Chapter 26 I Want To Be A Dragon Knight

Ninety-nine percent of a large plate of meat was eaten by Monk Tang, and at the same time, Monk Tang ate most of the pot of stew.

As for this meal, Monk Tang was very comfortable. After eating Monk Tang was not in a hurry to clean up but watched Zhang Xiaomei, who was exuding a slight fluorescence, playing. Zhang Xiaomei was really a little child. Not only was she not afraid, but she was also jumping around excitedly.

"It's fun, it's fun, I will shine!" Zhang Xiaomei bounced to Monk Tang and said.

"Oh, okay, shining Xiaomei is even cuter!" Monk Tang rubbed her head.

It's strange that Zhang Xiaomei can glow, Monk Tang though. She is just a small child. Although she eats less, the energy in The Lion Tiger Beast's meat is still very strong compared to Zhang Xiaomei, a mortal girl.

In addition, Zhang Xiaomei also ate two peaches given by monkeys, which are not ordinary fruits. They were taken by Sun Wukong from Huaguo Mountain. That spiritual fruit is so strange that Zhang Xiaomei eats no light, but this is a good thing. After Zhang Xiaomei naturally absorbed these energies, Zhang Xiaomei could be reborn.

In other words, with the capital of cultivating immortals, even if it is not immortal, she can live a long life and be healthy without any illness!

"Oh? Master, you are also radiating light, Master will also shine!" Zhang Xiaomei bounced to Monk Tang again.

Heard that Monk Tang stunned a little, looked at his hand, and it really exudes a faint fluorescence. How could Monk Tang glaze himself, the energy of The Lion Tiger Beast should not be enough to let him shine!

Could it be ...

Boom! When Monk Tang thought of what the reason was, Monk Tang felt like he was wrapped in a blaze of flames, and the blaze was burning from his abdomen. Suddenly, Monk Tang felt very hot, and a wave of turbulent energy followed. A kind of energy was hitting and washing his body.

Every moment and every second, Monk Tang can feel that his physical body is constantly strengthening!

What the hell, This Lion Tiger Beast is definitely an erotic tiger, and it stores most of the energy in that thing. Monk Tang is no wonder that the size is a bit larger, compared with than other The Lion Tiger Beast! It can be said that The Lion Tiger Beast almost can be a great goblin if it doesn’t do that.

At the same time, Monk Tang also understood why Zhang Jun took a few slices and went out in a hurry!

Because he also has such a feeling now, so bloated, Monk Tang has a feeling that he can .......!

It really tonifies too much! Monk Tang felt a sense, opened his eyes and glanced at Zhang Xiaomei, why did it feel a little different?

So cute, so cute, such a thought suddenly appeared in Monk Tang's mind!

This idea scared Monk Tang as soon as he appeared, what the hell, it should be three years after the highest death penalty if he .......!

Although he thinks so, the more Zhang Xiaomei who looks and cuter. Monk Tang knows that this is all the trouble caused by the meat.

Monk Tang sat cross-legged quickly, silently in his mouth: "If the heart is clear, the sky will not be shocked, the heart ... three years ... ## @% ¥ **shock……"


"you, why did you stop, come on!" Li Xiu said, there was dissatisfaction with Zhang Jun in his voice, and it would be uncomfortable to stop.

"Wait for a minute, have we forgotten something?" Zhang Jun ignored the dissatisfaction of Li Xiu.

"Ah? What can we do, don't think so much, hurry up!" Li Xiu said.

Zhang Jun: "Did we forget the master and our little daughter? I just ate a few slices, and the master ate so much, will he ..."

Li Xiu: "..." what the hell, if you don't remind me,  I really forgot!

Li Xiu: "I'm going to be a dead ghost, why don't you say it early? You can't get up quickly, put on your shoes ... Little girl, you can't go wrong!" the young girl is too young to enjoy such an intense......

Zhang Jun: "..." Damn it, damn you, it's you who won't get me up, now it's you who got me up, it's really hard for a man to do it!

After a while, the two put on their shoes.

Looking at the bald little monk sitting cross-legged on the ground, and the little girl Zhang who was still playing, the couple was relieved, but also because they were not in the mood anymore. After they entered the house and cleaned the table, they Take Zhang Xiaomei to bed.

It is very important now to keep Zhang Xiaomei away from the bald young monk, especially when she saw that all the money and flesh were eaten up, and the couple was really frightened.

Feeling that the two came back and took Zhang Xiaomei, Monk Tang was relieved, and finally was able to absorb the majestic energy of the money and flesh at ease, and Zhang Xiaomei was bouncing nearby, but really couldn't let him concentrate ...... The child is so small and needs an adult to care for!

Absorbing refining energy, the physical body continues to become stronger!

Without a word overnight, Monk Tang woke up early. The energy of one night was absorbed by Monk Tang ’s body. It was Monk Tang's own perception, and his physique improved at least three to four levels, having the endless feeling.

Of course, Monk Tang knew that this was an illusion. After having breakfast, the apprentices said goodbye to the family of three kind people and continued their journey westward!


After saying goodbye to the family of three kind people, master and apprentice walked for many more days and finally came to Eagles Stream.

As soon as Eagles Stream was approached, the system beep sounded again:

System: ‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for another step forward on the westbound road. Now the system has released a new task: take an apprentice, Little White Dragon, the task experience value is 10-100 points. ’

Hearing the sound of the system, Monk Tang burst into tears, and he looked at the legs that had been significantly thicker and thicker these days. Mom sells batches, finally came to Eagles Stream? Finally, there is a new mount, no need to walk on his legs!

Thinking of it, Monk Tang was in fine fig, his sleeve waved, "Go, Wukong, let’s go grab mount with me!"

"Mounts? What mounts?" Sun Wukong asked when he heard the words.

"One dragon!" Monk Tang said looking at the Eagles Stream, his voice was a little excited. As long as he thought he would ride a dragon in the future, he felt very excited. Monk Tang remembered that in the previous life, it was a bit speechless to turn the little white dragon into a horse. Isn't it necessary at all? Riding a dragon is more powerful. As for dragon power, the dragon can completely converge and control his power!

In addition, if in the original Monk Tang rides a dragon, it will definitely have less trouble. The average little demon will definitely scare till the fart and urinate. How would you dare to shout to eat Monk Tang meat? That's great if he would not be eaten by the dragon!

What the hell, if the mount is a dragon, wouldn't it mean that I became a dragon knight? to get a knight gun or not? monk spade is not matched with the identity of a dragon knight!

Suddenly, Monk Tang thought and imagined a picture of being a dragon knight.