Chapter 190 So It Is

In addition, the Queen Mother is still angry. She is in charge of all female gods and fairies in the world. Fairy Zilan is also under charge of her. She should have the final say in her life-death punishment, but it happened that someone disregards her. It made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Of course, Queen Mother was not happy in her heart, but she did not overreact. she just wanted to see what was wrong with Jade Emperor and Lord Lao Zi and how it ended.

The fairy officer led Jade Emperor's decree to the estuary to find God Erlang, so she just wanted to wait for a good time.

In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, Jade Emperor's eyes once again fell on immortal officials and gods. The monkey was demonized and he could not run away.

However, there was no news from Monk Tang, Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon, which made Jade Emperor very unhappy.

with the exception of Monk Tang, the remaining three people are all Jade Emperor wants to get rid of, especially Sandy and Pigsy.

Jade Emperor was exasperated and said, "The demon monkey will be suppressed by God Erlong in a moment, but how about Monk Tang and his four disciples, what are you going to do?"

When they heard these words, they bowed their heads and said nothing. At that time, they have no ideas.


In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, everyone was discussing how to deal with Monk Tang and his disciples. However, Monk Tang and Pigsy have arrived at outside the heavenly court.

However, they did not get in because the guards were too many. Monk Tang did not intend to do it directly.

After all, the strength gap between the enemy and themselves is too big. If they do it directly, they will only become beat to stupid in seconds!

Sun Wukong was able to make a stroke and strike in heaven because Sun Wukong was extremely powerful and really awesome.

So, make a fuss in heaven is not to shout aloud or not to have the determination to go.

Monk Tang has been thinking about how to complete the task. he is not strong enough, but he can use stratagem to do it step by step.

In addition, he can learn from the successful cases of Sun Wukong who made it 500 years ago and make his own plan to do it.

Hiding in the shelter and looking at the heavily guarded heavenly court, he glanced at his several disciples around him. he wanted to bring all of them with him when he carries on his plan. he couldn't make it by himself. but it would be easier to form a team, and it would be a blessing in disguise for the four.

"Master, what are we doing here?" Pigsy asked in a low voice, relieved at the same time, the monk didn't break into the heavenly court like an insane man, it was really stupid to bite the hook.

"Wait!" Monk Tang opens his mouth to blurt out a word. Although he has a system to help him to turn on the stealing state then he can enter quietly.

But it can only make one person invisible, and can't let the other three people also follow him into the stealing state.

Therefore, Monk Tang is waiting for an opportunity that will make it easier for them to enter the heavenly court.

Hearing these words, Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon were all a little stunned ... wait? what are we waiting for?

Isn't it the most right choice for them to leave now?

And just when the idea has not gone, several people turn their heads and looked at the depths of the sky.

"Holy crap, how did big brother come here? Oh No!!! Master, let's go!" Pigsy's voice trembled.

Damn it, it didn't take long for them to get rid of the damn monkey. how did he catch up with them again? Pigsy's heart was shadowed by the horrible monkey.

The stars in the sky were dim, and the brightness of the stars was obscured. A monstrous magic power rolled over here.


Horror magic clouds surge up, flooding and devouring the stars. Black lightning shuttles like a dragon in the surging in dark clouds.

A giant demon shadow, carrying monstrous dark clouds, came towards the heavenly court. the Milky Way collapsed and the air collapsed every time Wukong steps on the cloudy land.

Sun Wukong stepped towards a healthful court, and at the same time, he was constantly at war with people. If you look closely, you can see countless streamers rotating and colliding around Sun Wukong, leaving a little light on Sun Wukong's giant body.

Marching in, Sun Wukong also roared repeatedly, slapping his hands which are bigger than the stars.

Stars burst with chaotic dust surging and countless stars instantly stop shining!

Among the countless streamers, two were conspicuous. one is a pagoda-shaped light glistened with huge golden light, smashing down Sun Wukong.

The other one is a huge spear-shaped red streamer, full of soaring momentum and scorching heat, sending out the color of tricolor.

"Coming!" Monk Tang saw Sun Wukong, and he said so. Not only did he not feel nervous, but he was also looking forward to seeing him.

At the words of Monk Tang, all three of Pigsy were stunned. The monk seemed to know Sun Wukong would come here.

Little White Dragon couldn't help saying, "Master, how did you know that the elder brother would come to heavenly court?"

Pigsy and Sandy also looked at Monk Tang with stupefied eyes. The monkey was crazy. they feel surprised that the monk could predict the monkey's plan when the three looked at Monk Tang ... The monk always gave them a sense of mystery.

Monk Tang smiled triumphantly: "Haha, it is not so difficult for me to know. I made fortune-telling! You also don't want to think, why does your elder brother go mad and become demonized? "

Little White Dragon scratched his head with his paws and said, "Big Brother went mad because of Fairy Zilan's death? But what does it have to do with the big brother coming to heavenly court? "

As soon as Pigsy's small eyes turned, he immediately understood the whole thing. He reached out and patted Little White Dragon: "Younger brother, how did Fairy Zilan dead? it was all because of Lord Lao Zi. Big brother has come to seek Lord Lao Zi for revenge. "

Sandy was suddenly shocked when he heard these words. he also reached out and patted Little White Dragon on his shoulders and said, "Brother, you're right!"

Little White Dragon was angry: "Damn, can you not touch me? Why do you all pat me? "

Monk Tang is smiling. Pigsy is really smart. He just understood what he meant.

Monk Tang said, "Pigsy is right. Your elder brother became like this because of the death of Fairy Zilan. Even though your elder brother has lost his mind now, his heart is still fixed on revenge for Fairy Zilan, and the enemy is in the heavenly court. It is inevitable for your elder brother to come here. "

Hearing these words, the other three brothers nodded, but Pigsy still did not understand, what does it have to do with their hiding here?

Monk Tang smiled and pointed to the direction of the heavenly court and said, "Have a look!"

Pigsy: " so it is!"

Sandy: "so it is!"

Little white dragon: " so it is!"

The three looked at the direction Monk Tang was pointing at. They instantly understand the whole story, shocked in the heart: the monk really made great fortune-telling ...