Chapter 196 Someone Sneak Attacks The Little 'Monk Tang'

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Grade: 50

Experience: 0/26 billion

Deputy: master of divine focus ( Grade 3, Proficiency 21/30)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals, Indestructible Knack, Necromancy.

Props: Brocade Kasaya(in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Experience Pellet:1210

After picking all the mature flat peaches in Flat Peach Garden, leaving only a little to eat, Monk Tang converted all of them into experience points.

With plenty of experience points, his grade has been raised from level 40 to level 50, which is a big step forward.

In response, Monk Tang's heart hummed with joy. When he reached the realm of true immortals, he could be regarded as a big one in the world of heaven and earth.

Such a state, Pigsy, and others should be able to help Sun Wukong some at the moment!

And just after the upgrade was completed, they were ready to leave Flat Peach Garden.

Pigsy's big ears suddenly shook and shouted, "Master, watch your feet!"

When Pigsy's voice rang, Monk Tang suddenly felt a crisis approaching him and he feels his crotch was chilly ...

Monk Tang reacted very quickly. He jumped up and landed on the thick branches of a flat peach tree not far away.

At the moment when Monk Tang jumped up, a huge pair of scissors, flashing cold light, leaned out from under the ground and cut towards Monk Tang.

With a click.

Looking at where the scissors are, Monk Tang's face darkened immediately. He thought that it was a close call and little "Monk Tang" almost was cut off.

Monk Tang was angry. Who is so immoral, sneaking attack on his little Monk Tang, almost made him a woman?!? Why do people always have trouble with little Monk Tang?

From his crotch, Nine-Ring Monk Spade held it in his hand and shouted angrily, "who are you?! Get out of here!"

At the same time, Pigsy, Sandy and White Little Dragon also jumped off the ground. they also don't want their "little Pigsy", "little Sandy" and "little Little Dragon" to be cut off.

The scissors appeared quickly and disappeared quickly. After clicking, they disappeared on the ground.

Monk Tang and his four disciples looked at the ground and thought that they were careless. They did not even think that there were people hidden under the ground.

At the same time, they complimented that the man who was hidden under the ground did has some skills, because they unexpectedly didn't find any traces of him.

Seeing that no one appeared, the Monk Tang sneered, "Don't you come out? I'll beat you out! Arhat!"

Buddhist chants, Buddhist six-character mantra resounded through.

A huge arhat Buddha shadow appeared behind Monk Tang, with glowering and shining golden light.

Monk Tang was also dyed gold, just like a golden Buddha.


In the hands of Monk Tang, the Nine-Ring Monk Spade was a stroke out and hit on the ground.

With a thud, the Nine-Ring Monk Spade was hit on the ground of Flat Peach Garden, with grass dust and mud splashing.

However, here is in heaven, whose ground is much harder than the groud of the human world.

The moment it hit the ground, a large number of runes appeared in the soil of Flatpeak Garden to reinforce the ground.

After a thud, it was only a big crater that was smashed on the ground of Flat Peach Garden.

If it happened In the human world, if Monk Tang does not control his strength, his spade will be enough to make the earth collapse within a dozen miles.

At the same time, when Monk Tang started the operation, Pigsy, Sandy and Little White Dragon also took part in the operation.

BangBangBang... one big pit after another appears in Flat Peach Garden.

But the flat peach tree did not have any influence. They really live up to their reputation of being the divine roots of heaven and earth. when Monk Tang and others attack, the trees are sending out a faint glow, and easily blocked outside the attack aftermath from Monk Tang and others, without any influence.

Monk Tang and his four disciples exploded wildly. Although they did not cause any damage to the flat peach tree, they also left Flat Peach Garden in a mess.

It is very slow to say, but in fact, the time is very short. In a short flash, numerous large pits are left in Flat Peach Garden.

When Monk Tang was preparing another round of bombing, the angry roar came from the ground: "Damn monk, stop!"

With the sound, a group of people emerged from the ground and appeared above the ground of Flatpeak Garden, with a total of seventeen or eighteen.

Some of these people are holding huge scissors, some are holding hoes, some are holding brooms, and some are holding buckets and bailers.

Looking at these guys in hand, Monk Tang recognized who these people were. They were Hercules who are responsible for taking care of the peach trees, such as hoeing, repairing, cleaning, and carrying water.

Monk Tang is very angry at the moment. His little dick almost gone forever from him. This hatred is mortal!

The monk spade in his hand swung around and Monk Tang shouted, "stop it, Damn. you are dead."

Those Hercules were also furious when they looked at the upside-down Flat Peach Garden.

Flat Peach Garden was destroyed by Monk Tang in such a way that they could not escape the blame. Queen Mother would never spare them if she knew.

Hoe Shu Lishi and others looked at Monk Tang. Their eyes were red and full of pitfalls.

Damn it, hoe tree lux and others lamented is it not to steal some lazy in the land there to drink a little wine, a little sleep!

How come when you wake up, there are four thieves stealing peaches?

A cleaning lux immediately stood up and swept the broom from bottom to top toward Monk Tang's monk spade.

Shout ~

The wind howled, and the fallen leaves and grass debris on the ground of Flat Peach Garden were immediately rolled up by the wind, twisted into a vegetation dragon, and crashed into the Monk Tang. with a loud bang, the monk spade of Monk Tang hit the vegetation dragon on the head.

The head of the vegetation dragon was suddenly smashed and exploded, turning into debris swirling all over the sky. Monk TangNine-Ring Monk Spade was castrated.

Watching the Monk Tang, the monk spade falls on cleaning lux and others.

Hua la ~

Monk Tang just heard the sound of a stream of water and saw that at this time, a water-carrying lux was throwing a ladle of water into the bucket with a ladle of water. The water rose in the wind in the air and turned into a huge torrent of silver waterfalls, thundering like a healthy river.

At the same time, there was also the hand of a person who hoed trees. The hoe in his hand became so huge that it was like weeding.

There is also a peach lux, click Cha, huge scissors flying in the air, like a dragon.

Rumble, clank, clank!

Monk Tang's Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kungfu of With Spade collided with numerous attacks, with Mars scurrying around and the wind blowing hard, then eliminating each other.

Monk Tang raised his eyebrows and was somewhat surprised that the handyman was so fierce that several people together blocked his attack.

However, this Damn it is not scientific!

This strength is much stronger than that of many celestial soldiers. Catching up with the sky will soon lead to the realm of true immortals.

We should know that the realm of heavenly soldiers is mostly the realm of celestial immortals and fairy goddesses, while the realm of heaven is the realm of real immortals and above.

Arguably, some of the handymen in the heavenly court are human beings or even lower, which is below level 30 in terms of grade.

However, all of these gardeners in Flat Peach Garden are above level 40 ...