Chapter 194 Rich

Peach trees are planted in flat peak garden. There are 36,000 peach trees, and there are still fairies under them.

A little old man, dressed in an official uniform, standing 1.2 meters, leaned against a peach tree, his eyes turned around, foaming at the mouth.

Looking at the dress and standard height, Monk Tang immediately recognized that the little old man should be the land of Flatpeak Garden.

When I first entered Monk Tang in Flatpeak Garden, I was surprised to see the land. After all, I came here to be a thief and it was not good to be found.

However, when I saw the little old man foaming at the mouth in a coma, I was immediately relieved. It would be bad if it attracted more people. Monk Tang also wanted to eat peaches quietly.

"Hey? This is not Flat Peach Garden's old land. Why is it foaming at the mouth and food poisoning? "

Pigsy also found the unconscious land.

Hearing these words, Monk Tang rolled his eyes and said, "Fart food poisoning. As a fairy, it would be interesting if she could still suffer from food poisoning!"

Monk Tang came to the front of the land with a flash of body shape. After checking, he immediately understood the reason why the land passed out in a coma---he was stunned!

Monk Tang looked at the land and was speechless-it is not good to live in the ground, the earth will definitely suffer when it vibrates a little. It is not hard to guess that the Flat Peach Garden land was in a coma because of the shaking of the heavenly court just now.

Later, Monk Tang took out ropes and other binding materials and tied the little old man cleanly into silkworm chrysalis with his ears and mouth closed.

Although this guy has fainted, it is inevitable that he will not wake up in the middle of stealing peaches. It is better to take precautions.

Seeing this, the three brothers of Pigsy were speechless and thought that the monk was really careful and cautious!

After tying up the land and glancing at no one else in flat peak garden, Monk Tang couldn't help but frown and wondered.

Monk Tang remembered the Flat Peach Garden, but many people came to take care of the flat peach tree day and night.

The division of labor is very clear. Apart from the land, there are also such things as hoeing trees, carrying water, repairing peaches, and cleaning. However, none of them are found at the moment.

According to Monk Tang's analysis, the realm strength of the water-carrying lux and others is worse than that of the land. The land is in a coma. They should also be in a coma in Flat Peach Garden. However, Monk Tang made a careful exploration and found no trace.

"Master, what do you think?" Sandy looked at Monk Tang's frown and could not help asking aloud.

When Monk Tang heard these words, he was puzzled and asked, "Why didn't he see any of the water-carrying Hercules and cleaning Hercules?"

Sandy scratched his head, looked around, and said, "Master is right. It is really unreasonable to have only one land."

Pigsy gave a dismissive hand at this moment and said, "Hey, what's so strange about this? Maybe we ran out to watch the fun. Didn't we see many immortals watching the fun on our way here? Immortals also love to join in the fun."

After hearing these words, Monk Tang picked his eyebrows and made no comment on Pigsy's words. However, he couldn't think of the reason why Shui Yun Lishi and others were not in Flat Peach Garden. He couldn't understand. Monk Tang also didn't think much. After leaving a mind's eye in his heart, he set his eyes on mature flat peaches and couldn't help overflowing saliva. How much experience can these flat peaches exchange?

The fragrance of flat peaches like small snakes burrowed into Monk Tang's nose. Monk Tang, who has been seduced for a long time, can't do it.

So Monk Tang waved his big hand and said, "Come on, disciples, eat. Help yourself!"

The posture is just like a landlord's old money, and every move shows another flavor of local tyrants.

See this Pigsy three people very speechless, this smelly shameless monk, really when this is his home! ?

Turned their eyes, and then come forward to a person picked a head size, ripe through flat peach nibbling bite-previously eat elixir is too much, this will not digest, can only eat slowly.

Seeing Pigsy eating in small sips, Monk Tang was not happy and said: "Why do all the women chirp? They stutter a lot. When will they be able to eat all this?"

"Eat up! ?” At the words of Monk Tang, Pigsy and SandyLittle White Dragon all held flat peaches and looked at Monk Tang with their eyes wide open. They all looked like "‘Master, you're not kidding me, are you?"

Monk Tang's eyebrows jumped. Sun Wukong ate all the mature flat peaches in Flat Peach Garden in just a few days. Monk Tang thought it would be no problem for the four of them to take a little time to eat them up. But looking at the eyes of the three Pigsy disciples, Monk Tang was puzzled and could not help but ask: "Why? Am I wrong? "

Pigsy smiled wryly and said: "Master, don't make jokes. Even when I am hungry, I will be full after eating two or three peaches. How can we eat all the peaches in the yard?"

"Master, Brother is right. We can't finish eating at all. Maybe the next batch of flat peaches will be ripe before these ripe ones are finished. Eat up? It is impossible. " Sandy followed.

Monk Tang held out his hand and said, "Wait, wait, I'm a little dizzy. Do you think we can't eat all these peaches?"

"Mmm-hmm!" Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon nodded repeatedly: "Yes, we can't finish."

Monk Tang scratched his bald head, gave the three men a suspicious look, and said, "Are you three telling the truth?"

The other three brothers all smiled bitterly and said, "Master, we dare not cheat anyone!"

Hearing this, Monk Tang took a deep breath and said: "Hiss ~ This is not right. In those days, your elder brother ate up all the flat peaches in Flat Peach Garden in a few days. Haven't our master and disciples been able to eat without your elder brother?"

As soon as Monk Tang said this, Pigsy was speechless. Sun Wukong made a stroke and struck in the heart and ate up all the peaches, making it impossible for the peaches conference to go on. That was well known to all the heavens and the world.

Pigsy and Sandy, in particular, came and looked at it especially after the event. At that time, Flat Peach Garden did not have a mature flat peach. Both of them were resentful-the the dead monkeys did not eat the flat peach.

At the moment, hearing what Monk Tang said, the three were somewhat wrong.

But they really didn't lie. The flat peaches in Flat Peach Garden just made them full, and they couldn't eat for ten days and a half months.

If it's just an ordinary peach, let alone a peach orchard, even ten peach orchards can be swallowed.

However, flat peaches are different. They are nurtured by the spiritual roots of heaven and earth. Each flat peach contains tremendous energy. It takes a while to digest the next one, and indigestion is easy to occur after eating too much. Even if they absorb energy from a flat peach with their cultivation refining, it takes a lot of time.