Monk Tang!