Chapter 21 the Silver-Fur Mouse

Monk Tang, following Sun Wukong all the way, really came to the robber's nest.

But when he saw this robber's nest, Monk Tang was disappointed. What kind of cottage is this? It's just a cave.

Seeing this, Monk Tang knew that the bandits, maybe just a few people, will not be more, Monk Tang knew it that thinking about killing a few more robbers and accumulating experience was ruined!

But killing one can also get little experience value, at least the released one must be killed, and then Monk Tang headed for the cave.

However, he was dragged by Sun Wukong, Monk Tang asked in wonder: "What's wrong with you? Wukong?"

"Master, I felt a strong smell of demon in the cave!" Sun Wukong said.

Hearing, Monk Tang was startled immediately. Goblins? According to Monk Tang's analysis, at least those are at level 10 or above. He is not an opponent to them now. If he is not prepared, he may go in face to face with those goblins and may be clicked off!

"Wukong, do you know what goblins they are?" Monk Tang asked.

"let me take a look at it!" Sun Wukong said verbally, but there was doubt in his heart. Didn't Master find any goblins? What happened to the " goblins " Master said before?

Two golden flames burned in the eyes of Sun Wukong, and the golden light bloomed from the eyes. Sun Wukong stared at the direction of the cave and said for a while, "Master, that goblin is a Silver-Fur Mouse, who just became a goblin for not so long and can only be the king among a group of common people! Master, do you need me to catch him! ”

Monk Tang nodded, and his sleeves fluttered, "Well, let's go, I allow you!"

"Goblins, get out!" However, Sun Wukong didn't move and just yelled when Monk Tang's voice just came down.

What the hell, a loud voice, Monk Tang jumped up when he heard the voice: "Amitabfa, what do you do, monkey? Do you want to scare me to death!? Didn't you say you want to catch? Why did you shout? "I slammed Sun Wukong's head with a monk spade, and his furious anger flew!"

"Um, Master, I didn't mean it. It was too shameful to catch a little goblin!" Sun Wukong said, scratching his head, and a monk spade by Monk Tang was not enough to tickle him.

Damn, what a proud monkey, but instead of catching it, you can’t just catch the goblins by shouting!

"forget about losing face, hurry up, who would it be responsible for it if the goblins ran away?" Monk Tang waved his hand, and served!

"Yes, Master, I know!" Seeing Monk Tang saying so, Sun Wukong no longer insisted, and he entered the cave changing himself into a golden light, then he came out soon. In front of Monk Tang, and one person was thrown by Wukong to the ground.

"Where're the goblins?" Monk Tang asked, glancing at the man on the ground, who was the robber who had been released before, but the robber was dead, his eyes widened and he was scared to death!

"they ran away, when I enter, there is only this scared guy! Master, what shall we do next?" Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang flipped helplessly, glanced at the cave, and said, "Throw this man in that cave, destroy this cave, leave nothing to no other robbers, and then we will go back to that small village to find a house to live in Down, and then make a meal! "

"yes, Master!" Sun Wukong nodded, kicking the robber's body into the cave, and then took out Monkey King Bar, which quickly became larger and banged, and then the hill where the cave was located was destroyed!

Seeing this, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction and waved his hand: "come on, my pupil, let’s go home for dinner!"

As the two walked away, at the foot of the collapsing hill, a piece of earth and stone rose up, and then a giant rat with silver scales over two meters in length got out of the ground, only to hear the rat saying: "Damn, my cave, that damn monk, that damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, I will kill you sooner or later!"

"Do you know my apprentice?" A voice sounded abruptly, and the scales of the Silver-Fur Mouse stood upright!

The Silver-Fur Mouse immediately was about escaping, but when a bigfoot stepped on it, it was shocked to find that it couldn't move, as if it was sealed, and at the same time a voice sounded at the same time: "Do you know me?"

The Silver-Fur Mouse heard the voice of Sun Wukong, the whole body was scarred and stiff, damn it, wasn't that the voice of Supervisor for Heavenly Horses!

"Say it, do you know me? Don't say, step on you to death!" Sun Wukong said.

" of course I, I, know you, you are the Monkey King, my Grandpa! You made troubles in Heaven, and this story is spread among all the goblins. You are the role model of all our goblins, and you are a Hero! Everyone is fantasizing that they will be able to make trouble as you did! "The Silver-Fur Mouse said and its eyes were rolled.

Heard that, Monk Tang thought that 'what the hell' in his heart. What a good obsequious mouse! And then he glanced at Sun Wukong. This monkey is obviously very comfortable with his flattering. Though this Silver-Fur Mouse can cheat on Sun Wukong, he couldn't be cheated.

"You lied!" Monk Tang yelled sharply, staring like a knife, piercing the heart of the Silver-Fur Mouse.

Sun Wukong heard a word and looked at Monk Tang with a puzzled look. Why didn't he realize it? This guy was lying to me? Master, wouldn’t you be jealous of me?

Monk Tang ignored the meaning of Sun Wukong's eyes and looked at the Silver-Fur Mouse and said, "You said you knew me as an apprentice, and I don't doubt it, but you said that you treat me as a hero and an idol for study, but you What did you call my apprentice just now? If I heard correctly, you should call him Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? "

"Well ... Supervisor for Heavenly Horses! Don't you know that my apprentice really hates being called him like that? This is a stain on his back then. You call my pupil like this; I can't understand how much you worship my pupil!? "

Sun Wukong would also be a bit frizzy when he listened to him, and his anger began to burn, and being the Supervisor for Heavenly Horses was indeed the stain of him that year, the stain left by the old man, called Perelandra that year.

"tell me, why did you lie to me, how did you know that?" Sun Wukong said in a cold voice. After hearing what Monk Tang said just now, Sun Wukong also fully understood. This Silver-Fur Mouse is making fun of him. It’s true that the mouse was flattering. And he was playing the fool with him.

The bones of the Silver-Fur Mouse squeaked under Wukong’s foot, its scales began to crack, and the Silver-Fur Mouse howled!




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