Chapter 32 Little White Dragon Bursts into Tears!

When Little White Dragon heard that Monk Tang wanted to bathe with the dragon's blood, her body became rigid and dark, and he kept cursing which bastard said that the bath dragon's blood can become stronger? Little White Dragon secretly vowed that he must swallow the man's family.

Of course, the curse was still, but Little White Dragon watched the bald monk who slammed her arms and sleeves and was about to dry again, he was afraid!

If he hits again, it is likely that the dragon's life will be over. Little White Dragon watched the moment when the monk spade smashed her head and shouted, "yes, yes……, will I be a master ’s mount? Whatever you want me to do I agree!"

Monk Tang heard a word of joy and thought how proud the dragons would be if they would die unyielding. It turned out that they were also afraid of death!

Monk Tang shouted and inserted monk spade in the rock and said with a smile: "good! You should have promised it earlier! Oh, look, who hit you so badly? Why are you bleeding? "

Little White Dragon: "..." F**k, you did it, damn bald donkey, even pretending to don’t know!

Little White Dragon: "Well, can you let me go?" if you say Yes, I'll run and see how you guys can deal with me?

Monk Tang heard a word and waved her hand and said, "That wouldn't work, what if you ran away? Where should I go to find you a good mount?" Hey, although this dragon is a little silly, a little stupid, it’s a good dragon, it's also good to be a mount!

Little White Dragon: what the hell, such a sly monk, was able to guess what I thought.

Little White Dragon: " master, how can you let me go?"

Monk Tang touched her bald head and smiled, "You respect me as your teacher first, let me see your sincerity!"

Teacher? Little White Dragon muddled, teacher and mount? Little White Dragon can't figure out what this bald monk is going to do!

He was revolving a scheme in her heart. With the countermeasures, he said, "Master you are here, please taking my respect from me, your disciples!" Then he hit the ground with a huge dragon head!

Little White Dragon looked at Monk Tang hopefully, "Master, can you let me go this time?" Huh, the moment you let go of me, I swallowed you!

Monk Tang heard sneer but smiled. This Little White Dragon is not honest, because the prompt to complete the system task did not appear at all, which shows that Little White Dragon did not want to be my pupil at all, just a verbal promise.

Alas, without saying a word, Monk Tang was a monk spade on Little White Dragon's head again, and his blood blasted out again.

Little White Dragon has muddled again, and it took a long time to respond, screaming in the mouth: "Hey, it hurts me, what are you doing, monk? You promised me to be your mount, I promised, you asked me to be your apprentice, and I promised, why does this monk still hit me, I disagree! "

Sun Wukong also looked at Monk Tang in confusion, and some wondered why Monk Tang shot again. Is it smooth?

Monk Tang heard and sneered: "Huh, don’t you agree? Hitting you is a small punishment. You aren’t so honest. You want to lie to me. Am I as stupid as you? Am I so easy to be deceived? There is no sincerity at all, it is nothing more than trying to cheat for my trust and run away! "

Little White Dragon was surprised, and secretly said how did this monk know what I was thinking? However, don't say that I am stupid!

Dang Dang, there was another hit, this time did not stop until Monk Tang got tired, the dragon blood is definitely enough to take a bath this time, Monk Tang gasped and said, "this time you are not convinced?"

Little White Dragon trembled and said quickly: "yes! Yes! this time I really do!" I don't want to be beaten again!

Hearing that Monk Tang finally nodded very satisfied this time. He could hear scary and really convinced from the tone of Little White Dragon, but the system prompt did not appear, indicating that Little White Dragon still did not want to worship It is a little bit worse for Little White Dragon to sincerely worship!

Monk Tang has no energy right now, and he doesn't plan to fight anymore. I have done enough to convince people. Now I should move my lips to the point of convincing people. To be honest, Monk Tang can do it. Never want to talk!

"Oh, little dragon, I know you have a knot, and don’t want to worship me, it’s okay, let ’s take care of it, if you are done, you still don’t want to worship me, then forget it!” Monk Tang said earnestly ... um, if that doesn't work, all have to do is eating dragon meat!

Upon hearing that, Little White Dragon froze and looked at Monk Tang in wonder: What was this bald monk doing? What's the conspiracy?

Sun Wukong blinked: Master, had something to do!

Little White Dragon swallowed and said in a crying voice, "Let's have a chat?"

Monk Tang squeezed her chin for thinking, then her eyes were brightened, her face full of gossip, and said, "Let's talk about why you were degraded to here Eagles Stream. Say everything, let me be happy, uh, no, let me listen! "

Sun Wukong: Damn, there is definitely something to do, does he have to expose the scars of others? Master is so cruel!

Little White Dragon heard vigilance: "How do you know I came here?"

"I know astronomy and geography. I  know everything, but there is not the point. Come on, let ’s talk about how you were put on a green hat by Princess Halloween ... Ah, how did you get that Princess Halloween betrayed, start here! "

Sun Wukong, heard the words blinking, although he didn't want to listen, her ears were choked. Sun Wukong felt that things were interesting!

Little White Dragon: "..."

Monk Tang: what the hell, why this guy didn't talk, shouldn't he poke her wound, made it awkward?

"Wow ..." Little White Dragon burst into tears, and the cry made a listener sad and tears. "Master, you don't know, the child's life is so hard, I'm awkward, I think It's a hundred! All this is a big conspiracy! "

What the hell, under the circumstances, the amount of information is so big, Monk Tang is excited.

But what makes Monk Tang most happy is that the system prompt sounds final, which shows that Little White Dragon has finally sincerely worshipped the master. That master is not a fake, but it also makes Monk Tang feel speechless. Knowing it will allow Little White Dragon to sincerely worship the teacher. What did he do long ago? Look at this bad boy!

Monk Tang couldn't help but reached out and stroked Little White Dragon's head, but accidentally pressed it on the wound, and snorted, Little White Dragon cried louder, tears broke completely, and the tears from the two huge the dragon's eyes billowed like a flood!

Well, without the bath of the dragon's blood but with dragon's tears bathed Monk Tang this time, he was wet overall, and Monk Tang was speechless especially when he saw the monkey aside chuckled, he was even more depressed!