Chapter 30 A Bit Silly Little White Dragon!

There is a grove of purple bamboo, vast and boundless, glittering with purple light, at a glance, they know that it is not ordinary stuff, there is fairy bamboo.

The sky above the sea of ​​bamboo is surrounded by mist and fairy birds passing by from time to time. There is a fairyland.

On the open space in the middle of the bamboo sea, on a lotus bed, whose size like a large bed, a peerless beauty in a white gauze lay on the side lazily, her body was stern, and there was a boy and a girl waiting and serving on the side, the girl gently beat her thighs that countless people envy, while the boy rubbed the shoulders of the beauty.

The breeze floated, the scent of fairy breath was attractive, the boy's throat surged, and he slowly swallowed the saliva in her mouth, trying to control her eyes, but he couldn't help but stare at the stack of ... Special cuisine next to the peerless beauty!

However, how can he hide the perception of the peerless beauty, even if the eyes of the peerless beauty are closed?

Peerless beauty smiled with a smile in her mouth: "Muzha, your concentration is still too poor, cultivation is still too low, you can't stand the temptation of good food!"

The boy panicked and stopped her action: "What the Bodhisattva taught is right, Muzha, I am useless!"

"Oh, work harder, when your cultivation has reached a certain level, I will reward you!" Peerless Beauty chuckled.

"Really?" The boy heard the words excited and looked up violently as if there was a flame burning in her eyes, but he knew what the food was, he knew the taste of the food and knew how powerful it was. He was rewarded once when he came to her purple bamboo forest. It was the first time he was rewarded, but he swears that he will never be forgotten, even thinking about being rewarded again and again!

"Oh, how can I lie to you!" Peerless beauty lifted up a slim jade and pointed at the boy's forehead, chuckling like blame, a punishment, and a helpless smile.

The flames in the boy's eyes were even stronger, and he said, "I will definitely work hard to meet your requirements as quickly as possible!"

The Peerless Beauty just smiled this time, and then he set her eyes on a pond not far away, where there was a fairy golden koi in red swimming, and the Peerless Beauty looked at that swim the koi and seems like thinking something, the smile on the corner of the mouth could not help but expand a little, and the beauty of the purple bamboo forest was overshadowed by the moment.

Suddenly, the peerless beauty seemed to notice something, her frowns were slightly fraught, and her posture was lazy to sit upon the lotus platform.

Seeing that the peerless beauty stretched out a slim hand and started to calculate, it took a long time to stop, as said to herself: "Are the established destiny really hard to be changed? Huh, I don’t believe, even if it can’t be changed, I have to try It's good to even get some trouble for the Golden Cicada X and her people! "

With a wave of jade hands, a set of white gauze female monks' gowns appeared with a looming delicate body, her hair was done automatically.

"You two take good care of the house, I'll go back soon!" Said the peerless beauty.

"Yes, my Bodhisattva!" Said the boy and girl with their hands clenched, respectfully, and stepped back from the lotus platform!

the lotus platform slowly lifted off and became smaller, shrouded in a colorful glow, and then disappeared!


Little White Dragon woke up, but it was muddled and found himself hanging in the air and being white-striped, which made him angry and even more annoying, he also heard someone say he was stupid, Dragon’ s might break out, and her roar was amazing: Ang Ang ~~~ (Dragon: Who is stupid, you are stupid, your whole family is stupid!)

"F**k, what a big voice!" Monk Tang said covering her ears. Although dragon's might is powerful, it doesn't work for him, but the dragon's voice is too loud, even if he covers her ears, Monk Tang feels eardrums and brains hurt!

As for Sun Wukong, he was not afraid of the Little White Dragon ’s dragon ’s might and turned a blind eye to the roar of Little White Dragon.

"Wukong, don't let him stop it, it's too noisy, and ask if he can talk human language!" Monk Tang shouted at Sun Wukong, covering her ears.

Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang's glance, nodded her head slightly, and her body appeared beside Little White Dragon's head.

While Little White Dragon roared, he also wanted to get rid of the metal ring that passed through her lips but found that he couldn't break it at all. The metal ring was not just as simple as passing through her lips, it seemed to be integrated with him. And even more horrible is that he feels that her soul has also passed through!

Just when Little White Dragon was thinking about what the metal was and what it connected to, suddenly a monk with a rough face and thunder-mouth appeared next to him, and he recognized who the man was at first glance. My heart is shaking ... what the hell, isn't this the dead monkey who made big trouble in Heaven? Why is he here? When did he come here?

Little White Dragon asked, "Dead monkey, why are you here? (Dragon!)"

Sun Wukong drew her ears and got closer to the dragon. He couldn't stand the sound, so he raised a furry fist and looked at it.

Little White Dragon: what the hell, what the hell is this monkey doing? Why am I chilling?

Alas, Sun Wukong slammed into Little White Dragon's head fiercely, and yelled at him, "why are you yelling? Why are you yelling?"

Little White Dragon: Roar ~ (It hurts!)

Alas, another punch, Sun Wukong said while beating, "yelling??? my master asked if you would speak the human language!"

Little White Dragon: Howl ... wow ... (damn monkey, who is your master?)

"Eh? Also called?" Eh, Sun Wukong banged on Little White Dragon's head.

Little White Dragon: what the hell, you should give me a chance to speak, I just hit you back when I said it, dead monkey I hate you!

I don’t know how many punches this is. Little White Dragon felt that his head had been smashed, and finally found an opportunity to speak, and said, "Oh ~ Damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, you! Stop it! hey ~ it hurts! "

"Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? Um? You mean you said the name, Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? Are you talking about me?" Sun Wukong's teeth were swollen, and her hair was surging like a burning flame.

Little White Dragon suddenly felt hairy when he saw it. Feeling the extreme danger, damn, what is going on, I just said a word of Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, why are you angry?

Hearing Little White Dragon's human words, Monk Tang is joyful, and Little White Dragon can speak the human language so that they can communicate, but when he heard Little White Dragon shouting “Supervisor for Heavenly Horses”, Monk Tang's face changed: what a pity. You can say anything but why do you have to call this monkey as Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? I will pray for you here!

At the same time, an idea came up in my heart: this Little White Dragon is indeed a bit silly!

Uh ...

Uh ...

The next moments of screams came and went, and it stopped after a while. When Monk Tang opened her eyes, he watched Sun Wukong dragging her dying Little White Dragon to the front.

Monk Tang looked at Little White Dragon's head and suddenly received a shock: what the hell, who are the horror monster?