Chapter 2 The Cold Gaze in Guanyin's Eyes

'Ding Dong! This system issues a task: Become a person who gets sutras, rewards 10 points experience value! '
As if it knows his thoughts, the sound of the system sounded again, and the first mission was released to Monk Tang.
Looking at this task, Monk Tang smiled a little, and it must be him. This task is to send him experience value!
The system is really a good system!
Although the experience value is relatively little to upgrade, Monk Tang doesn't mind. Even though mosquitoes are small, it still is meat!
According to Tang Sanzang's memory, Monk Tang knew that this was Puja's scene. When Guanyin arrived, as long as he promised to become a sutras seeker, ten points of experience value would be available!
The chanting is continued, and the people below didn't even know that the monk in their eyes had changed into other people in a short time!
Eyes have been opened, so Monk Tang didn't plan to close it again but looked around curiously. Although he has Tang Sanzang's memory, Monk Tang is still very curious for the first time. This is really ancient times. It' s not those film bases, and the feeling is very different!
Uh ~
Monk Tang looked back and found that not only himself on the Buddha's platform, but also two unusually beautiful maids in a palace costume, standing at the left and right behind him. At this time, the two women opened their mouths slightly and looked at him with a surprised expression. Apparently, Monk Tang the action of looking back at them surprised them.
The corners of Monk Tang's mouth were tilted, showing some evil charms, blinking at the two women, and saw that the two women's cheeks became rapidly crimson, and some shyly bowed their heads!
With a laugh inside, Monk Tang was so proud of his charm!
Then Monk Tang looked at a middle-aged man not far away wearing a golden dragon robe, not angry but majestic, that man was the emperor of the east, Tang Taizong Li Shimin!
Another interesting thing Monk Tang discovered is that a monk is not only who can shine and emit golden Buddha power in this world.
Even Emperor Tang Taizong, Li Shimin, also had golden light flowing, and the majestic atmosphere was permeated, but Emperor Tang was obviously just an ordinary person. Monk Tang looked carefully. Monk Tang found that those golden light turned out to be a piece of dragon scales. which is a complete true dragon.
Listen carefully, and a dragon roar is also ringing in his head. Monk Tang took a breath. Is this the true dragon's Qi, will every true emperor have it!?
However, when Monk Tang felt the breath of the true dragon, he was puzzled. that is, the real emperor has the Qi of the real dragon, which is almost invulnerable, and ordinary monsters cannot get close to his body at all. Although they cannot live forever, protecting his health is more than enough.
However, Emperor Tang had a nightmare and would scare himself every day. This was unreasonable, but such thoughts just interrupted. At this time, a colorful glow suddenly appeared in the sky, which illuminated the whole scene of Puja.
Everyone was awake at this moment, looking at where the glow appeared!
There is a figure bathed in colorful rays of light falling from the sky!
"Fairy, look at the fairy coming to the human' world!"
"Ah, a real fairy ..."
"It's the Buddha Guanyin."
"Guanyin Bodhisattva has fallen!"
The entire Puja scene suddenly boiled, and everyone was eagerly watching the woman who suddenly dropped from the air.
Some people were crying with excitement. It was great luck for them to see the gods or the goddess of mercy.
Monk Tang is also a beautiful woman with bright eyes, watching the slowly falling down, convinced that Guanyin is indeed a woman!
Emperor Tang was also very excited but was still restrained because he knew in advance that there would be gods coming into the world today, but he did not expect that the Guanyin Bodhisattva descended from the earth, stood upright with excitement, and then bowed down in reverence, saying: "my the Guanyin Bodhisattva!"
All the people present were kneeling in response, all shouting 'Guanyin Bodhisattva', but there was one exception: Monk Tang. Monk Tang just stood upright, although, from the memory of Tang Sanzang, this world is known as there are gods, it is still different to see them, it is so shocking. especially Monk Tang does not know how did the Guanyin Bodhisattva appear!
So, there was no response for a while, but when Monk Tang reacted, he did not bow down, because he did not believe in Buddhism. He had no religion. As for bowing down, he only bowed down to worship his parents.
Monk Tang not only did not bow down but also looked at Guanyin with a curious look. Curiously, this is a living god!
At the same time, Monk Tang was also attracted by the beautiful face of Guanyin. It was too beautiful. He saw that Guanyin was wearing a white gauze with no amount of life on her head. Her long black hair was as straight as satin to her slim waist. The body curve is undulating, and her feet are bare and clear.
This is a typical black-long-straight beauty. In the last life is definitely the goddess among goddesses. Monk Tang couldn't help drooling. She was so beautiful!
The Guanyin Bodhisattva stepped on the Lotus Table, slowly descended from the air, and finally stopped on the ground. The Lotus Table scattered like a flower, then fade away!
At this moment Monk Tang finally spoke, saying: "My respect, Guanyin Bodhisattva!"
He put my eyes on the Goddess of Mercy, and looked at each other with admiring eyes!
The Guanyin Bodhisattva heard Monk Tang's voice, looked at it, and there was a stun in her eyes: Is this the Golden Cicada X, Monk Tang? It' s really amazing. It' s the Golden Cicada X, the tenth generation. It's so amazing that you can cultivate yourself into a Buddha without being taught.
A cold light suddenly burst into the eyes of the Guanyin Bodhisattva; Monk Tang shivered as a falling ice cellar.
The cold light in the Guanyin Bodhisattva's eyes flashed away, and even surprised feeling disappeared. The compassion to people bloomed in her eyes!
Monk Tang has been observing the Guanyin Bodhisattva, so surprising eyesight was found by himself. Monk Tang could see clearly. Monk Tang did not know why the Guanyin Bodhisattva was surprised when she saw himself. Monk Tang did not plan to study it in detail!
However, the flash of cold sight under Guanyin's eyes cannot be ignored by Monk Tang. At that moment, Monk Tang feels like falling into an ice cellar, and the whole person is frozen for a moment. If Monk Tang is not confident in his gaze, Monk Tang absolutely doubted that he was wrong.
Why does the Buddha look at me with such cold eyes, like looking at a dead person?
Suddenly, many questions appeared in Monk Tang's mind!
The Guanyin Bodhisattva ignored Monk Tang, but looked at Emperor Tang and said directly: "I have a sutra at the place of the Buddha. You can send someone to take it which could protect the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty for hundreds of years and guarantee the safety of people and country, to help you go through the misfortune."
Emperor Tang immediately rejoiced when he heard this, and respectfully said, "I, as ordinary people obey the order of the Bodhisattva!"