Chapter 20 Goblins, get out!

The villagers screamed and reminded to avoid, seeing that the robber's sword was about to hit the hairy monk, but whether it was the hairy monk or the bald little monk, both of them seemed to be scared and stopped to move.

Monk Tang did want to move, but he couldn't do anything. This is the aftermath of drag racing came out. His legs are now soft!

Sun Wukong didn't move because he doesn’t care about the little robber. But a little robber dared to do something to him and waved his knife. Sun Wukong was also angry, with a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth, and rushed towards him, blowing a breath of air like him!

"Stop!" When Monk Tang watched Sun Wukong move, he was so loud and wanted to stop him, but it was too late. Sun Wukong blew through the robber in an instant, and the robber's flesh disappeared instantly. And then his white bones are like efflorescence, and become white bone powder!

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang was also dazzled and realized that Sun Wukong was powerful, but Monk Tang soon became angry. Damn it, this monkey dare to steal my chance to defeat those goblins!

"Master, why can't I kill these robbers? Shouldn't they be killed?" He heard Monk Tang's voice, Sun Wukong asked a little unpleasantly, and he was a little impatient to stop him at this time. Sun Wukong believes that they all should be killed, which is to be correct!

There was a sudden shock in Tang’s heart. The monkey's evil Qi was really heavy. He noticed the monkey is unhappy, but Monk Tang was not very scared of him. He said, "It's not that you can't kill, but you shouldn't kill. I taught you something that you have to learn to tolerate. Besides, let me do such things! "

Monk Tang secretly moved his legs and feet. He felt no longer weak on his feet, and he can kill goblins!

Sun Wukong's eyes flickered, his eyes flickered, and after a while, he said, "Master, I'm wrong. Next time if you won't let me do it, I will definitely not do it!"

" A stupid guy can be taught!" Monk Tang nodded comfortably, reached out and stroked Sun Wukong's head, and wiped all the sweat stains from the palm of his hand on the monkey's head. Monk Tang felt much cooler at the moment, and it was less slipper while he was holding the monk spade!

When did the villagers and robbers see such a terrible and weird scene, a big living person turned into a pile of bone powder in front of everyone, and they come to be frightened After a long time to realize it, they all screamed and escaped away.

The robbers ran faster and ran towards the small village!

When Monk Tang saw this scene, he immediately became angry, and the goblins got in his hands must not run away, so he yelled, "My goblins, where do you run?"

Monk Tang yelled like thunder, and the timid villagers suddenly fell into a coma. The village became more chicken and dog jumping, even more, chaotic than when the robber robbed him just now!

While shouting, Monk Tang picked up a monk spade and chased after the robber who had run away.

Seeing this, Sun Wukong followed lightly, whispering in his mouth: " goblins, where are the goblins, did the Master notice the wickedness of these robbers? Master did not show what you are really capable of!"

Although the robber runs fast, it is just an ordinary person. The speed is naturally worse than Monk Tang, who is at level 5. Just after running out of the village, a bearded robber was caught up by Monk Tang. Monk spade held up and hit the bearded robber. this guy must die!

With a click, the head of the bearded robber burst like a watermelon!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’

Hearing the system prompt, Monk Tang's mouth suddenly flickered. Without any pause at his feet, he came to another robber and raised a monk spade to kill him!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’


One gangster after another died under Monk Tang's monk spade, and Monk Tang didn't stop until the last robber remained.

Seeing this, he was always puzzled behind Monk Tang and asked, "Master, why don't you kill that robber?"

Hearing that, Monk Tang gave a glance at Sun Wukong and said in a didactic tone: "Who said that the robber should be pardoned, I am deliberate to do so, in order to let him lead us a way to find the robber's cottage, we should resolve the roots. You should learn from me, Wukong! this is called kill it once and for all! "

Sun Wukong's eyes flashed as if he was tasting Monk Tang's words. It took a while before he said, "I have been taught!"

"good, you had the root of wisdom that can lead one to the truth!" Monk Tang patted Sun Wukong's shoulder, exclaiming.

Then he glanced at him, and said that the robber was about to run away, and said, "Let's go, we keep up!"


" my lord, my lord, it's bad! The Little King and his followers are all dead!"

The robber crawled all the way back to their nest. Before he entered the nest, he cried and screamed.

Brush, a flash of silver light, with a face of a sharp-billed monkey gill, a wretched middle-aged man with silver hair appeared in front of the robber!

As soon as the silver-haired middle-aged man appeared, he immediately caught the robber and asked, "What are you talking about? The second king and his troops are dead? Didn't the little king take you to rob a small village? Why did they die? What happened? What happen?"

"my, my, my lord, we did rob a small village. In the beginning everything went well. Those villagers did not dare to resist. Just when we were preparing to rob their food, belonging and some beautiful ladies. I don't know where two monks came from! "The robber said intermittently.

"You mean, the little king was killed by two monks?" The middle-aged man asked.

"Yes, one looks like the Thunder God, the other one is a small bald head, both of them are too powerful, especially the Fur-faced monk is even more powerful, killing the Old Dao by one breath! It is terrible!"


Heard that silver-haired people couldn't help taking a breath, even if he couldn't blow a person to death!

Who is that hairy monk? Will be……? Man, who is Middle-aged with silver hair, is a little embarrassed and afraid!

"Well, what about the little king and his people, who were also killed by the monk?" Then he asked.

"No, no, it was the little bald mon. He was too cruel. When a monk spade went down on their heads, the heads of the little kings were gone. They were all killed by smashing the head. My Lord, you have to take revenge for them!

The silver-haired man, just about to speak, has changed his face, and whispered that something bad is going on!

At this time, a thunderous voice passed into their ears!

"Goblins, get out!"