Chapter 28 Love You, for Ten Thousand Years

Watching the elephant Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, this elephant is enough for bait, and the following is missing a tool.

Monk Tang put his idea on Sun Wukong again. There is no certainty whether he can do Monk Tang, but he can only try it like this. If not, he can only find another way.

Yes, the method that Monk Tang thought of was fishing, fishing Little White Dragon like fishing, and now there is a huge fishing rod missing from the bait. It is absolutely impossible to use a large tree trunk for a fishing rod, so Monk Tang decided to use Sun WukongMonkey King Bar as a fishing rod, but also test to verify the conjecture in my heart!

If that conjecture is correct, then the plan for fishing Little White Dragon is almost perfect. As long as the Little White Dragon bites the hook, it is absolutely impossible to escape!

"Come here, Wukong, I want to borrow something from you!" Monk Tang beckoned to Sun Wukong and said.

Sun Wukong looked puzzled at Monk Tang. He glanced up and down all over the body, except for a big coat. What can he lend him? He said, "Master, what do you want me to borrow?"

"Amitabfa, I want to borrow your Monkey King Bar!" Monk Tang folded his hands.

Sun Wukong: "...?"

After a while, Sun Wukong laughed and turned around, saying, "Hahaha, Master, what are you talking about, you want to borrow my Monkey King Bar for use? Haha, Master, do you know what you are talking about? I That Monkey King Bar weighed a total of 13,500 kilograms, but it ’s not Master you can take this with your cultivation, if I allow Master to do so, you can’t take it! ”

Monk Tang waited for his eyes and said, "You monkey, why are there so many nonsenses, you can just borrow or borrow it. As for me, it's my business!" Damn you, dare to look down on me, I'm waiting ...

"Okay, I'll just borrow it, Master, don't be angry!" Sun Wukong was annoyed to see Monk Tang, he spread his hand, and Monkey King Bar appeared in the hands of Sun Wukong at the same time. "Master, you are next, Or should I put it on the ground first? "

Monk Tang: "Let's put it on the ground!" What the hell, then the fool will pick it up!

Sun Wukong couldn't hide his smile, but he stiffened and said, "I see!" After that, he put Monkey King Bar at the foot of Monk Tang, and the mountain was trembling again, but the rock of Eagles Stream Extremely hard, no cracking!

After putting down the Monkey King Bar, Sun Wukong stepped back silently. He had to take a good look at what Monk Tang should do?

Sun Wukong thought carefully that Monk Tang didn't manage it, took a deep breath, and didn't know if that statement was correct. If it wasn't correct, he really had to pull his face to ask the monkey.

Soon Sun Wukong stared at Monk Tang with wide eyes and startled: what the hell are you doing? Why do you want to rub your ass? Master, do n’t you, let me put my Monkey King Bar, he is just an iron rod, not a woman, do n’t kiss me!

Monk Tang kissed the Monkey King Bar on the ground, even if his posture was indecent, Monk Tang did not care about it. After the kiss, Monk Tang looked at the Monkey King Bar affectionately, just like the closest lover, affectionate The paragraph said: "Love you, for ten thousand years!"

What the hell, Sun Wukong finally couldn't take it anymore. He swallowed the monkey hair on his head and shouted, "Ah, damn bald donkey, leave my Monkey King Bar alone, I want ..."

Sun Wukong was angry. He didn't expect that Monk Tang borrowed his Monkey King Bar to do such an unbearable thing. He yelled that he would save his Monkey King Bar against Monk Tang to save him from the poisonous hands of Monk Tang, but When I was about to start, I was stunned by the scene in front of me and blurted out: "what the hell, what's the situation?"

Monk Tang did not care about Sun Wukong. At this time, he looked at Monkey King Bar and laughed. Sure enough, the conjecture was correct. Just kiss the Monkey King Bar, and say affectionately: love you, ten thousand In the year, you can control the Monkey King Bar, get the Monkey King Bar's approval, and get the right to use the Monkey King Bar temporarily.

At this moment, the Monkey King Bar is shining brightly, lighting up a sky, and has automatically taken off from the ground, and has become extremely soft. It is using a gentle face to Monk Tang, like a coquettish!

Monk Tang smiled smugly, stroked Monkey King Bar and said, "Okay, good boy!"

Sun Wukong was shocked. Although he could perceive Monkey King Bar as his treasure, and it could be recovered as soon as he wanted, Monkey King Bar turned into a noodle-like soft form for the first time. At this time, he had seen Ignoring what Monk Tang did to Monkey King Bar before, he asked, "Master, what's going on? How did my bar become soft?"

Monk Tang heard Sun Wukong obliquely and said, "Ah, why your stick is soft, it could have been soft, okay, but you are still the owner of Monkey King Bar, even Monkey King Bar doesn't know the ever-changing ability. Are you an idiot? "

Where does Sun Wukong dare to care about Monk Tang scolding him now? When he hears that the Monkey King Bar still has the ever-changing ability, he feels scratched and excited. He hums his face and says, "Hey, I'm wrong, just tell me. How did you do that? "

Monk Tang heard this and continued to squint Sun Wukong. "Want to know?"

Sun Wukong nodded again and again.

"That's good!" Monk Tang sat on a rock with a big smile and said, "I'm hungry!"

"Master, you wait, I'll come and go!" Sun Wukong said, and came back again, and brought back a bunch of gourmet food, Monk Tang looked at, what the hell, did the monkey just lose the robbed palace kitchen? ?

"I'm thirsty and want to eat fruit!" Monk Tang continued.

Sun Wukong: "Master, I have peaches!"

"No, I want to eat apples!" Monk Tang reached out and grabbed the peach and took a bite.

Alas, Sun Wukong disappeared again and brought back a bunch of apples.

"I'm tired, my shoulders are sore!"

"Master, I rub your shoulders!"

"Oh, my legs are so numb!"

"Master, I stole your legs!"


"Master, just tell me, I really know I was wrong, I shouldn't scold you!" Sun Wukong scratched his ears: he must scold you with his back ... dead bald donkey!

"Well, it's doing well, I'll just tell you what it is!" Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, watching the monkey gnawing the monkey almost. "Wukong, you think, this Monkey King Bar can only get longer and shorter, Thicker, thinner, you are wrong! "

Monkey King Bar cooperation: become longer and shorter. Thicker and thinner.

Sun Wukong scratched his head: "Uh-huh, wrong, I was wrong!" mo**erf**cker, and the dead bald donkey quickly said the point.

Monk Tang continued to say in slow-speed: "In addition to the simple changes just now, Monkey King Bar can also change any object, such as a Wukong!"

Monkey King Bar cooperates: it becomes Wukong, golden!