Chapter 192 Chicken Flavor

Immortal light rushes to the sky with surging red clouds. Doushuai Palace is magnificent and extraordinary, and usually, it is a quiet place.

However, there were whispers from the inside on this day, but Doushuai Palace was in a remote location and no fairy heard it.

"What a fragrant smell of Chinese medicine!" Before arriving at the temple of alchemy, Pigsy said with saliva and sniffed.

The closer they get to the temple of alchemy, the stronger the elixir-pellet incense is, and it condenses into clouds and clouds that roll over the temple of alchemy. all colors are brilliant and extraordinary.

With the previous exploration of the system, Monk Tang knows everything about Doushuai Palace and did not spend much time finding the destination.

Without further ado, Monk Tang pushed open the gate of the temple of alchemy. At the moment the door opened, an amazing heatwave up came to Monk Tang's face with elixir‘s fragrance.

An alchemy furnace with a color of purple gold in three-feets appears in front of several people, which is Lord Lao Zi's trigram alchemy furnace.

A rolling heatwave spread from the stove, and the entire alchemy hall was like a big stove, with a blazing three-color flame burning in alchemy furnace.

The flame in the furnace is not normal fire, but an Irresistible Flame, and it has become a magic power.

Looking from the window of alchemy furnace, it can be seen that the flame in the furnace has condensed into various living beings, roaming, and dancing in the world in the furnace.

Looking at other places, it is clear at a glance that the interior of the alchemy hall is simple in furnishings, simple and unsophisticated in decoration, and does not match the overall resplendent style of Doushuai Palace.

However, after glancing at it, Monk Tang's eyes were sharp. Although it was plain and unsophisticated, there were closets all around the walls.

countless large and small jade bottles, gourd, and other containers display on square shelves one by one.

"HAHA." Seeing this, Monk Tang laughed heartily. According to the system's saying, each of these containers is filled with pellets.

It shows that Lord Lao Zi is really as addicted to alchemy as the original book says.

Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon kept their eyes on the bottles for a long time-----what a huge amount of pellets!

"Disciples, let's eat them!" With a wave of his hand, Monk Tang looks so generous.

Saying so, a figure came to a closet, grabbing a jade bottle, and pulled out the cork. A golden light has come from the jade bottle.

Grain by grain, round and gold pellets with nine golden dragon-shaped lines on them rushed out of the jade bottle.

At the same time, the system gave an appraisal to Monk Tang. It was the famous golden pellet: nine-turns golden pellets.

"Click ~" word, Monk Tang is picked up one and thrown it into his mouth.

"Master, what does it taste like?" Pigsy three people have a high vision also recognized that it is the "nine-turns golden pellets".

Monk Tang was chewing and chewing and said, "Crisp, like a chicken!"

After hearing these words, the three were speechless. and it was this monk who could describe that the famous nine-turns golden pellets taste like chicken.

After that, the three did not move slowly. They eat one and immediately rejoiced and could not help humming.

Monk Tang's reaction was not as exaggerated as that of the three men. Pellets had no effect on him. As long as it was put in his mouth, it turned into experience points...

However, a grain of nine-turns golden pellets is a large number of experience points, which makes Monk Tang's eyes suddenly bright.

Sure enough, Lord Lao Zi's Doushuai Palace was the right choice regarded as his first station. Monk Tang glanced at the temple of alchemy.

Suddenly, there was a lot of saliva in his mouth. With so many fairy pellets beside him, he can get a big sum of experience points there!! Monk Tang felt like he was going to make a big fortune...

Then Monk Tang grabbed the jade bottle, pulling out the stopper in gourd bottle and pouring into his mouth, no matter what pellets are!

Anyway, any pellet has the same effect on Monk Tang that they are just experience points.

Monk Tang, while eating, is also communicating with the system: "system, if experience points are accumulated enough, you upgrade for me!"

System: "Okay!"

Next, it was a big moment for Monkey Tang. Monkey Tang's big mouth was like a bottomless pit. no matter how many pellets were poured in his mouth, all of them turned into the experience points needed for upgrading. The hints were also ringing in Monkey Tang's mind one after another:

System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading the current level to level 31. experience points are sufficient. Continue upgrading."

System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading the current level to level 32. experience points are enough. Continue to upgrade."

System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for upgrading the current level to 33. experience points are enough. Continue to upgrade."


the three apprentices are also unwilling to lag behind when Monk Tang is crazy about eating. They also went crazy at eating one by one ...

Of course, those three people don't have a system as Monk Tang does. They can not eat whatever kind of pellets they like, and they can only choose some to eat.

Although they were so slow, the harvest of the three men was inconceivable. The injuries that the naked eye could see on the three men were soon healed. And their breath on body layer upon layer.

In the end, the three people felt that they could not eat anymore. If they have one more pellet their belly would explode. They all gained a large circle of weight. Moreover, their whole body was shrouded in glowing rays. That was the result of excess essence spurting out of their pores, such as pores or nostrils. The energy in their bodies was too overflowing.

"Can't eat, can't eat, oh, if I have another one I will vomit!" Pigsy touched his big fat belly and said.

"I can't eat anymore, hiccup ~ I was so full!" Sandy rolled his eyes and said.

"No, I am going to explode!" Little White Dragon has no slim figure at the moment. His body is round and looks like a silver short stick with extraordinary splendor. His four claws are all retracted into its belly.

The three of them just looked at Monk Tang. They were shocked. They found out that Monk Tang was still eating and they had muddled---how could the monk have a bigger appetite than them?

Monk Tang was having a good time this time, listening to the continuous hints like a relaxing song.

He has not found the three was looking at him like looking at a weirdo. At the moment, Monk Tang had only one thought, that is to eat all pellets and become stronger!

A long time passed by, Monk Tang finally swallowed Lord Lao Zi's last pellet in his stomach, and then he made a satisfied burp. The temple of alchemy was in a mess, and the empty jade bottles and gourds were disordered on the ground.

When Monk Tang ate the last pellet, the system's hint sounded at this moment:

System: "Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading. your current level is level 40. experience points are insufficient to continue upgrading."

Monk Tang immediately grinned. It was really worth it. He felt even more that he had chosen the right place. His grade was raised to 10 at once. This was something Monk Tang did not dare to think about before ...

The crazy upgrade definitely owed to gorging pellets!

After that, Monk Tang happily opened the character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker )

Grade: 40

Experience: 0/15 billion

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals, Indestructible Knack, Necromancy.

Props: Brocade Kasaya(in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Experience Pellet:0