Chapter 36 A Group of Fake Monks---Real Robbers

With a creak, the courtyard door opened, and a group of bald monks has tall and short, and fat and thin, running out, and then an old but loud voice sounded in the courtyard: "Haha, Monk Tang from Tang Land is here, sorry for our failure to greet you!"

With the sound, an old monk walked out of the temple with the help of two middle-aged monks!

Is this man Elder Jinchi?

Seeing this old monk's eyes narrowed, Monk Tang thought that the elder Jinchi seemed old, but Monk Tang felt some threats. Obviously, the Elder Jinchi was not as weak as he looked, and he immediately left doubt in his heart.

Additionally, when I heard Jin Chi's words, Monk Tang sneered in my heart: Before meeting me, he knew that I was from Tang Land. This script was wrong. Monk Tang had doubts in his heart ... Who told him the news?

Of course, although Monk Tang was puzzled in his heart, he didn't show it on his face. He said, "Amitabfa, I really don't deserve this. I am not a monk with huge power? I want to say that I am stronger a little bit than you, Elder Jinchi. "

With the words of Monk Tang, the atmosphere suddenly condensed, and the circumstance was quiet!

The light in Elder Jinchi's eyes flickered with shock: How did Tang Sanzang know my title?

Jinchi recovered after a while, no matter how Monk Tang knew it, he didn't care, because in his eyes Monk Tang was a dead person tonight, and his heart just prayed that the money of Monk Tang was much enough !!

Elder Jinchi thought of their money and made a gesture of welcome, saying: "Monk, let's talk in my temple, I have already prepared for you vegetarian food, and I was looking forward to your early coming!"

"Oh? Really! After you!" Monk Tang heard this, but his heart was secretly humming: all you said is nonsense!

"Let's go together!" Jin Chi said, walking towards the Guanyin Temple with the help of the two monks. When the elder Jin Chi turned around, a bloodthirsty cold flashed in his eyes.

Monk Tang followed, Sun Wukong led Little White Dragon and walked in. He came to Monk Tang and said, "Master, these monks are not easy. It seems they are not ordinary monks, but a group of robbers. Everyone has a smell of hint of blood. Master, you have to be careful. ”

Heard it, Monk Tang's expression was slightly condensed. Although it has been known for a long time that the monks in the Guanyin Temple are not good people, he did not expect that these people in this world are not monks at all, but robbers. Sun Wukong said that these people are like robbers. It is credible, Monk Tang believes in Sun Wukong's judgment!

"Copy that, Wukong, you also pay attention to them, and take action carefully, but don't kill anyone without my order, you must know that let me be the killer!" Monk Tang nodded, his lips moved slightly, and made a very small voice.

"yes, Master, you can rest assured, I will never do it without your command!" Sun Wukong responded.

Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, solving the problem that Sun Wukong might steal his opportunity to beat down monsters. As for Little White Dragon, Monk Tang ignored it, because Little White Dragon has put most of his main spirit into the state of cracking the seal, with only a trace of mind to stay outside and to take on the role of driver and mount!

Following a group of fake monks into the Guanyin Temple, the first impression of the temple was that it was really a magnificent place, and it was built very beautifully and luxuriously.

"Monk, what do you think of my temple? What is the difference compared to the temple in Tang Land?" The voice of Elder Jinchi came again, showing off and being proud!

"Elder Jinchi, your temple’s courtyard is really very well built. Especially, the size and the degree of luxury are better than most temples in the capital! But I have some questions, I wonder if I should ask you?" Monk Tang said.

"Hahaha!" When Elder Jinchi heard the words of Monk Tang, he laughed with a concealed pride, and waved the palm of his hand: "Monk, if you have any questions, and I can answer any questions!"

Monk Tang smiled and said, "That's good, then I'll ask!"

"Monk, please! After finish the Q&A, let's go for our dinner!" Jinchisaid indifferently.

Seeing this scene, Sun Wukong holding the Little White Dragon snorted, watching Jin Chi with a sneering eye: the old guy was fooled by my master and this old guy is too young to play tricks with my Master.

"I walked along the way outside and found that this place is relatively bleak and desolate. There were very few passers-by. After I entered the Temple, I didn't find any pilgrims to come to worship Buddha, and I want to ask you where did the money for building the Temple comes from? Shouldn't there be a lot of money? "Monk Tang asked, smiling at Elder Jinchi with a smile.

Elder Jinchi heard it, and his eyes narrowed, and a light flashed away in his eyes. He said, "you had this question because you didn't know that although there were very few pilgrims, every pilgrim who came in for prayer and blessing, would give us a lot of money. It should be said that they would give all they had, although there are few people, this temple never lacks money! "

"Alright, so that explains it!" Monk Tang said in his mouth, but his heart was sneer: Not only you had taken their money but also their lives!

Monk Tang sniffed. Although the incense was strong, Monk Tang still smelled a little of blood.

Such a strong scent is a bloody smell that cannot be masked by incense. Monk Tang can guess that many people have died in the courtyard!

And, the time when the last person died will not be too far away from today!

When talking, the vegetarian food was ready. It was so bland that there wasn’t even a pile of pickles. There was the only gruel and steamed bread. Monk Tang saw it. Is this to show how the Elder Jinchi kept his precepts and kept his frugality?

"Monk, is it strange that I said that we don't lack money in the Temple, but the food is so bad?" Jin Chi said.

Monk Tang didn't speak, just watching how Jin Chi was going to justify himself.

"Amitabha, I said that it ’s true that we don’t lack money in our Buddhist temple. It ’s true that we don’t eat well. You may think that this is contradictory, but what I said is true. Although the Buddhist temple does not lack money, we never dare to spend it in disregard, because the money that the pilgrims gave to the Temple is used to maintain the building of the Temple. "Jinchi declared the Buddha.

The false monks of Guanyin Temple followed the mouth of him and declared the Buddha: "Amitabha!"

Monk Tang rolled his eyes when he heard that if he believes what he said, he is more stupid than Little White Dragon!