Chapter 22 An Implosion

The Silver-Fur Mouse was screamed by Sun Wukong, saying, "my Monkey King, please let me alone! Please raise your noble feet, and I will be trampled to death! Ah ~ it hurts, painful!"

"Ah? Huh, you can let me not step on you, but tell me first, how did you know me? Without telling the truth, I'll step on you the next moment!" Sun Wukong hummed coldly.

Monk Tang watched coldly and let Sun Wukong ask questions. The Silver-Fur Mouse was very afraid of Sun Wukong. This can be seen!

"It was my Lord who sent me here to wait specifically for you, saying that I should send him messages in time if you are here!" The Silver-Fur Mouse did not have too much backbone, so frightened by Sun Wukong, he immediately said something.

It was said that Monk Tang frowned, and did not expect that there was another king behind the Silver-Fur Mouse and that the king sent him here to wait for them to pass, but what's the point of doing this? Monk Tang couldn't figure it out.

"tell me, who is your king and where is him?" Sun Wukong asked.

"well, ah ..." the Silver-Fur Mouse hesitated. Tears flowed, one reason was scary, and the other one was the pain.

"Say it!" Sun Wukong screamed and clicked, the scales of the Silver-Fur Mouse cracked, peeled off, and blood flow.

"Ah, My Monkey King, please spare my life, not because I don’t want to say it, but I can't say it!" The Silver-Fur Mouse screamed!

"Why can't you say it?" Monk Tang asked questions, among them, there are some odds. The Silver-Fur Mouse appearing here is one of the odds that the king behind him sent him here to monitor their past.

"Because, if I said, I will die!" The Silver-Fur Mouse cried.

"Dead? Huh, if you don't say it, you're going to die soon but tragically!" Sun Wukong said sharply, and his impatient temper came up. He was impatient, his whole body was surging, and his feet were harder, The Silver-Fur Mouse has begun to spray blood!

"Wukong, be merciful at your feet, don't kill him!" Monk Tang hurriedly saw this, the Silver-Fur Mouse couldn't die yet.

"Stop!" Hearing Monk Tang's voice, Sun Wukong stared back at Monk Tang and yelled, his eyes were filled with suffocation.

Monk Tang was startled at first, but he struck his scepter against the monkey's head fiercely when he returned his hand: "Who are you yelling at? Wake up, can’t you control yourself because of little thing?! "

Suddenly, the anger in Sun Wukong's eyes disappeared, and his eyes cleared and said, "Master, I'm wrong again!"

Seeing this scene, the Silver-Fur Mouse was stunned, and even forgot the pain, what he saw, a bald monk slammed the head of the demon king Sun Wukong fiercely. Sun Wukong not only was not angry, but instead looked like a good baby admits mistakes, and he really wants to ask Sun Wukong: Are you really the Monkey King, Sun Wukong?

"Yeah!" Monk Tang murmured softly, and then said, "Let me do the next!"

Monk Tang looked at the Silver-Fur Mouse, with a sunny smile on his face, looking very kind, and asked, "Little mouse, come on, be obedient, you said you can’t say or dare to say it because you are afraid of him and the king will kill you after he knows you did it!? "

How handsome! The Silver-Fur Mouse looked at Monk Tang with a sunny smile on his face, and said in his heart, if he was steamed with sugar, it would be delicious, but after hearing Monk Tang's words, he waked up and wake up. Little mouse? Your whole family is a little mouse!

Although he had unspoken criticism, he felt Sun Wukong's feet started to strengthen again, the Silver-Fur Mouse said, "Yes!"

"Oh, that's the case. If that's the case, you don't have to be afraid. Since you know my apprentice, then you know what he is capable of. As long as you say who your king is, we guarantee that your king will not hurt you! Monk Tang said immediately when the Silver-Fur Mouse was moved.

"Really?" The Silver-Fur Mouse asked, glancing at Sun Wukong at the same time.

"You don't have to look at him, I am in charge of it here!" Monk Tang said this, and Sun Wukong just snorted and didn't refute.

The Silver-Fur Mouse saw this eye light up, and at the same time, his heart was shocked. The monk felt very good, and said, "Okay, I said, my Lord, lives in ..."

Monk Tang and Sun Wukong both had their eyes lit. This damn the Silver-Fur Mouse is finally about to say, they listened to it, and then they don’t hear its voice. The only thing they heard is that the Silver-Fur Mouse screams terribly!

"Ah, no, My Lord! I was wrong, and I was wrong, so please spare my life, I will never dare to do this again!"

"What the hell, what the hell is this?" Monk Tang was startled by the sudden scream of the Silver-Fur Mouse.

"Not good, Master, retreat!" Sun Wukong's expression suddenly changed, so roared, a flashing body appeared next to Monk Tang, then grabbed Monk Tang's arm and disappeared in place.

With a bang, the Silver-Fur Mouse screamed and glowed at the moment and then disappeared, and it was exploded. The ancient trees and boulders within a kilometer were all blown up and shattered. A huge deep pit appeared.

Monk Tang, who appeared two kilometers away, couldn't help but swallow his saliva and was frightened for a while.

"What the hell, what the hell is going on here? Scared me!" Monk Tang said warily.

"Wukong, thank you for saving my life!" Monk Tang said sincerely, looking at Sun Wukong next to him.

"Hey, hey ..." Sun Wukong scratched his head, and a flush appeared on the monkey's face, saying, "Yes! It was my duty"

Monk Tang saw this fun, and this Sun Wukong was actually shy, so cute, he said, "Wukong, that fairy blew himself up?"

"Self-exploding?" Sun Wukong shook his head. "Master, the Silver-Fur Mouse was not self-explosive, and then someone controlled it!"

With that said, Sun Wukong's eyes flashed coldly, and then he said, "The one who controls the Silver-Fur Mouse's self-detonation should be the king that the Silver-Fur Mouse said, and that guy should be aware that the Silver-Fur Mouse wants to say where he is, so he chose to sacrifice the Silver-Fur Mouse! "

Monk Tang's eyes flickered when he heard that the world was really different from the original, so there was no mention in the original of the ability to control the self-explosion. There're must someone behind him!

Although the King manipulated the Silver-Fur Mouse to explode, protecting his identity from being exposed.  Monk Tang became more interested in the King of the Silver-Fur Mouse.

While the Silver-Fur Mouse blew itself up, a dark-faced demon king sneered and said in a huge but gorgeous cave with dim light in the distance: "Hmm, wanting to betray me is your end of death. I will wait for you, Golden Cicada X! "

Under the throne of the black-faced demon king,  a group of the little demons was shivering tremblingly and kneeling!