Chapter 33 Little White Dragon Was Wallowing with Sun Wukong

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission and take Little White Dragon as your apprentice, rewarding 100 points of experience. Do you want to take it’

The moment the Little White Dragon yelled at Master, the system prompt finally sounded, Monk Tang took the seek sutras test reward without hesitation, and opened the character panel to view:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 6

Experience: 100/320

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

After checking it, Monk Tang said to Little White Dragon who was still crying and crying completely: "Don’t cry, be good, let's talk in detail about what is going on. Some things are not so uncomfortable after speaking, don’t always bury secret in your heart, that's unhealthy for your body and mind. Come on and let it go and say it out, don't hide, this is the detoxification stage! "

Monk Tang's eyes lighted up. Listening to the parties talking about the events of the year was definitely a treat. Not only was it possible to know what happened that year, but the main thing was also to know the feelings and moods of the parties at that time!

Little White Dragon glanced at Monk Tang with a huge dragon eye, still crying, saying, "Master, you don't know, I love Princess Halloween so much, and the moment I saw her, I fell in love with her. For her, I kept my integrity, there are so many maidens in the palace, and mermaids take the initiative to keep me close to me! But I kept my heart to her and didn’t get touched by others."

Monk Tang shows blackface: what the hell, why do I still want to slap him after hearing it?

Little White Dragon: "For Princess Halloween, I kept desperately holding on for my first time. I wanted to give my first time to the one I loved, but I never expected that Princess Halloween betrayed me, and later I then we meet for the first time and decided to get married the next day when Princess Halloween rolled the sheets with that Nine-headed Demon. "

"Also, they did it in my room, Master, can you imagine that? They rolled around, rolled around, rolled around ... my heart broke when I rolled. what!"

Monk Tang said: "Okay, Little White Dragon, I know how they rolled around, no more taking the monkey to show how they did, let go of that monkey!"

Sun Wukong muddled: what the hell, what just happened? Why would I roll around with this silly dragon?

Little White Dragon cried and said, "Master, when I knew the truth, I was going to die!"

Monk Tang clasped her bald head and said, "Well, as far as I know, you should have known that Princess Halloween cheated on you on the day of your wedding ... Um, betrayed you?"

Little White Dragon heard the tears stopped and did not cry, and said in surprise: "Master, how did you know? You are so good, yes, I only knew that day, I saw it with my own eyes Yes, they just did it in front of me and made me see it! "

Monk Tang's eyes widened: "Damn, it's so hot, let's talk about how about Princess Halloween's figure? Her skin is white or not ... Ah, that's wrong, I want to say that you didn't take a sword and kill those two? "

Little White Dragon said: "yes I did cut them. I was crazy at that time. I hacked it with a sword, so it caused a fire. I accidentally burned the pearl given by the Jade Emperor, and I was guilty of death. Come here! "

Monk Tang said: "No. Since the Night Pearl was given by the Jade Emperor, it should be a treasure. It should be fireproof and waterproof? Why is a fire caused by a candlestick?! "

Little White Dragon sighed: "Master is right, I was deprecated here, thinking about it for a long time before I realized that it was a chain of conspiracies against me and our Dragons of the West Sea! I guessed that it would be a simple fire."

Monk Tang heard and said, "Come here, talk about how stupid you are to be deceived, eh, not right, talk about how they frame you!" If there are some seeds, some tea ..., it should be better. Monk Tang feels a bit regrettable!

The dragon nodded: "Well, the whole thing is like this. The conspiracy started when I saw Princess Halloween at first glance, and I was immediately hooked at the time, and I was charmed by the beauty of Princess Halloween!"

Monk Tang: it fully proves that you are stupid, plus sperm-worm into the brain!

Little White Dragon continued: "Making me fall in love with Princess Halloween is the first step, and the second step is the night pearl that the Jade Emperor gave me as a gift. According to my intention, I was going to store the night pearl in my treasure house. But Princess Halloween disagrees, saying that it is to respect the Jade Emperor to put it in the wedding room! "

Monk Tang said, "So you did what Princess Halloween said?"

Little White Dragon shook her head and said, "No, absolutely not. Although I love Princess Halloween, I don't agree on this matter, because what the Jade Emperor sends is too precious and meaningless. I just Fear of something unexpected, annoying Jade Emperor! "

Monk Tang scratched her head: "Why would the pearl still appear in your wedding room that night? Someone put it in?"

Little White Dragon put her claws in her arms and said, "No, I put it in myself, because Princess Halloween told me that she wanted to roll the sheets with me through the light of the night pearl, so I can see clearly!"

Monk Tang full forehead black line: what the hell, it is still fine-worm on the brain!

Monk Tang said, "Since you put it in yourself, should that night pearl be real?"

Little White Dragon nodded: "Yes, it was true when I put it in, but it was not long after I put it in that it was replaced by Princess Halloween, but I didn't pay attention at that time, stealing the night pearl was the first of their conspiracy. Three steps. "

"The fourth step is that Princess Halloween and Nine-headed Demon's gangster-those two roll sheets, which I found, completely angered me, and then caused the fire to burn the fake night pearl, and then everything was logical. I committed the crime! Then I was demoted to Eagles Stream. "

I heard that Monk Tang knew the experience of Little White Dragon. He was indeed an unlucky child. The reason for it is because the enemy is well-designed. Of course, the main reason is that Little White Dragon is a bit stupid and beautiful. Fainted.

Monk Tang asked: "You were convicted of death at that time, but how did you get relegated to Eagles Stream? Someone pleased you?"

Little White Dragon smiled and shook her head with a bitter smile, and said, "Who is asking for me? There are only my old father and three uncles. I am alive because my father gave them a treasure of the Dragons in the West Sea to exchange my life, which was protected in thousands of years, so I said there was an intrigue against us, Dragons in West Sea! "