Chapter 23 Wukong, It’s All Your Fault

The Master and apprentice got back to the scene of the implosion and wanted to see if there were any clues left.

However, it was clear that Monk Tang was disappointed. The mouse that blew up thoroughly, leaving only a few pieces of scale armor, but nothing!

"Let's go, Wukong, let's go back to that small village and rest overnight. We will continue on the road tomorrow. Since the demon king is very concerned about us, we will probably meet him sooner or later!" Said Monk Tang, putting monk spade on his shoulders, Go towards the direction of that small village!

On the way to it, Monk Tang opened the character panel. He had killed seven robbers. Monk Tang remembers that he should be able to upgrade again:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 5

Experience: 160/160

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

Sure enough, the experience of upgrading to level 6 is full. Seeing this, Monk Tang upgrades without hesitation.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, you have increased by one level, but lack of experience does not meet the conditions to upgrade again! ’

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 6

Experience: 0/320

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

After that, Monk Tang immediately felt a lot stronger and full of energy, and because he didn't need to track the robber, so he came back faster, it only took less than one-fifth of the time. Those two came to the small village again.

At this moment, it was dark, but the small village went complete peacefulness, but Monk Tang could feel that the people in the small village were all inside the house, looking out through the window slit.

The robber's body is still at the entrance of the village, they posed what they were like when the two persons left, and obviously the people in the village have not come out of the house after they left!

The corpses cannot be left like this, and the bloody smell of them will likely attract other beasts. In addition, the corpses will quickly rot and breed an epidemic situation in hot weather, so after seeing Monk Tang, he said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, you make arrangements for these corpses! "

Sun Wukong: "Huh?" How dare he let Ben Dasheng do the work?

Monk Tang said: "Just bury them. Anyway, it’s good, as long as you can't see anybody and blood on the ground!"

Sun Wukong nodded and said, "Copy that!" Then I saw Sun Wukong lame, and a huge and unknown-deep crack appeared, like a largemouth, swallowing the body with the blood on the ground. Now, and then it was closed, and the ground seems to have not happened anything!

Monk Tang was stunned. The magic spell was really NiuBi(awesome). Monk Tang was envious him for a while, but if he wanted to learn the spell, only could he do is to wait he updates to until the level 10, system mall would open!

After dealing with the corpse, Monk Tang walked towards a family, prepared to stay overnight, and used their kitchen to make a delicious meal for themselves, but he ran up against a stone wall when he knocks the first one’s door. They not only did not open the door but also screamed when the door was knocked by Tang!

This happened several times since then. Monk Tang is speechless. Are he and the monkey so scary?

I am so sunny and handsome, Monk Tang said so in his heart.

However, Monk Tang can understand the mood of these villagers. Fear is right. First, they were scared by the robbers enough, and then they saw Sun Wukong kill someone by blowing his breath, and it was still in slow motion so that others could see clearly. Not to mention those villagers, even Monk Tang, are a little scared!

As for the scene where he beheaded the robber at the village entrance and blasted the robber's head, the villagers didn't see it, Monk Tang didn't know, okay, that behavior was not seen by the villagers. How could he, such a sunny and handsome monk, do bloody things like that!

Alas, the monkeys did it! Monk Tang said to himself brazenly!

"Wukong, it’s all your fault. You see, you scared the villagers and they didn't dare to leave the house?" Monk Tang said.

Sun Wukong: "Ha?" Master, you are so brazen, how can you blame me for this? When you killed, you were fiercer than me. Of course, Sun Wukong thought about those words in his heart, no way to say it out. These days, Sun Wukong also has understood some of his master's temperament, he is definitely a vengeful person, and he will pay back when Wukong is not prepared.

Seeing Sun Wukong not talking, Monk Tang waved his hand and glanced at the closed door of the villager. Monk Tang was helpless. Is he going to sleep without cover again tonight? Monk Tang felt bitter and miserable. He wants to sleep in a bed. He didn’t want Simmons, just a hard bed!


Just as Monk Tang looked up and shed tears into his heart, the door of a farmer's house rang, a little head was exposed, and at the same time, one cute but scared voice sounded: " are, are you looking for somewhere to sleep? "

The sound was a bit abrupt, but Monk Tang was very happy to hear it, and hurriedly looked at the owner of that little head. It was a little girl, eight or nine years old, with two sky-toward braids, leaning timidly behind the door.

At this moment Monk Tang was crying and moved, but there was no extra movement, for not scaring the little girl: "This younger sister, are you inviting us to visit me to your house?" the child's heart is beautiful, Monk Tang Heartfelt admiring her!

But before the little girl answered, a big hand pulled it in from behind the door, and the voice came: "Little sister, what are you doing? You are not afraid to let bad guys in our house!" This is a man's sound.

"But, father, they helped us to hit the robbers running away, they are good people!" The little girl's voice sounded!

Monk Tang heard that he was moved again. This little girl is so sensible, she knows right and wrong more than adults.

After taking a look at the moon-white monk's clothes that were not stained or stained with blood, he held monk spade and went to the little girl's house, saying, "Oh Almsgiver, Almsgiver, we are really good people, we only kill bad people, Don’t kill good people, please don’t be afraid, my apprentice and I just want to stay overnight, and by the way, use a cooker to make some food! ”

After speaking, Monk Tang stared at the door, his eyes were full of hope. If he could successfully stay, Monk Tang would only think that this family was the only one to allow them to stay!


The door opened again. This time, instead of revealing a little head, it was three brains showing, two big and one small. This is a family of three!

Obviously, both the host and the hostess had obvious alertness in their eyes and looked up and down Monk Tang as if he was lying.

The appearance of Monk Tang is definitely a bonus. It is beautiful and unusual, plus a kind smile, it is easy to make people think he is good, especially Monk Tang is at a higher and higher level, and his charm is also getting more alluring. It took little time that the couple thought Monk Tang is a good person.

Of course, if they haven't seen this young monk banging heads by monk spade, it would be even better! Tang and Wukong thought.