Chapter 29 Congratulations on Catching A Little White Dragon!

Monk Tang: "Become an eagle, become a serpent ..."

Monkey King Bar cooperation: eagle, snake ... all are golden!

Monk Tang: "Come, Monkey King Bar, let's be a chicken again! Don't let Wukong wait!"

Sun Wukong shows an expression of "I am going to die!"

Monkey King Bar turns into a golden chicken!

Monk Tang: "what the hell, Monkey King Bar, I let you turn into a chicken, a rooster chicken, not that little penis (The two words of ‘chicken’ and ‘penis ’ are spelled differently, but pronounced the same), Monkey King Bar, I misread you, it turns out you are so dirty!"

Monkey King Bar: Blame me? Why don’t you say it clearly! [shy]

Sun Wukong: "Master, let's stop playing, the sun is going down!"

Monk Tang: "Ahm, okay, I'll tell you what's happening now!" Then Monk Tang told Sun Wukong the spell of "Love You, Ten Thousand Years" and related stories.

After learning the spell, Sun Wukong stroked Monkey King Bar and laughed again and again: "Haha, good baby, good baby!"


After playing with Sun Wukong and Monkey King Bar for a while, I started to prepare for business. First, Monkey Tang made Monkey King Bar into a huge fishing rod, fish hook and fish line, etc. Everything is complete, it is completely a modern fishing rod.

"Master, what are you doing?" Sun Wukong asked, puzzled as Monk Tang turned Monkey King Bar into something weird.

"I want to fish the dragon!" Monk Tang proudly said, and then hooked the bait with a fishhook. The fishhook that the Monkey King Bar turned into was sharp, and the elephant was pierced without any effort.

"Dragon fishing?" Sun Wukong heard and shocked. He had heard of fishing but hadn't heard of fishing. Can you do it? How silly is that dragon hooked?

Bang! There, Monk Tang has thrown the fishhook and bait off the deep pool of Eagles Stream, splashing a large splash of water, like a shell exploding. With the help of Monkey King Bar, Monk Tang can be completed with only a small amount of force all of these! After the bait is dropped, wait for Little White Dragon to hook up!


After being demoted to Eagles Stream, Little White Dragon has been living a life full of troubles, most of the time is sleeping in Tandi, only half awake when you feel hungry in the belly, and then go out to find something nearby food.

Little White Dragon felt hungry again at this time, half-squinted and ready to go out for food, and at that moment something banged into the deep pond, scaring the dragon, and Little White Dragon's eyes widened. A lot.

Looking at the sound, Little White Dragon was immediately happy: this stupid elephant was really stupid, fell down and fell to death, let alone, Ben Long can eat it and eat it!

Thinking about it this way, Little White Dragon's eyelids are getting heavier and closer, and they are about to close completely, but the body still swims towards the elephant according to the instinct of eating and then opens its mouth wide. The mouth is like a black hole, which generates a huge attraction the huge elephant instantly turned into a little white dragon's mouth food. I didn't see a bright fishhook on the elephant's body, and a gold thread was attached to it.

Um, ~ Little White Dragon burped and decided to continue to sleep, anyway, the day is like this, I can't vindicate it!

Slowly, Little White Dragon's body began to sink towards the bottom again!


Sun Wukong feels that Monk Tang is foolish. He who has heard of fishing has never heard of a fishing dragon. If the dragon below is a biting hook, it must be a silly dragon. Monk Tang already exclaimed.

Sun Wukong: what the hell, isn't that dragon really stupid!

"Haha, great, hooked up so soon!" Monk Tang watched the buoy just sink into the water just after the surface was slightly stable. Monk Tang was a stun, and then felt the power transmitted by the fishing rod, definitely caught it. Behemoth, Monk Tang is ecstatic. There will never be any creatures other than Little White Dragon in this deep pond. The little hook is definitely Little White Dragon!

Sun Wukong jumped to Monk Tang and asked, "That dragon is really hooked !?"

Monk Tang couldn't hide his smile, and at the same time gave an order to Monkey King Bar to turn the fish hook into a ring lock to prevent Little White Dragon from escape!

Monk Tang said: "It's definitely the dragon!"

"Master, do you really want to use this dragon to be your mount? He seems a little silly! I heard silly is contagious!" Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang heard the words, hesitated a bit, damn it, Sun Wukong seems to make some sense, this dragon seems to be a bit silly, this hook is too fast, right? Monk Tang also suspected that this Little White Dragon is not a problem with his brain It's up!

Monk Tang gritted his teeth and said, "Pull it up first and say!" No matter how stupid it was, he shouted in his heart: for the experience value!

"copy that! Master, I'll pull it for you!" Sun Wukong said so the two apprentices pulled together.

With the help of Sun Wukong, soon, the deep pool rang out a sound of a behemoth that broke through the water.

What a big head, Monk Tang's breathing is a little tight. This is the first time he saw the dragon. As a descendant of the Chinese people, he has a 'dragon' complex. The first time Monk Tang saw the head of the dragon, he only saw it now. what a big head! Monk Tang couldn't believe that he fished a dragon!

Soon the entire body of Little White Dragon appeared on the water surface. The whole look was even more shocking. It is exactly the same as the image of the dragon in the myths and legends of previous lives, with a head like a camel, a horn-like deer, and an eye. Rabbits have ears like cows, items like snakes, belly like tadpoles, scales like carp, claws like eagles, and palms like tigers.

However, unlike the colors of the traditional magic dragon, Little White Dragon's body is as white as sheep fat white jade and has a milky halo from its body. Monk Tang thought that this is the origin of the nickname Little White Dragon, but immediately It is crooked. Is this a syndrome of albinism?


Little White Dragon, who fell into a deep sleep again, suddenly felt a little pain in his lips, and his body seemed to feel a little hairy. How did he feel like he had left the bottom of the pond?

Em? There is sunshine! Little White Dragon opened his eyes slightly, and the sun shot into his eyes, a bit dazzling!

Lying in a large trough, Little White Dragon suddenly awakened. The bottom of the pond was dimly dazzled by the damn sunlight. His eyes widened, and he found himself hanging in the air and being white-striped. Little White Dragon: Who can tell me what happened? Whoops, why do my lips hurt so much?

"Master, this silly dragon is finally awake!"

"Well, you don't need to say it, I see it!"

The sound passed into the ear, silly dragon? what the hell, is this talking about me? Little White Dragon was immediately angry, Long Wei pervaded the sky, shocked the sky, and the clouds in the sky were instantly broken, and then a terrifying dragon chant was issued: Ang Ang ~ (Dragon speech: Who is stupid, are you stupid, your whole family is stupid!)