Chapter 19 Flogging You with A Tiger Penis.

In the resentful eyes of Sun Wukong, I used the Wukong’s fire again to ignite the wood, and Monk Tang cooked again. Of course, it's a damn barbecue, but there are more ways to do it. One way is cooking with naked fire and another way is dark fire. The Beggar’s Chicken is roasted on a dark fire. The Lion Tiger Beast is using a method the same as that chicken!

After roasting, it is still enjoyed by Monk Tang alone. The meat of The Lion Tiger Beast and wild pork are comparable, and the flavor is very strong, but the meat of The Lion Tiger Beast contains more energy about three times than wild pork.

After eating the belly, the warm current is very obvious. In the process of strengthening the physique, Monk Tang can even see his body emitting a bright light, like being coated with a layer of gold, just like the golden body!

This is a manifestation that very abundant energy is in the body or in the cells. The cells have no time to absorb, so there is some spillover, and the light diffuses outward.

After eating and drinking, washing off the blood on his body and changing into a moon-white monk's clothes, the master and apprentice returned to the road.

Of course, Monk Tang added a burden to Sun Wukong. Monk Tang remained the rest meat and roast it with fire. Then he packed it with the tiger skin and bring it together. One thing he did not throw away is the huge tiger penis. The Lion Tiger Beast is a male, and it is a great supplement for men. Naturally, Monk Tang will not throw it away.

Real man, he has to make up, although he is still a single dog!

Of course, Sun Wukong was naturally disgusted when he saw it, so he didn't want to carry it, but after Monk Tang's persuasion, finally, he gritted his teeth as if he had eaten a rotten peach.

Monk Tang walked in front and looked back at the expression of Sun Wukong's constipation. There was a dark heart in his heart: Hum, let you play a prank with me in the morning, and I will show you some lessons!

After three hours, the two masters and apprentices finally passed through the tiger and monk forest. It is strange that Monk Tang never found a living creature along the way. Monk Tang who was thinking of upgrading was quite sorry, Monk Tang cursed, did all the animals in the tiger forest die?

In fact, what Monk Tang didn't know was that the reason they didn't see other living creatures along the way was not that there was no tiger in the forest, but because of the tiger skin and the tiger penis. Lion Tiger Beast is dead, but his power is still there. The scent of on tiger penis and tiger skin is the strongest.

When other animals felt the smell of The Lion Tiger Beast, they naturally avoided it. The Lion Tiger Beast is the real overlord in the tiger forest. That is to say, when they met a foreigner, they lost their lives!

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to the host, complete the task of going through Tiger Forest, reward 60 experience points! ’

When stepping out of the Tiger Forest, the system prompt sounded immediately, Monk Tang's brow frowned. The 60-point experience was a bit unexpected and a bit lower than Monk Tang's expectations.

Monk Tang couldn't help asking: "System, how did I get 60 points of experience? The Lion Tiger Beast should be the big boss in the Tiger Forest. I killed it before I had to travel through the Tiger Forest. This experience, is low? "

System: ‘Not low, the reason why you didn’t get more rewards is that you have to travel a little bit longer than the best time for evaluation!’

Monk Tang heard his mouth open, Damn it, time limit? Why didn't you say it earlier?

"Master, what's wrong with you? Stop for a while?" Sun Wukong asked after seeing Monk Tang out of the forest.

"Nothing serious!" After hearing that, Monk Tang shook his head in dismay. The task of going through Tiger Forest is indeed time-limited, and it is the only time-limited task that will not appear in the future. 60points of experience value is the minimum reward. The reward of 60 points of experience value to Monk Tang is like passing a test!

Monk Tang is in a complicated mood!

Monk Tang said, holding on to monk spade, kept on walking and if he remembered correctly, Monk Tang remembered a gang and a small village will appear after coming out of the Tiger Forest.

These two are what Monk Tang wants to meet. He can get experience when he meets a robber. When he meets someone, he can have a good meal. Although the barbecue is delicious, Monk Tang lacks the seasoning. He felt something missing in the meal.

In addition, there are insufficient cooking tools to show his cooking skills. He thinks that eating barbecue wastes ingredients!

Out of the Tiger Forest, after walking twelve or three miles away, we could vaguely see a few households located with cooking smoke rising. Monk Tang looked at the sky, and it was time to prepare dinner in the evening.

Monk Tang smiled at this, and finally, he no longer needs to sleep without covers.

In the mood, his speed is much faster.

"Master, it's not good, there is a robber in front as if robbing the small village in front?" At this moment Sun Wukong's eyes bloomed with gold, and he looked at the small village in the distance and said suddenly.

"Really? Let's stop it. We must not let the robbers harm the villagers!" Monk Tang was surprised when he heard the words. Damn it, the robbers are equal to experience in Monk Tang's eyes.

"Okay, Master, hurry me!" Sun Wukong replied, and a flash appeared beside Monk Tang.

Huh? What do you mean? Monk Tang sniffed, and then left a stream of screams in the air!

Monk Tang: Ahhhhhh ...

"Master, we are here!" Sun Wukong said.

"Good job, Wukong!" Monk Tang burst into tears, damn it, the damn monkey, and drag racing, you should give me time to prepare to fly, how can you kill the monster with my soft scared legs!

The sudden appearance of Monk Tang and Sun Wukong made the villagers and robbers stunned, but the lesser-known robbers and villagers did not realize how powerful Sun Wukong was. A bearded robber stood up and courageously said: "who are you, the monk with a fur-faced face and a bald little monk, eh? The little monk is very charming! Would you like to come to me and accompany me for a while !?"

What the hell, Monk Tang's face immediately turned black, wondering if he would take the tiger penis out and slash the damn man!

However, he thought about it and give up, it's too wasteful to eat!

"Well, a dumb? If you don’t talk, I think you agree!" Beard saw Monk Tang black-faced and laughed!

The bearded man said to one of the robbers, "Go, hack the hairy monk to death, and catch the bald little monk., I will enjoy him tonight!"

"Yes!" The accused robber rushed towards Sun Wukong after playing with a knife, raised the knife and chopped down. The scared villagers were exclaimed, while the beard and others were smirking and imaged that it was a very beautiful process when people were split the two halves and then slowly separated!