Chapter 31 Bathing With Dragon Blood Can Become Stronger?

"Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I? Hers ~ Why is my head so painful? Oh, damn ..." It took a long time for Little White Dragon to wake up, but he was muddled, almost Forget who he is, but fortunately, her dragon body is strong, and he soon remembers who he is!

Suddenly he opened her eyes. These were a pair of majestic eyes, but when he saw the person in front of her, Little White Dragon couldn't help but tremble: Damn it, why is this dead monkey still there?

"Don't be afraid, my Almsgiver, my elder apprentice won't beat you anymore, I can protect you!" At this time, a voice like a majesty passed into the monk’s ear, and the dragon’s trembling heart returned to normal!

Little White Dragon turned to the voice, and found a bald little monk looked at him with a warm smile, so comfortable, he felt!

But ... Damn it, because the young monk Mao is more handsome than me, it doesn't make sense, Little White Dragon is jealous at first glance.

"Well? Was it even more stupid to be beaten? Forgot to say anything?" Monk Tang said to Little White Dragon, who looked out of breath, wondered.

More stupid? What do you mean, are you stupid? What the hell, this is absolutely unbearable, you are more handsome than me, but I must not insult my IQ.

Little White Dragon immediately burst into anger. "Hell, shut up, you bald monk, I'm not stupid, I'm smart!"

"Amitabfa, Almsgiver, you can still speak, I know, it's good to be stupid, otherwise I will be very confused. It would not be prestige to ride a silly dragon to become a silly dragon knight!" Monk Tang Saying Buddhism word, with a satisfied smile.

Little White Dragon: "..." what the hell, what do you mean, don't laugh, can you talk well, what the hell is riding a dragon?

"Baldhead monk, what do you mean? Riding a dragon, who do you want to ride on?" Little White Dragon stared.

"Don't stare at me, my Almsgiver. The dragon I said is you. I want you to be my mount!" Monk Tang said so.

Little White Dragon was silent for a second, and then immediately angered and said, "What do you say, little monk? Let me be your mount for you? You are so brave, I am the true dragon family, the third prince of the West Sea Dragon King, you, as a mortal, want me to be the mount? Do you think I would stupidly promise you? Believe me that I will eat you! "

Monk Tang shook her head when he heard the words, and he knew that it would not be so easy. He sighed and said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, help me hold him, don't let him move around!"

Sun Wukong became bigger, and her two big hands grasped the dragon's tail and the dragon's neck, and said, "Master, I caught him!"

Little White Dragon twisted her body: "Bald monk, what are you doing? Dead monkey, please let me go, otherwise, I will make trouble with you."

"Wukong, you're doing well. Is there a spell that lowers someone’s defense?" Monk Tang began to squeeze her arms and sleeves.

"Yes, I have a lot!" Sun Wukong nodded. Although he hadn't deliberately practiced such a spell, it was useless in actual combat, but he learned something from some of her older classmates when he was at Three Stars Cave.

"Very good, no matter how many you have please use all are used on this dragon!" Monk Tang rubs her fists and wipes her palms.

"I see, Master!" Sun Wukong replied, and then a dim light brushed down on Little White Dragon's body like raindrops. The scaly white jade-like scales on Little White Dragon visible to the naked eye were dull and changed turning to grey.

"Monk, what are you going to do?" Little White Dragon felt the weakening of her defense and was frightened in her heart!

Monk Tang replied to him this time but answered with a monk spade. When the monk spade hit the head of Little White Dragon, according to the strength of Monk Tang, Monk Tang used all her strength to give Little White Dragon itching is not enough.

But before that, Little White Dragon was fattened by Sun Wukong, and the injury was quite serious. In addition, due to the Sun Wukong spell, the defense of Little White Dragon has been reduced to a minimum!

Therefore, when Monk Tang punched into him, Monk Tang immediately achieved the goal, and suddenly the dragon was splattered the dragon's blood!

"tell me! Do you want to eat me! Say, do you?" Monk Tang uttered a word, and it was a dozen monk spade on the dragon’s body in a flash!

Little White Dragon was howled, burned in anger, and bleed by a mortal. It was too embarrassing. Although it hurts more than Sun Wukong, he is proud of being a dragon. Although he screams, he still speaks hard. "Well, so what?"

"come on! Eat me, I let you eat!" Monk Tang heard that her forehead was blue, and her monk spade waved faster as if he was crazy, and soon her scales on Little White Dragon's head was dropped off a lot, the dragon's blood was flowing out of a blood hole.

Seeing this scene, Sun Wukong found that while Monk Tang had such a crazy dark side, her expression changed slightly, and he could not help whispering: It seems that in the future, I will say less than the word 'eat you'. It’s better to not stimulate this bald monk!

A smile flickered from the corner of Monk Tang's mouth, and Sun Wukong's expression was also seen in Monk Tang’s eyes. The reason why Monk Tang showed such a crazy side, in addition to surrendering Little White Dragon, there was also a show for Sun Wukong. Meaning, Sun Wukong is really too taunting, ignoring her good behavior right now, maybe he will turn her face down in the next moment, so he must let this monkey be afraid of him!

Seeing that Sun Wukong's expression changed slightly, Monk Tang knew that it would work, but there is an old saying that overdone is worse than undone, so Monk Tang stood up and gasped slightly, and said to Little White Dragon, "Are you still wanting to eat me?"

Little White Dragon was beaten to be muddled again, and the sounds of gurgling in her head were normal. It took a while to return to normal, and said, "I won’t!" The good dragon did not eat the immediate loss, first admit being defeated, damn bald monk! I can bear he is more handsome than me, but because the hair is darker than the dead monkey, it hurts.

"Well, then I ask you, are you convinced?" Monk Tang snorted. Can't the sample hurt you?

Little White Dragon: "yes, I take it!"

"Oh, fine, then I ask you if I should be my mount?" Monk Tang laughed.

"what? No!" Little White Dragon blurted out, and almost fell into the pit, Damn it, a sinister monk.

"Hey, it looks like you are still not convinced, Wukong, let's do it again. I heard that bathing in the dragon's blood can be strengthened and I don't know if it is true. This is just a little bit of blood!" he lifted her spade up again.

heard that Little White Dragon's body trembled, what the hell, this damn black-hearted monk, he is going to kill me!

Also, who is the idiot telling this black-hearted monk that bathing in the dragon's blood can strengthen, what the hell ¥% ... I want to swallow you and your whole family.