Chapter 37 A Strongly Murderous Intention

All are lies said from Jin Chi's mouth. Monk Tang would be stupid if he believed him. Monk Tang could only give Elder Jinchi three words: all are nonsense!

Monk Tang is speechless about this. You said you have to lie, you have to act, but you have to be more professional. You said that you eat not well. You should take a look your fatty and red face, do you really suffer from malnutrition, it is clear that you guys have excess nutrition.

Especially the fat guy, the smell of meat on his body is so strong, he must have eaten much flesh, and by the way, the chicken legs hidden in his arms are exposed. You say that you don't eat perfectly, who believes it?

Of course, Monk Tang didn't believe it, but it didn't show it on his face. He declared: "Amitabfa, you, really made me feel a bit ashamed and sighed!"

When Monk Tang was talking, he felt a little nauseated. If it was not to see how much they can act, Monk Tang would like to take a monk spade to kill the fake monks immediately.


After having dinner, Jin Chi asked Monk Tang to talk about Dharma. Of course, Monk Tang would inevitably deal with Jinchi courteously but without sincerity, it is said that it is about Dharma, but the purpose of Jin Chi is naturally not. During the process of talking about Dharma, Jin Chi was asked euphemistically about What treasures and possessions he has.

Monk Tang pushed the boat along with his current and told Jinchi that he had Brocade Kasaya, a purple golden bowl, and other treasures.

Of course, Monk Tang did not show them to him, as in the original, all was in his own bag!

And in the process, Monk Tang got new tasks:

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for taking another step on the westbound journey and arriving at the Guanyin Temple, a new mission is now released: protect Brocade Kasaya from not being lost for 24 hours, complete the mission, and reward 10-10 points for the experience value’

Because of this mission, Monk Tang protected kasaya harder, even though Monk Tang did not like this kasaya!

After talking about the ‘Dharma’, Monk Tang returned to the house arranged by Jinchi. This house is in a special position where is far away from other buildings in the temple.

"Master, what did the fake monk tell you?" Back in the room, Sun Wukong asked with a smile.

"Haha, he talked about the ‘Dharma’, of course, his main purpose was to find out what treasures we have!" Monk Tang said with a smile. Although Jin Chi is a robber, his understanding of Dharma is really proficient, which even better than many other real monks.  otherwise, Jinchi would not probe me by the pretext of discussion about Dharma!

"Well, they want to die, and they dare to cast eyes at me, Master, what do you want to do? Do you need me to knock them one by one with my bar?" Sun Wukong said, murderously.

"Huh, what did I say, I'll be the killer if you want to kill!" Monk Tang said with a cold hum and said, "Moreover, kill them directly and make them cheaper, Wukong, come here, I have something to tell you! You do it as I said"

Sun Wukong moves his head close to Tang: "Master, please say it, I'll do it right now!"

"Wukong, firstly, you go for..." Monk Tang lay on Sun Wukong's ear and said, with a bad smile on his face!

Sun Wukong's expression also changed constantly with what Monk Tang said, and finally said disgustingly, "Master, your idea is too evil, too disgusting, can you change it?" Sun Wukong really doesn't want to do it.

Monk Tang said with a stern face: "They should be punished like this, I ask you one time, can you did it?"

"Yes!" Sun Wukong said decisively, this monk even doubted his ability to be the Monkey King, how unbearable!

"Hey, good, go ahead, I'll wait for your triumphant!" Hearing Sun Wukong's promise, Monk Tang immediately changed his face and laughed.

Shoo, Sun Wukong's body disappeared in the room before the words of Monk Tang had finished.

Five minutes later, Sun Wukong reappeared, and his face was not very good. Monk Tang wondered: "What? Didn't it work?"

"No, Master, everything you told me I've done, and by the way, I walked around this temple and found a lot of things, which made me angry. I'm afraid I would be furious so in com back!" Sun Wukong said.

"What did you find?" Monk Tang asked, and he was also very interested in what made Sun Wukong angry.

"I found ... hey, I don’t know how to say it. He said, forget it, Master, you go with me to see it! You will get angry when you look at it. The people in this temple are all brutes. No, not even brutes. Master, you are right, these guys must not be killed. it would be too mercy for them to do so! "Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang looked solemn when he heard his words. Monk Tang could feel the anger of Sun Wukong. He would definitely see it when he saw something different. He said, "let’s go, take me there!"

Sun Wukong came forward to Monk Tang's side, grabbed Monk Tang's arm, and then disappeared.

A picture reappeared is that those two had already stood in the figure of Guanyin Bodhisattva in a house of the temple. The incense scented in the Buddhist house, the high incense was burning, and the candlelight was swaying slightly. The beautiful statue of Guanyin was a little bit horrible in the swaying candlelight.

"Wukong, where it is?" Monk Tang came to this Buddhist temple, glanced around and wondered. He didn't find anything suspicious in the Buddhist house.

"Master, let me show you something below this Guanyin statue. Come with me, I will remove this Guanyin statue now!" Sun Wukong said, and he took a breath at Guanyin statue, and then Monk Tang I saw Guanyin statue moving forward silently for a distance, exposing a place, which had been previously covered.

There is a black hole in the tunnel with an oblique downward passage and stone steps, which makes it easy to walk down.

At the moment when this channel appeared, Monk Tang frowned, because Monk Tang felt a cold air sprayed out of the hole, and the thick bloody smell and faint corpse smell got into Monk Tang's nostril!

"Master, follow me behind me, let me show you the way!" Sun Wukong said with a chill in his voice!

Monk Tang nodded heavily. When he smelled the smell of blood and corpse, he almost knew what was underground. Monk Tang followed, his face slowly changed, but he looked at this place as hell. The moment he saw it, Monk Tang changed his face suddenly, and his murderous intention has never been stronger like this time!