Chapter 191 Doushuai Palace

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong ...

Sun Wukong, in the form of a demon ape, is one hundred thousand feet tall, with jagged stones all over his body and lava flowing freely in all directions.

with Sanskrit chants, a huge "swastika" word glistened with golden light was lying on Sun Wukong's chest.

Numerous golden thick chains emerged from the word "swastika" and those chains bundle around Sun Wukong's whole body ...

Sun Wukong walked step by step. Every step of falling, the Milky Way collapsed a little more.

There are more terrible magic clouds surging, magic thunder shuttling back and forth, cutting through hundreds of millions of stars.

It was so tremendous that it immediately attracted the attention of the heavenly court.

countless celestial troops and generals and immortal officials were pouring out of heavenly court and rushing towards Sun Wukong.

Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon looked at all this in astonishment.

Just now, the heavily guarded heavenly court had been empty inside. The door was wide open.

The three people are looking at the Monk Tang, and complimented that the monk even knows the door would open for them ... what a magic monk!

"Go!" Monk Tang shouted at the sight of this. this is the best time to sneak into the heavenly court and they cannot waste the opportunity.

With a whoosh, he jumped into the heavenly court.

Along the way, Monk Tang thought about how to make a stroke and strike in heaven and how to enter the heavenly palace, so he thought of Sun Wukong.

At the moment, Sun Wukong, as he thought, came to the outside of the heavenly court, attracted the attention of most people in the heavenly court. Wukong gave him an opportunity to sneak in.

the three looked at each other and turned into streamers to follow behind Monk Tang and entered the heavenly court.

(ps: The heavenly court is just like a group of imperial palaces located in heaven. So there is not only a court in here, but also many palaces where gods live in.)

"Master, where are we going now?" Pigsy followed Monk Tang and said quietly. Looking at the familiar scenery of heavenly court, Pigsy felt deeply touched. he used to live here but now he was sneaking around.

Sandy had the same mood as Pigsy, looking at familiar scenes, and showing a look of remembrance.

Monk Tang did not care what the two disciples felt. entering the heavenly court was only the first step to make a stroke and strike in the Heaven.

If he want to complete the task of making a stroke and strike in the heart, he must still prepare other things. Without strength, he cannot start fighting directly.

So Monk Tang recalled what Sun Wukong had done in the original book when he made a big fuss about the heavenly court, and he was ready to follow suit secretly.

The task can basically be completed as long as he imitates everything Sun Wukong did.

Walking, the eyes of Monk Tang were all flashing, and the big words "‘Doushuai Palace'" just popped into Monk Tang's mind.

Monk Tang decided in an instant that they are going to went to Doushuai Palace. it was the first target.

There are three reasons for this decision:

Sun Wukong did so in the original book.

As for the death of Fairy Zilan, Monk Tang is also very angry. Even if there is no task of making a stroke and strike in Heaven, Monk Tang is also prepared to make a scene. He missed Zilan called him" Master".

The third reason is that Doushuai Palace is a good place to improve strength, so many pellets are waiting for him.

After making the decision, he would not hesitate and immediately shouted, "Go, follow me to Doushuai Palace ..."


"is this Doushuai Palace? It's gorgeous. come on, let's visit Lord Lao Zi's house! " Outside Doushuai Palace, Monk Tang sighed with emotion and waved his hand to the three disciples, then took a big step to enter.

The sight of Monk Tang walking so carelessly inside. Pigsy urged, "Master, be careful, this is Old Lao Zi's mansion. Maybe there are some traps!"

he doesn't blame Pigsy for being so cautious. After all, this is Lord Lao Zi's palace. It must be dignified and full of security guards. but in fact, it is not like that.

Monk Tang naturally knew what Pigsy meant when he heard these words and said: "It's okay, I have just checked out and there is no danger."

He said that he had safely stepped into Doushuai Palace.

At the sight of this, the three disciples just looked at each other, feeling a little relaxed, and then entered.

After entering, I saw that there was no danger. they were emboldened to look around behind Monk Tang.

This is Lord Lao Zi's palace. Not everyone can come in to see it. All men that can come in are powerful gods or fairies in the world.

"This is too easy to come in? Is this Doushuai Palace? " Pigsy muttered, this is not what Pigsy imagined.

When Pigsy was Tianpeng Marshal, he had never been to Doushuai Palace, and even when he was passing by, he did not want to come in.

Just because this is Lord Lao Zi's residence, no one dares to enter it without invitation.

Rumor has it that Jade Emperor came here only with Lord Lao Zi's permission.

It can be said that Lord Lao Zi's Doushuai Palace is a forbidden place for Pigsy and even many celestial beings.

That is why Pigsy was so careful and terrified before entering Doushuai Palace.

But at the moment, Pigsy is really overturning his perception of Doushuai Palace.

Little White Dragon and Sandy, who share the same idea as Pigsy, have re-recognized Doushuai Palace.

When heard Pigsy's whisper, Monk Tang just smiled and understood Pigsy's thoughts, but said nothing.

Monk Tang is not a reckless person, and he attaches great importance to his own life. So when he came outside Doushuai Palace, he used the system to probe the whole Doushuai Palace and found that there was no one in sight and no danger.

After learning the results of this probe, to be honest, Monk Tang himself was also very surprised.

However, being able to enter Doushuai Palace so easily is actually the most expected result of Monk Tang.

Monk Tang thought about why Lord Lao Zi's Doushuai Palace was not guarded and understood the reason.

he begins to laugh at Lord Lao Zi, who is really too arrogant!

Monk Tang thought from Lord Lao Zi's point of view and immediately knew what Lord Lao Zi was thinking of.

Although Sun Wukong made a stroke and strike in Heaven and he stole Lord Lao Zi's elixir and was pushed to the alchemy furnace.

However, Lord Lao Zi did not learn from this experience and he didn't place any protective prohibitions in Doushuai Palace.

In Lord Lao Zi's view, in the world of the heavens, no one but the demon monkey would dare to come to his Doushuai Palace to steal his elixir.

But Lord Lao Zi would never have thought that four bold men had sneaked into his unprotected Doushuai Palace today.

After the system made an investigation about Doushuai Palace, Monk Tang got all information about Doushuai Palace.

Where is where. where is what? perhaps Monk Tang, an outsider, is more familiar than Lord Lao Zi.

So, it didn't take Monk Tang much effort to find Lord Lao Zi's alchemy room ...