Chapter 27 Conjecture of Monk Tang

"Dragon? Master, you said that there is a dragon in front?" Sun Wukong asked, "Master, how do you know that?"

"Well, who am I? I know astronomy and geography. Can't I find a little dragon? Look at the Eagles Stream in front of you. It is a place where the dragon and the tiger are. There is a faint rise of the dragon spirit, and there must be a dragon! "Monk Tang snorted, serious nonsense.

Sun Wukong heard, and the golden light bloomed in his eyes, looking away at Eagles Stream. After a while, he said, "Master, you are really amazing. Eagles Stream really has a strong dragon spirit. Even if there is no real dragon, there must be a big demon with the blood of a real dragon. It can be taken as my mount without losing my identity of being a Master! "

"Oh, rest assured, Wukong, I'm sure it's absolutely a real dragon!" Monk Tang said firmly.

Saying so, Monk Tang unfolds quickly towards Eagles Stream, but in his heart is thinking about how to conquer Little White Dragon and make him willing to be his mount. In the original book, the reason why Monk Tang can conquer Little White Dragon is by the power of Guanyin.

But the world is completely different. Monk Tang even feels that if Guanyin did not try to trip him up, he will appreciate her!

In the process of walking, Monk Tang remembered everything about the little white dragon, and dragon Monk Tang was quite impressed by the impression of the little white.

Of course, it is not a good impression. From the perspective of Monk Tang, the little white dragon is a poor worm with a green hat, and it is still very green, and it can emit green light.

And this little white dragon was particularly unlucky. He accidentally burned the night pearl from the Jade Emperor and committed the death penalty. He was impressed with the night pearl Monk Tang. To be honest, the night pearl was so simple to burn, Monk Tang felt that there are strangers.

That was a gift from the Jade Emperor, and it must be a very important and powerful treasure. If it was just a simple night pearl, the Jade Emperor who is the Lord of Heaven and Earth would be too stingy. But that night the pearl was burnt down. A fire caused by a candlestick, Monk Tang felt strange, and the night pearl was too fragile.

In addition, Princess Halloween should have been cheating on him for a long time, and successfully concealed Little White Dragon for a long time, but it happened that the princess infidelity on their wedding day was suddenly unknown, as if they wanted Little White Dragon to know it.

Because of this, Little White Dragon was so angry that he accidentally caused a fire and burned the night pearl.

After the analysis, Monk Tang became more and more strange. The whole thing was like a conspiracy. One link was linked to the other. In the end, the unlucky child of Little White Dragon was in the way.

Another thing is that Princess Halloween ’s infidelity with Nine-headed Demon is also suspicious. Think about who the Little White Dragon is, that is the grandeur of the third Prince of the West Sea Dragon King, and his martial arts is strong, with a handsome face and attractive body, is definitely a proper high-rich handsome, super second generation!

In addition, Little White Dragon is very outstanding and has a great chance to inherit the throne of Dragon King in the West Sea. It can be said that Little White Dragon is definitely a promising high-end handsome, and is definitely the perfect lover in the hearts of all women!

Let ’s take a look at who the Nine-headed Demon is. Although his force is high, he looks ordinary and has no background. It is not comparable to Little White Dragon at all, but Princess Halloween is just not wanting Little White Dragon but had an affair with Derailed Nine-headed Demon.

Think about carefully, there may be many things hidden in it!

Of course, what exactly is hidden, Monk Tang can only figure it out by asking the person!


Eagles Stream is definitely a strange peak, and Monk Tang has felt the extraordinary circumstance and magnificence of this place.

Peaks flow precipitously above the precipitous peaks, and the huge deep lake below is translucent, which is definitely an excellent cultivation place.

However, Monk Tang didn't feel the existence of any creatures nearby. Monk Tang knew that it was all due to Little White Dragon. Feeling the power of Little White Dragon, and which creature dare to approach here!?

Looking at the deep pond, Monk Tang was in deep thought. He knew that the Little White Dragon was sleeping in the deep pond, but how can I get the Little White Dragon out? In the original book, Little White Dragon appeared because of eating the White Horse of Monk Tang and finally became the White Horse mount.

But here the White Horse of Monk Tang was smashed into a meatloaf at The Five-Fingers Mountain, so it would be awkward to do it like the original. Let Sun Wukong fight? No. Although Sun Wukong is strong, the water bottle is relatively weak. In addition, even if it can fight the Little White Dragon, Little White Dragon will escape if he finds that he cannot fight.

Then maybe it will never come out again. Little White Dragon is not a guy who understands everything. Naturally, he knows Sun Wukong and knows that Sun Wukong is powerful. Little White Dragon maybe dare not come out to see Sun Wukong!

So, there is only one chance to get the Little White Dragon, and you must complete the task in this opportunity. If you do not seize this opportunity, then it is difficult to complete this task!

Therefore, it is necessary to think of a perfect countermeasure, such as the method of making Little White Dragon come out and not going back!

After thinking about it for a long time, Monk Tang knocked on his palm fiercely, his eyes were brighter than the bald head. He finally thought of away and said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, you take me to that mountain."

Monk Tang points to the highest mountain trail of the Eagles Stream. From the top of the mountain, the entire deep lake can be overlooked.

"Knowing Master!" Although Sun Wukong didn't know what Monk Tang had an abacus, he promised and flew towards the top of the mountain after grabbing Monk Tang. Naturally, Monk Tang screamed all the way, and Sun Wukong flew. Speed, Monk Tang is still a bit unacceptable!

At the top of the mountain, Monk Tang found an excellent position, nodded with satisfaction, and said to Sun Wukong again, "Wukong, go back and take back a prey. Don't be smaller than the Lion Tiger Beast. But don't be too big! "

"Ha? Hunting? Master, do you want to barbecue again?" Sun Wukong couldn't understand that roasting a piece of meat for the hair was coming to the top of the mountain. Is it because of good ventilation?

Monk Tang glared when he heard the words: "You! Monkey! Why do you have so much nonsense, go, go! Go!"

"I see, Master!" Sun Wukong's figure flickered, people were gone, leaving only his voice in place!

After a moment of effort, a shadow appeared on the top of Monk Tang. Sun Wukong returned with huge prey. It looks similar to an elephant, but it has four huge machete-like teeth. It is also about twice the normal elephant.

With a bang, Sun Wukong threw the elephant on top of the mountain, and the whole mountain shook with it.

"Master, do you think this prey is OK?" Sun Wukong asked beside Monk Tang: "If it doesn't work, I'll catch it!"

"Nice, well done !" Monk Tang patted Sun Wukong's shoulders in praise.