Chapter 195 Level 50

In the flat peach garden, Monk Tang couldn't help scratching his head again after hearing what Pigsy said.

Monk Tang naturally believes that the three Pigsy will not cheat him on this matter, because there is no need.

But then, the problem arises.

Sun Wukong can eat no matter how strong he is, he cannot eat all the flat peaches in such a short time.

Besides, what is Sun Wukong's appetite and how long he has been together, can Monk Tang not know?

Although the appetite is not small, it is definitely not what to eat.

There is something fishy!

Monk Tang's eyes twinkled, and he immediately realized that there was something wrong. Sun Wukong might have taken the fall for someone else.

Moreover, this pot has lasted for more than 500 years.

After careful consideration, Monk Tang thought for a moment and took a breath of air-conditioning.

Sun Wukong was calculated step by step after he entered the heavenly court that year.

Even more, the real reason why Sun Wukong went to heavenly court was also calculated.

It is very likely that the so-called game started when Sun Wukong appeared, and someone wanted to kill Sun Wukong.

Moreover, Sun Wukong was not anyone else but the co-owner of heaven and earth, the Jade Emperor.

Think about it, when Sun Wukong was appointed guard of the flat peach garden, the jade emperor personally ordered it.

Some people may have said that the Jade Emperor was incompetent and incapable of employing people, so he appointed the monkey to guard peaches.

But it doesn't make any sense, not to mention Jade Emperor, a human being or even a child, all know that monkeys love fruits especially peaches.

Jade Emperor wouldn't know that? This is simply impossible.

Monkeys love to eat peaches. This is common sense. Does the Lord of heaven and earth know this common sense? Idiots?


If Jade Emperor were an idiot, he would not become the head of a heavenly court, and no one would let an idiot co-host the same day.

However, it happened that Jade Emperor did this and made a look that made people look like idiots.

In the previous life, when watching TV and the original work, Monk Tang saw this part and felt whether Jade Emperor was stupid!?

Now think about it, Monk Tang found that Jade Emperor did it for his purpose.

And the purpose is to calculate Sun Wukong, in order to get rid of Sun Wukong!

Think of this Monk Tang heart awe-inspiring, Jade Emperor's heart is definitely black, Monk Tang sounded the alarm bell, Monk Tang found that Jade Emperor may be more yin than Lord Lao Zi!

Of course, all this is speculation by Monk Tang. Whether this is the case or not is still uncertain.

However, Monk Tang can be sure of one thing: Jade Emperor is really tough, dark-hearted, and deeply hidden. Most of the time, he looks very mediocre, giving the vast majority of people a feeling of incompetence, and this impression has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the majority of people.

At this moment, after careful calculation, Monk Tang found that his four disciples had been calculated by Jade Emperor. Monk Tang was a little scared.

Although Monk Tang conjectured a lot in an instant and his face changed rapidly, he did not tell the conjecture.

After all, it has passed for more than 500 years. More importantly, Sun Wukong is not around. It is useless to turn it out.

At present, Monk Tang most wants to upgrade as soon as possible and complete the task of making a big noise in the sky.

And after improving his strength, he helped Wukong as much as possible. Although Sun Wukong was obsessed with six things and could not remember his Master, Monk Tang did not forget that Sun Wukong was his apprentice or that sentence, his apprentice could only be bullied by him as Master and others were not good at it.

Monk Tang should improve his strength as much as possible so that he can share the pressure of healthful court for Sun Wukong now, even if it is not too bad.

Of course, it is very simple to find out the truth of the year. Just ask about the gardener in Flat Peach Garden. The people who are most familiar with Flat Peach Garden are those who take care of flat peach trees day and night.

Even as in the original book, when Sun Wukong ate peaches secretly, he drove everyone out of Flat Peach Garden. the land and others did not notice for a while and did not find a few peaches missing.

But all his mama eat, haven't found, then his mama is wrong, there must be a ghost.

If the Seven Fairies hadn't come to pick the peaches and held the peaches conference, the theft of the peaches would have continued.

Now Monk Tang can basically confirm that Sun Wukong did not eat up flat peaches.

However, the mature peaches have just disappeared, so where are the lost peaches? This is also a question.

After much speculation, there is only one possibility that the peaches eaten by Sun Wukong were stolen by the land and others.

Because only in this way can we explain why the land and others have not discovered the shortage of flat peaches!

Not that they didn't find it, but because they stole the flat peach, they didn't report it.

And it is very likely that someone inspired them to do so. Otherwise, how could the land and others have such courage?

And this man Monk Tang has good reason to suspect that it is Jade Emperor.

However, it is wrong for Monk Tang to think about it, even though Jade Emperor designed the plot to calculate Sun Wukong.

But on second thought, it seems that Jade Emperor is taking a lot of trouble to do so ...

A sudden flash of lightning flashed through Monk Tang's mind. Monk Tang realized that the events of that year might have hidden greater secrets.

Monk Tang couldn't help laughing at the evil spirit. If it were as he thought, it would be more interesting ~

Monk Tang shook his head, then came to a flat peach tree with a flash of his body. With a wave of his sleeve, all the ripe flat peaches were collected by Monk Tang. The next moment, the system was converted into experience points ...

Others cannot eat mature flat peaches in a courtyard, but Monk Tang is different. Monk Tang does not need to eat, and can quickly consume all mature flat peaches by directly converting them into experience points.

Next, Monk Tang's body was flashing repeatedly. Visible to the naked eye, the mature peaches on the peach trees were collected by Monk Tang. Apart from leaving a few ready to eat, they were all exchanged for experience points.

There are a lot of mature flat peaches, especially those that have been ripe for 9,000 years. They have exchanged a great deal of experience. They have been rubbing against each other. The Monk Tang grade has ushered in a new round of crazy upgrading. The tone for upgrading the grade has sounded in a series.

System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for upgrading to level 41. experience points are sufficient. Continue to upgrade."

System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for upgrading to level 42. experience points are sufficient. Continue to upgrade."

System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for upgrading to level 43. experience points are sufficient. Continue to upgrade."


System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for upgrading the current level to level 50. experience points are insufficient to continue upgrading."

The tone for upgrading the level sounded ten times in succession, then gradually stopped. The level of Monk Tang suddenly reached level 50, becoming a fairy in the realm of true immortals.