Chapter 197 Cooperation

When the strike failed, Monk Tang was not surprised. The strength of gardeners exceeded Monk Tang's imagination.

Although the blow just now was defused by those gardeners, it can also show the strength of Hercules. Because Monk Tang used all his strength to give that blow and he got angry that they're doomed.

 Monk Tang has now 50-level cultivation in the realm of true immortals, and he has also used his skills. With the strength of the physical body, the attack is definitely above level 50, but it happened that he was dissolved by several 40-level gardeners. These people are special.

Special basically means unreasonable. These guys are definitely not as simple as gardeners-Monk Tang thinks so.

Looking at Monk Tang's attack being blocked, Pigsy, who did not make moves to watch Monk Tang's performance, was also taken aback.

Gardeners were also somewhat stronger than Pigsy had expected.

With a flash of body shape, Pigsy appeared beside Monk Tang. Pigsy said: "Master, these guys are not normal in strength. They were not as strong as more than 500 years ago. How did they improve so fast?"

At the moment, Pigsy recognized that these guys were still the same people who were guarding the Garden, but they were too powerful.

Sandy had worked in Flat Peach Garden. He also nodded repeatedly, feeling that these people's strength had risen too fast.

When Pigsy said this, Monk Tang knew he was right. These guys are definitely not ordinary gardeners.

Of course, they are not ordinary gardeners.  Monk Tang will not forget the revenge of his penis who was almost cut off. He made a  hum and is to prepare to shoot again.

"What are you doing, people? What a nerve! This is the Flat Peach Garden of the queen. Do you want to die? "

However, before Monk Tang made another move, they asked, looking at Monk Tang and others with a dignified look.

Hearing this, all four of them were shocked: Damn it, don't these guys know us?

Pigsy pointed to his pig nose and asked, "You don't know who I am?"

After hearing this, Thudoros glanced at Pigsy and said, "You are just a bold pig demon. You think you are Tianpeng Marshal! One word of advice to you is to return the peaches. I can treat it as if I didn't see it and let you go! "

When the gardener spoke, his eyes were basically fixed on Monk Tang because he saw Monk Tang stealing the most.

Hearing these words, Monk Tang and others looked at each other. This is fucking interesting. Let them go?

Monk Tang and his four disciples had this idea in mind.

Then Monk Tang smiled and said, "What if we don't return it?"

"Don't? Then you will wait for the punishment of the heavenly queen, and surely you will not be able to survive without saying a word! "

The gardeners look ferocious said, if they weren't to detect Monk Tang and his disciples are very easy to handle, there will be no such nonsense. All gardeners wanted to is to regain peaches Monk Tang stole. Then they won't be punished.

Because the gardener and others understand that the loss of flat peaches is no different from that more than 500 years ago. Some people contributed their efforts to them. Once the flat peaches are lost, gardeners' lives are really in danger. It is a capital crime. They can't watch  Monk Tang and others take the flat peaches away.

"I'm sorry, the flat peaches really couldn't be returned to you. I ate them all, just like the monkey back then!"

Monk Tang looked at the dark ferocious gardener and others, his eyes flashing, and then punning said.

Originally, Monk Tang planned to go to the Hall of Miraculous Mist after Flatpeak Garden stole the peach to upgrade.

However, at the moment, Monk Tang does not intend to go to the Hall of Miraculous Mist immediately. Looking at the fact that the parties involved in the case were basically present, Monk Tang is ready to have a good understanding of what happened in that year and whether it was all Jade Emperor's plot and calculation.

Sure enough, pay attention to gardeners, Monk Tang, found himself out of this sentence, gardeners' face changed into panic looks in the fundus flow, The gardeners tried to hide the motion, but it still can't escape the Monk Tang's eyes. Monk Tang is confirmed immediately, those things really have a great issue.

"what are you talking about? Monkeys? What? monkey, don't change the subject, will you return it or not? "

The gardener shouted.

Monk Tang immediately laughed with a sneer: "Amitabfa."

After saying this, Monk Tang saw a flash of cold light in his eyes. He stopped talking nonsense and started to talk. This time, Monk Tang also called on Pigsy and others to join hands: "Pig, Sandy, Little White Dragon, do me a favor. cooperate with me for a while, but don't kill them!"

"Yes, Master!" Hearing these words, three people immediately responded, at the same time they rushed to those.

But at the moment, gardeners' faces turned pale.

Although they have never seen the appearance of Monk Tang and others.

But the name was heard, and the moment they heard the name, they recognized who the four people were.

At this moment, a wave of fear came towards them-this is the revenge of Sun Wukong and his friends, isn't it?

Monk Tang and his team had already been the heavenly court instead of on the road to the west. 

However, although in the heart of fear, but does not mean that gardeners will give in easily.

Those gardeners not only did not give in easily but immediately launched a counterattack, more fierce than before.

Because, gardeners know that their own have no retreat, like a spell, as long as the Monk Tang and others win, they can also live a different day in the future, or waiting for them is infinite punishment and death.

Scissors rose in the air, turned into a dragon after dragon, and snipped at Monk Tang and others.

A ladle of water was thrown into the air and turned into a torrent of silver waterfalls.

Broom after broom fluttered and danced, and the wind roared and vegetation dragons appeared.

And there was a hoe coming across the air.

However, what gardeners have done is useless, although these attacks are very powerful against Monk Tang alone.

However, when Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon also made moves, they were just like little chicken for them.

Pigsy took a nine-tooth rake hitting on the scissors and the scissors were smashed into pieces all over the sky.

When Sandy's demon-quelling staff beats, the torrent of silver waterfalls turns into a drizzle.

Little White Dragon is a breath of dragon, and the vegetation dragons turn into ashes.

Monk Tang is using Shrink Into Inches. When his three men broke off the attack of gardeners, his body was moving, and Nine-Ring Monk Spade knocked out repeatedly, knocking out a series of sounds, knocking out gardeners all-what excellent cooperation!