Chapter 34 Representation of the Guanyin Bodhisattva

Heard it, Monk Tang knows that what happed in this world is different from the original. Guanyin did not intercede for Little White Dragon, then it also shows that Little White Dragon has not been enlightened by Guanyin, waiting for his sutras seeker here.

If he doesn't know the original plot that there is a Little White Dragon in this Eagles Stream, and without the White Horse, he will probably miss the Little White Dragon so that the later plot will develop in a different way!

However, the task of the system released and he knew the original plot, the plot did not shift much!

After Little White Dragon finished speaking, Monk Tang said: "Little dragon, rest assured, I will get justice for you, one day I will redress for you and find the fair for you, even if there is a shadow of the jade emperor behind this conspiracy!"

Little White Dragon asked humorously, "Really?" Little White Dragon didn't expect Monk Tang to say such things,

Sun Wukong blinked when he heard the words and said, "Brother, you believe what Master said. When our strength is enough, we will go to revenge. Let us follow our Master to make another big noise in heaven!"

Make trouble in heaven? what the hell, sounds so good! Little White Dragon was a little excited, and the dragon’s eyes flashed with excitement!

"Amitabha, the monk doesn't slang. You Brother Monkey is right, how about making big trouble in the Heaven?" Monk Tang folded his hands and said in a stern voice. He was telling the truth. His apprentice can only be bullied by him. No one else can do it. You must not let your apprentice be aggrieved by others. A good master must not allow her apprentice to be wronged!

If he can't return the innocence of Little White Dragon, he will make a stroke and strife in the Heaven in the heavens. Monk Tang is actually looking forward to it!

Little White Dragon was able to hear the sincerity in Monk Tang's words, and was very touched inside, choking and choking, "Master ..."

Monk Tang touched Little White Dragon's head again and said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, let him go."

At the same time, Monkey King Bar also changed back to the original size, and Sun Wukong held it in his hands and played with joy!

Without the double restraint of Monkey King Bar and Sun Wukong, Little White Dragon has returned to freedom and mana can run freely!

After Little White Dragon turned into a human figure, his nose was blue and swollen, and he knelt down in front of Monk Tang, with snot and tears, saying, "Thank you, Master, you accept me as your disciple. My Little White Dragon is willing to be your mount and go to the West and seek the truth! "

"Okay, you just follow me and practice well. Strengthening your strength is the most important thing. Sooner or later we will get revenge!" Monk Tang nodded but wanted to laugh because Little White Dragon's swollen face was a bit funny.

Of course, the appearance of the Little White Dragon is recovering quickly. The physical strength and speed of physical recovery of the dragon are very strong. After a few breaths, the scars on Little White Dragon's face are not left at all, he has to say Little White Dragon is really handsome, if the dragon was on the earth of the previous life, Little White Dragon need not do anything, just relying on this face can make a big fortune!

"Little Dragon show me the body of the dragon, narrowed it down, and let me test drive ... Ah, no, it's a ride, let me get familiar with it, and then we can continue on the road!" Monk Tang said.

"Yes, Master!" Little White Dragon said, and then Little White Dragon showed the dragon body, but it was much smaller than before, only a dozen meters long. I don’t know if it was because it became smaller. At this time, Little White Dragon is no longer majestic, but rather cute.

But no matter what, Monk Tang was excited, and shouted in his heart: I am going to be a dragon knight!

Sitting on one's body of Little White Dragon, monk spade pointed at the sky, ​​and then said with his majesty, "Go!"

Little White Dragon groaned, a cloud appeared under the claws of the dragon, and he lifted up in the air carrying Monk Tang and appeared in the sky. On the top of the mountain, Little White Dragon began to swim in clouds, indescribably unrestrained, like this unbridled He hasn't done it for a long time, at this time his mood is completely different from that of not long ago!

Little White Dragon had hope in his heart, the hope that Monk Tang gave him! Little White Dragon is grateful for Monk Tang at this moment.

On the top of the mountain, playing Monkey King Bar, Sun Wukong glanced at Little White Dragon and said to himself, "This silly dragon has been completely trusted in Master, but fortunately, there is an additional brother, which is also good. I can bully him whenever I want! "

Monk Tang is cool, this dragon-riding has a definitely different feeling,  compare with horse riding. The former does not say that it can be loaded, but the comfort is also incomparable. The key is that Little White Dragon is very obedient and does not like Little White Dragon’s drag racing, not as disobedient as Sun Wukong!

After playing enough in the sky, Monk Tang and the three men were ready to leave, but at this time, a colorful glow appeared in the sky, a lotus terrace slowly landed, and a peerless fairy stood silently Above the two, this person was Guanyin who came from the South Sea.

Guanyin watched Monk Tang and his three apprentices leave, especially the little White Dragon brows under Monk Tang's butt that he couldn't help but wrinkled slightly, fortunately, he didn't come late, he said, "Wait a minute, you can't leave now! "

Watching Guanyin appear, Monk Tang was secretly alert, and to be honest, after coming to this world, Guanyin in this world is very different from Guanyin that he knew in a previous life. (PS: In his previous life, Guanyin is a  kind and nice Bodhisattva in every novel or TV series,  who would always help others.) He could not help but be vigilant, that day in Puja, the cold light in Guanyin's eyes, and what he did, really made him do not understand and felt fear!

"What is Guanyin doing?" Sun Wukong was aware of it when Guanyin first appeared. So whispered, Sun Wukong is deficient in the heavenly gods and goddesses. He was not happy right now.

As for the Guanyin Bodhisattva, Sun Wukong is also inconspicuous. Although Guanyin did not shoot at him when he was in heaven, Guanyin's left and right arm as a celebrity around Tathagata are enough to be vigilant and hateful!

Little White Dragon saw the Guanyin Bodhisattva appear, and for a while, he was ready to become a human figure, bowing and saluting.

However, he was stopped in secret by Monk Tang. He was a little cyanotic for a while. he wondered why Master stopped him?

Although Tang didn't know why Guanyin appeared, although he was vigilant, he always felt that he was encountering a fake Guanyin, but after all, he didn't tell anyone what he thought, so Monk Tang went down from the dragon's back and said casually to Guanyin with his hands folded. “I ’ve seen the Guanyin Bodhisattva. Showing my respect. What are you doing here?”

When Little White Dragon saw Monk Tang failing to bow down, he was a stun, and Sun Wukong's attitude of neglecting even made him unable to bear the fear. Little White Dragon's dull thinking also keenly felt something wrong between the two parties. They seem not very friendly!

So Little White Dragon kept silent, and he pretended to see nothing!