Chapter 24 Golden Money Meat!

In the end, Monk Tang still found a family to stay as he wished. It was the family of three with the little girl.

Monk Tang chatted with the family for a while to understand the situation of the family. The man’s surname is Zhang, called Zhang Jun, a well-behaved name. The mother of the girl is called Li Xiu. It is a beautiful young woman. That little girl is called Zhang Xiaomei.

In the process of chatting, Monk Tang finally let their defense down, and they became more enthusiastic.

Of course, the little girl always is warmhearted and she showed no awe for Monk Tang. But she was just curious about them, questions are all showing on the face. After the two persons entered the house, her big eyes kept looking at the bald head of Monk Tang for a while and looking at the long hair on Sun Wukong's face again!

"Master, you haven't eaten yet. My wife will cook for you in a moment!" Zhang Jun said to Monk Tang.

"Thank you, Almsgiver, but you only need to lend me a stove and some rice noodles. We bring our own food, and I will cook for ourselves. It’s better to ask Almsgiver to taste it. Now! and in this way to pay your kindness." Monk Tang heard this, saying that. Asking them to stay was just one of reason. Borrowing stoves to cook was more important. Jerky meat, especially tiger penis, if they don’t eat it, it would rot!

"Master, you are able to cook?" Zhang Jun heard his eyes brightened, Li Xiu looked over, Zhang Xiaomei still looked at the bald head of Monk Tang and the hairy face of Sun Wukong!

"Well, yes, I am. Not so good at it!" Monk Tang nodded, seemingly humble, but his tone was quite contented!

"It's great, then go head, Xiu, take the master to the kitchen!" Zhang Jun said excitedly.

Monk Tang: "Huh?" Monk Tang was a little embarrassed. Liu Jun doesn't show cards as routine, shouldn't it be blocked at this time? Why did you agree eagerly? Monk Tang gave Li Xiu a strange look. He thought that was Li Xiu's food awful to eat?

Zhang Jun is a little bit happy. The reason why he didn’t want Monk Tang to approve their stay is not only a bit scared, but also a more important reason, which is the problem of food. Zhang Jun does not want to share the food of the family with others. If it wasn't for Zhang Xiaomei, he definitely didn't want Monk Tang to come in!

At this moment, the bald monk in front of him not only said that he would cook, but more importantly, he brought his own ingredients. Hearing this Zhang Jun immediately was full of joy, and their food can save a little bit. Looking at Monk Tang muddled, Zhang Jun can't wait for Monk Tang to 'roll' into the kitchen with one kick: Damn, quickly cook! It is best to use your own ingredients!

Of course, the most important thing is that Zhang Jun smelled the meat. It was in that big parcel and the big parcel carried by him. Meat, that ’s meat. Zhang Jun did n’t know how long he hadn’t eaten meat. He can't help drooling when smells a meaty incense!

As for why the monk carried a large piece of meat, Zhang Jun wouldn’t take care of it! Just thinking about having meat to eat, that's enough. When Monk Tang went to the kitchen with the parcel, he knew that he would eat the meat!

The kitchen is not large. There is only one cooktop, but Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction. One pot is enough. Besides, the cooktop has two pots, which is enough to show his cooking skills!

Monk Tang took a brief look. The family of the family is not affluent, but of course, they are not poor. They have rice noodles and various seasonings. Although not as diverse as modern seasonings, salt is still available. It's enough to have this. Seeing this Monk Tang almost cried, these days his taste almost faded f**king out!

But the only thing missing was the oil. He searched the kitchen Monk Tang and did not see a drop of oil!

But it doesn't matter, because Monk Tang not only saves a tiger whip and jerky but also saves a piece of fat. With this piece of fat, oil wouldn’t be a problem.

Weighing up a cutting knife on the cutting board and tried it. It was slightly lighter, but it was quite great. After playing knife, Monk Tang started to cook officially. Lighting fire and washing pan are easy to handle, and then the knife flashed, and the fat was cut finely into chopped pieces and was stirred fry in a pan.

At the same time, another pot of white rice has been washed and he started to cook the rice!

The reason why the fat is cut into pieces is to make the fat quickly generate oil. Although this will inevitably be a bit stale, Monk Tang has no time to slowly fry the oil, under the fierce fire, quickly A large bowl of oil appeared, and the fragrance of the meat oil drifted out so that the family in the house swallowed and kept sniffing in the air.

"It's so fragrant, it's so fragrant. Is this the smell of meat?" Zhang Xiaomei didn't look at Wukong at this moment, closed her big eyes and sniffed on the ground, and said excitedly.

And the Monk Tang from the kitchen has begun to cook officially, leaving some oil in the bottom of the pot, and then Monk Tang pours the chopped pieces of scallion and ginger and garlic found in the kitchen into the pot and starts to cook. The smell blows up like a bomb!

Take out the jerky, cut into strips, pour into the pot, then stir fry, add water and start to simmer on fire!

This is the first dish prepared by Monk Tang. It's not that Monk Tang doesn't want to use tiger meat to make something else, but considering that Zhang Xiaomei is young and has some missing teeth, dishes can only be boiled and simmered in such a high fire, which is convenient for her chewing!

Next, Monk Tang was excited, which is the key dish of today. Looking at the tiger penis, Monk Tang sighed: How big it is!

Before becoming the Golden Cicada X, although Monk Tang had eaten a lot of delicious, there are still many things that have not been eaten, such as the monkey brain, such as the tiger penis, let alone such a large tiger whip!

At this time, the cooking skills of Monk Tang were shown, and the speed of cleaning the tiger penis was very fast. The bad leather was removed, and the most important thing was to remove an offensive smell. Then Monk Tang sliced ​​the tiger whip.

Without starch, Monk Tang had to make a little flour instead.

After the preparation of the tiger whip is finished, the stewed tiger meat is just stewed well, and the pan is filled with a large pot and two small pots of the meat.

Brush the pan, then pour the previously boiled oil into the pan and heat it. After the oil temperature reaches a certain level, Monk Tang's eyes suddenly flashed, the tiger penis dish was officially stared, and the sliced meat was poured into the pot. Then fry until it went gold, and then pour them into a pan, and soon a large plate of the golden sliced penis is completed! (Do you feel any hurt somewhere?)

Then Monk Tang evenly sprinkled some salt and pepper on that. The second dish ... the Gold Money Meat was also completed!

At the same time, in the other pot, the taste of rice fragrant and slightly fried rice was also fluttering out, and the rice was ready!

Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction. The craftsmanship is still there. The timing is just right. The staple food and dishes can be served together!