Chapter 35 Open The Door!

The Guanyin Bodhisattva saw Monk Tang being so casual, and she was dissatisfied, and stealthily hummed, but on her face, it didn't show up, as if she didn't care to say, "Tang Sanzang, you mount, the white dragon, is the third prince of Dragon King in the West Sea? "

Heard that, Monk Tang immediately knew that Guanyin was coming for Little White Dragon, but the story was different. Guanyin shouldn’t be here. Monk Tang was more vigilant. There must be something dangerous in an abnormal situation. He said, "Amitabfa, you are right, this Little White Dragon is indeed the third prince of Dragon King in the West Sea, but he has been subdued by me, and he worships me as his master, and he is willing to be my mount! "

Guanyin heard it and a light flashed in her eyes, glanced at Monk Tang, and a shock flashed on her face, almost unable to conceal her shock: how could it be, how could the Golden Cicada X recover some cultivation again, obviously his cultivation has been deprived and cannot be cultivated!

Suddenly, Guanyin had a lot of thoughts in her mind, but I don’t know how Monk Tang did it, but Guanyin was Bodhisattva after all, and her shocked expression passed away. Even Sun Wukong didn’t notice it and said, “Oh, so, that proves there is a tie of discipleship between you and him. Since Little White Dragon is willing to be your mount, that's fine, but seeking sutras to the west should not be swaggered. The dragon body of Little White Dragon should not be shown. It is better to change him to another form. His appearance should be changed to the body of the White Horse! "

Heard it, Monk Tang immediately kicked at the Little White Dragon and said, "Little Dragon, haven’t you heard what the Bodhisattva said. You! Come on! Change yourself into  White Horse. Well, don’t forget your dragon's might too. You must remember you Not a dragon but a horse. "

"Yes, Master!" Little White Dragon did it immediately, and he turned into a horse in an instant, and his dragon's might has gone. He was really the same as the White Horse. It's easy for some simple changes for White Dragon!

Seeing this, the dim light in Guanyin's eyes flashed again and said: "Tang Sanzang, you're cunning, this simple change did not work! It should be like this ..." Before she finished her words, Guanyin waved her arms and made a spell at Little White Dragon, A bright stream of water hit the little White Dragon body was infiltrated into the White Horse when Monk Tang and Little White Dragon haven’t realized what happened!

"Bodhisattva, what are you doing?" Monk Tang shouted immediately when he saw the stream. This stream reminded Monk Tang of the stream that had hit him. He had a bad feeling in his heart.

"Nothing serious, it's just a ban on Little White Dragon. It just doesn't let Little White Dragon have the ability to turn into a dragon body, so I can assure that you are fine going to seek sutras to the west!" The Guanyin Bodhisattva slowly lifted off into the sky, looked at them condescendingly, and there was a flash of banter in her eyes.

He wonders if it was an illusion before Monk Tang found out that Guanyin had disappeared, he glanced at Sun Wukong, and at the same time, Wukong’s mouth was sneering!

Guanyin left, Monk Tang immediately said to Little White Dragon, "how do you feel, Little Dragon? How do you feel?"

Little White Dragon: " ...(whinnies)"

Monk Tang: "..." what the hell, wouldn’t you even talk?

Finally, with the efforts of Little White Dragon, he was able to speak and communicate normally, saying, "Master, it’s not good. I was sealed by the Guanyin Bodhisattva. Not only was the seal of my spell of transformation, but even my strength was also sealed. In this form, I can't even exert 30% of my strength! "

Hearing Little White Dragon's words, Monk Tang secretly said in his heart that the two streams had a similar function, and he asked, "Can you crack this seal?" If he can't crack, he can't ride the dragon to take a joyride!

"Yes, although this sealing method is very powerful, it has some loopholes, but it will take a long time to crack it, and I don't know how long it will take," Little White Dragon said.

"Well, you can crack it!" Monk Tang said, "well, what is the loophole?"

"According to this seal, I should not be unable to speak, but I can speak now. This is the loophole. Following this loophole, I also found a way to temporarily restore my real body and fight with my full strength, but I can maintain the real body for five only minutes per day! Master, I don't know why the Bodhisattva seals me? "Little White Dragon said.

He also didn't understand. Monk Tang stealthily said in his heart. When looking at the original book, the Guanyin Bodhisattva that Monk Tang felt that turning Little White Dragon into the White Horse is actually superfluous. It is understandable to say that to make their journey not too swaggering, but it is not necessary to say it should seal Little White Dragon as a real dragon, and the spell of changing is also very good to cover his identity. He can use his power to change his body.

But he still got a seal, which gave Monk Tang a feeling that Guanyin seems to weaken their entire team's fighting power. After Little White Dragon joined the team, the strength should have skyrocketed, although Little White Dragon is not strong as Sun Wukong is, his half of strength can still be equal to Sun Wukong, who is in bad condition before he was sealed!

But now ... however, fortunately, the Guanyin Bodhisattva’ s seal seems to have some problems. It did not completely seal the Little White Dragon, allowing the Little White Dragon to catch the loopholes and find a to restore his full strength. Although it is only five minutes per day, if he uses it well, he can solve big problems.

"Very good!" Monk Tang heard that and didn't say what he thought. just keep something in his heart is good to protect them!

"Let's go on," Monk Tang said, at last, all the good feelings before had destroyed by the sudden appearance of Guanyin.

On the back of Little White Dragon, Monk Tang didn't care about anything, and Little White Dragon carried Monk Tang forward.

Sun Wukong, who had not spoken, looked at the direction of the west for a long time after Guanyin disappeared, watching that Monk Tang had set off, and he snorted loudly towards the West and stepped forward to the Little White Dragon!

Those three had been walking for five days in addition except for the necessary rest. A temple appeared in front of the three, with the words ‘Guanyin Temple’ written on the plaque!

When I saw this plaque, Monk Tang was excited, because it was an opportunity to earn experience value. Monk Tang remembered that there were no good people in this Guanyin Temple.

Monk Tang didn't plan to take a break, but Monk Tang would not give up the opportunity to gain experience value, so he immediately got down from the White Dragon and said to Sun Wukong: "My pupil, let's go to this Guanyin Temple to stay overnight! "

"I see, Master!" Sun Wukong heard it and nodded, then ran to the temple door and said, "Open the door, open the door, open the door and open the door, I know someone in there! I and my master want to stay here for an overnight. "