Chapter 193 Flat Peach Garden

The temple of alchemy, filled with pellets'incense, is in a mess. Monk Tang is enjoying himself. This upgrade is too simple for him.

Looking at level 40 on the character panel, Monk Tang rejoiced.

It took a long time for Monk Tang to recover from the joy, thinking that there was still a task to be completed and time could not be wasted.

Monk Tang, who returned to absolute being, did not take care of the astonished eyes of three disciples. Instead, he fixed his eyes on the ground wall of the temple of alchemy and so on. Before, he focused on the pellets and didn't pay too much attention to other things.

At the moment, Monk Tang is finally focusing on other things.

The decoration of the alchemy hall looks plain and unsophisticated. but on closer inspection, there is nothing common.

Except for the elixir that has been eaten up, the bottles and jars on the ground are all fairy utensils and are all very good treasures.

In addition, the floor tiles paved on the ground are carved out of pieces of fairy jade, and the walls are all painted out of fairy gold powder.

Even closets are all made up of celestial fairy trees and tree cores.

And the futon, is also a great treasure, sit up unexpectedly has avenue auditions ring, can increase the speed of cultivation.

Monk Tang's eyes immediately lit up, and then under the more surprised eyes of Pigsy, the bottles and cans on the ground were collected into the portable space with a wave of his hand, and the closet was pulled down from the wall ...

Half an hour later, Monk Tang clapped his hands contentedly, wiped the nonexistent sweat on his forehead, and said, "Come on, disciples, let's go to the next place!" At the moment, Monk Tang has roughly thought of the second target.

"ah? Ah! " After hearing the voice of Monk Tang, the three Pigsy talents came back to their senses and looked at Monk Tang in a daze.

Damn it, who the fuck is this monk? He's clearly a locust!

Looking at Doushuai Palace at the moment, the three disciples swore that Lord Lao Zi had to spit blood if he sees those ruins.

No, they thought Lord Lao Zi might be grieved to death at once, recalling what the monk did. the three disciples found that the monk is really crafty. Because he was going to write something on the wall.

Looking at what Monk Tang wrote on the wall, Pigsy couldn't help wondering how furious Lord Lao Zi would be when he returned to his palace.

The three almost wanted to stay here and wait for Lord Lao Zi to return here. they really wanted to have a look at how Lord Lao Zi's face would be distorted, but they just thought about it and obediently followed behind Monk Tang's ass ~



Just as Monk Tang and his four disciples came out of Doushuai Palace and headed for the second goal, the heavenly court suddenly shook.

Deafening sound is transmitted throughout the sky, and stars are trembling in sound waves.

"Holy crap, what is going on?" Pigsy was startled and said with the groggy body.

The who place was shaking badly, even Pigsy was nearly unstable.

Monk Tang quickly steadied himself in trembling, his eyes flickered faintly to guess what had happened, and a little worry flashed by.

Ho! !!

Pigsy's voice did not fall down yet. A loud roar was heard. The eardrum of the shocked person was painful.

At the sound of the explosion, several Pigsy people immediately understood what was going on. Pigsy's eyes glared: "Monkey?"


A bigger roar came again, and the heavenly court shook even more violently. At the same time, several people just felt the sky overhead darkening, as if they were entering the night ...

The four men were looking up and saw a big hand with stones covering the sky.

Damn it, the big noise makes the hairs rise from their body. In terms of Wukong's giant palm, it is fresh in four people's memory. after all, not long ago they were all got a shot from this palm, although disproportionate, appearance is also changed, but the breath is the same.

This palm is exactly the palm of the magic apes. the heavenly court was shaken twice because of Sun Wukong's attack.

At the moment, Sun Wukong has been fighting all the way from the depths of the starry sky. Numerous immortal gods simply cannot stop Sun Wukong who was demonized.

At this time, Sun Wukong has only one obsession in his heart, revenge, and destruct all ...

However, although Sun Wukong who is in demonization is incomparably strong, even stronger than his peak, he still can't destroy the heavenly court. The heavenly court has stood for countless years and ruled the heavens and the earth. Does it mean to destroy it if he wants to destroy it?

Just when Sun Wukong's palm was about to fall on the heavenly court, a huge mask raised to protect and cover the heavenly court.

At once, Sun Wukong seemed like a slap on the magic wall. He was allowed to get close and he was kicked off by the mask.

Of course, Sun Wukong's strike was really horrible. Although the attack was taken by the shield and 99.99% of his force was blocked.

But even this last point, 0.01, through the protective cover, also caused a lot of damage to the inside of heavenly court.


Some stone and stools not far from Monk Tang exploded and turned into powder under this force.

Many unusual flowers and plants in the heavenly court also burst one after another, causing considerable losses.

In addition, there are still many low-cultivated fairies only in Hominine Fairy Realm that have suffered shock vomiting blood and fallen into a coma. And for the lower-cultivated fairies, they have burst into clouds of blood fog.

Not to mention the fairies in Hominine Fairy Realm, even Monk Tang, whose strength has greatly increased at this time, is also suffered a lot.

This shows how powerful Sun Wukong is at this time.

Monk Tang couldn't help thinking that without this layer of defense shield, maybe heavenly court could really be slapped away by Sun Wukong.

Looking at Sun Wukong's palm being bounced off, Monk Tang just feels relieved and then he took three disciples to move on to the second target. Originally, Monk Tang thought that the second target could go or not, but after feeling Sun Wukong's strength at this time, Monk Tang found himself still too weak-level 40 for him is still fucking trash for Wukong, and he must become stronger!

Because of Sun Wukong, the inside of the heavenly court is extremely empty. Those who can fight have gone to fight with Wukong. Those who cannot fight are either shivering and hiding or attracted by the fighting outside, using their respective magic powers to watch the situation outside.

This is why Monk Tang and his disciples arrived at the second destination, Flatpeak Garden, without much effort.

When they enter Flat Peach Garden, they see peach trees one by one. the trunk branches and leaves are carved like emeralds, with flower buds one by one. fairy birds and butterflies circle the tree, with fragrant flowers blowing on your face, fruity fruits sticking out of the Monk Tang fruits pressing against the branches.

Some flat peaches are mature, with heads the size of human heads and charming eyes, just like the faces of drunk people.

Some flat peaches are not mature yet. They are the size of a volleyball and have a bluish-green skin, carved like cyan jade.