Chapter 25 The Dog Food

"Master, did you cook this all by yourself?" Zhang Jun said excitedly at the dinner table, pointing at the golden meat and stewed tiger meat, but they stutter a little because a mouthful of saliva would almost flow out, it was too fragrant!

"Yes, all was cooked by me. Almsgiver, you can taste it and see my skill!" Monk Tang said.

However, Zhang Jun did not immediately move the chopsticks but looked at the golden meat, and he always felt this stuff was familiar, and asked, "Master, can you ask what is the name of this dish? What is the material?"

"Almsgiver. This material is inconvenient for me to say, but the name of this dish is called Golden Money Meat!" Monk Tang said, blinking at Zhang Jun, giving Zhang Jun a look that all men understand it!

"Money Meat?" Zhang Jun murmured after hearing the words, then saw Monk Tang's eyes, his eyes widened, and suddenly he knew what it was. No wonder he was so familiar with it. Yes, he also ate donkey penis and it looks almost the same!

After understanding what this thing was, Zhang Jun's eyes almost spit some fire. This thing is definitely a great supplement. Looking at such a large plate and looking at the meat, it is not difficult for Zhang Jun to guess that this stuff must be very large. It must have been taken from a giant beast. The value of it cannot be measured anymore.

Thinking of this, Zhang Jun glanced at his wife who was sitting next to him and found that his wife was also blushing. Obviously, his wife also knew what it was. Zhang Jun decided that he would have great sex with his wife after having dinner!

Monk Tang is about to be jealous to vomit his blood. Zhang Jun and Li Xiumei are looking at each other. Monk Tang really looks at them, Damn it. Is this to sprinkle dog food for him, this single dog? Monk Tang can't stand this unexpected dog food!

Damn it and he won't share it with them! At a certain moment, Monk Tang looked at Zhang Jun and thought so.

"I want to eat meat. I want to eat meat!" Zhang Xiaomei shouted at this moment, the little girl felt strange, the meal was served, why don’t they eat it, why should they talk, and She would like to ask her mother: Why do you always roll your eyes at Daddy!

Hearing Zhang Xiaomei's voice, everyone around the table is back to normal, Zhang Jun and Li Xiu are not flirting, Monk Tang has eaten the dog food, and Sun Wukong lying on the beam of the house is disdainful: a group mortal!

"Okay, little Almsgiver, I will give you a piece of meat!" Monk Tang said with a smile and put a piece of braised tiger meat in Zhang Xiaomei's bowl.

"Don't, I don't want this meat, I want that Golden Money Meat!" But the little girl didn't appreciate it. Obviously, the strangely shaped gold money meat was more attractive to children, looking at the Gold Money Meat, with a pair of big eyes are bright.

Monk Tang is awkward, and Zhang Jun and Li Xiu are also awkward as well.

Monk Tang's face was indescribable. He didn't expect the little girl wanted to eat it, but this thing was not what a child should eat. He coughed twice. "Little one, this thing is not You can eat now! "

"My daughter, you can’t eat this thing, you are not allowed to eat it!" Zhang Jun said.

"My baby, be good, let's not eat this, let's eat this stew, this stew is better!" Li Xiu blushed.

"Why? it smells so good, why can't children eat it?" Zhang Xiaomei pouted.

After hearing this, Monk Tang's eyes turned and said: "This is that children can't eat it. You can eat it when you grow up. You need to wait for your teeth to grow up and wait for you to grow up. You may be able to eat it every day, don't worry! It will be ... "

"Master, okay, stop it!" Li Xi suddenly said at this moment, interrupting what Monk Tang said, his face flushed like a red balloon!

Monk Tang was interrupted and looked at Li Xiu in doubt. I don’t know why he interrupted himself. He was right. she could eat it when she grew up. When she grows up, no one would care about whether to buy it or to eat it. This is fine!

But looking at Li Xiu's anger in her eyes and her flushed face, Monk Tang was shocked and realized it!

What the hell, this female Almsgiver, you are so damn dirty, I have received so many film educations in ‘that’ area and I haven’t thought about that. How can you think about that? Monk Tang is so tired and wants to cry!

Feeling a little angry from her mother, Zhang Xiaomei pursed her lips and said, "If you don't let me eat it, then I don't do that!"

He ate the stewed tiger meat with a big oil mouth.

Monk Tang glanced at Zhang Xiaomei who was not tangled in Golden Money Meat, and said to Sun Wukong who was still licking peaches: "Are there any peaches? Bring one to the little girl!"

Sun Wukong on the room beam heard no squeak, saw a peach appear on the palm of his hand, and threw it into Monk Tang's hand.

Zhang Jun's family looked at each other by this means, and in a short time, they forgot the previous episode of ‘meat meat’.

The little girl was already eating, and the rest of the three people weren't waiting anymore.

Monk Tang picks up a piece of the meat and puts it in the mouth to bite. The flavor is extremely strong, the outside is crisp and tender, and the heat is extremely precise. Because it is fried with tiger meat, the taste is more fragrant. Monk Tang can even Without hesitation, this gold money meat is more delicious than any dish eaten in the last life.

The ingredients in this world are definitely not negotiable. If the ingredients in this world can be sold in previous lives, Monk Tang can guarantee that those can sell by sky-high price.

Clicking and clicking, Monk Tang kept eating, and he likes the meat. Although the stewed tiger meat was also delicious, compared to those two dishes, tiger meat was not as delicious as the Golden Money Meat.

Zhang Jun and Li Xiu also moved chopsticks. They were instantly conquered by delicious food. Zhang Jun also quickly succumbed to a few pieces of money, but he stopped after eating a few pieces. But it was too much for him. He couldn't stand it. He looked at Li Xiu with spitting eyes, and Li Xiu looked at him with a wink.

The two immediately hooked up. It was ... ahhhh, it triggered the ‘sky thunder’ and the ‘ground fire’!

"Master, you enjoy it slowly. Xiu and I remember that there is another important thing to do. Please help me take care of our daughter!" Zhang Jun stood up and said to Monk Tang, holding Li Xiu's hand in Monk. When Tang didn't respond, he ran away with Xiu!

Damn it, what's the situation, Monk Tang is a little embarrassed!

"Master, what Mom and Dad are going to do?" Zhang Xiaomei said with confusion.

Monk Tang shook his head, his eyes fell on the golden money meat ... what the hell!

Shouldn't it be ... what the hell, mortal, can't stand it after a few slices?

Monk Tang scorned, licking the meat, but he ate it as dog food because he wants a lover as well!