Chapter 189 Epic Mission: Make A Stroke And Strike in The Heaven

After hearing what the system said that the upgrade rules have been adjusted, the experience points required for each level of the upgrade will no longer increase by 2 times. Monk Tang was rejoicing in his heart, and then he wondered why the system made such adjustment.

Although the system doesn't talk much at ordinary times, Monk Tang has long seen through the essence of the system that the system is a wicked system.

Monk Tang asked: "System, it's not that you are too lazy to calculate so you made such adjustments! ?”

System: "Ding Dong, you have a guess~~~~"

Damn! Screw you! Monk Tang's mouth twitched. he is definitely right.

While ignoring the system, Monk Tang opened the character panel to check it out, although it has not changed much:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Grade: 30

Experience: 0/5 billion

Deputy: master of divine focus (Grade 3, Proficiency 21/30)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals, Indestructible Knack, Necromancy.

Props: Brocade Kasaya(in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Experience Pellet:0

After looking at the character panel, Monk Tang found that the column of experience points changed the most and became extremely concise and clear at a glance.

The experience needed for upgrading has become a regular integer.

Although Monk Tang seems to have interacted with the system for a long time, it is actually only a blink of an eye.

Monk Tang closed the character panel and was just about to answer Sandy's words, but he was just about to open his mouth when he was interrupted by the system's hint: "ding dong, since you have arrived in heaven. why not go to heavenly court for a walk? Since Sun Wukong made a big fuss in the heavenly court, how could you, as Sun Wukong's Master, be worse than Sun Wukong? "

"Ding Dong, now releasing an epic mission----make a stroke and strike in the Heaven. The mission cannot be refused but can only be completed. you will never be secularized if it cannot be completed, and you will never be able to pick up girls ... 10 billion experience points will be awarded for you to complete the mission."

Listen to the voice of the system, Monk Tang's face suddenly darkened. Damn it, this system is in revenge on him.

How to make a fuss in Heaven? Isn't this a fucking joke? The system is definitely getting me into trouble!

At only level 30, he has to make a fuss in the heart. didn't the system want him to die?

But hearing the punishment, Monk Tang knew he would do it even if he died. This is a matter of a man's dignity.

“Master,Master? What happened to you? " Sandy looked at Monk Tang and didn't speak, but suddenly his face turned black. He just got a fright. Pigsy didn't say anything. Why did the monk suddenly turn black?

Monk Tang exhaled a great deal of turbid breath, tugged at his stiff face and said: "It's okay, I only remembered some unhappy things. Let's go. I already know what to do next and where to go. Let's go to the healthy court now!"

Even before the three people figure out what are they going to do, Monk Tang launched "Shrink Into Inches" and rushed to the heavenly court hundreds of miles away.

Looking at the shining bald head that has gone away, The three shouted: "Master, think twice!"

At the same time, the three men are also chasing after Monk Tang---Damnit, is this monk crazy? Self-defeating?


In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, Jade Emperor is sitting on the throne of heaven once again.

Below the throne, many immortal gods and generals stood still, as well as some people in the immortal class such as Queen Mother, Lord Lao Zi, etc.

Jade Emperor then said slowly, "hasn't the demon monkey been captured yet? Did you not find Monk Tang and his pupils who entered heaven without permission? "

After hearing Jade Emperor's question, many immortals in the Hall of Miraculous Mist got cold sweat in their foreheads. Moments later, a gold-armed warrior came forward and said, "Your Majesty, the demon monkey suddenly gained strength, which is very difficult to deal with, destroying hundreds and thousands of celestial troops and generals, but there's no way to stop him."

The voice of the gold-armed warrior did not finish. in the Hall of Miraculous Mist fairies were in an uproar immediately, and all the immortals changed their faces.

Hundreds and thousands of celestial troops and generals have just died, which is not a small loss for heavenly court. Apart from what happened 500 years ago, the heavenly court has not suffered a greater loss than it. Is it possible for the heavenly court to repeat the same mistake?

Many immortals are shocked by what happened 500 years ago.

There were even many fairies and gods who immediately asked Jade Emperor to invite Tathagata to deal with the demon monkey.

Jade Emperor was furious when he heard this and shouted, "Does Tathagata is a person that you can invite? Don't you have any way to deal with the demon monkey? The demon monkey was not the one at that time. Thus, is no one able to deal with him? "

Seeing Jade Emperor in great anger, all the immortals keep silent and did not dare to look at Jade Emperor with their heads down. Jade Emperor was still very dignified in the heavenly court. Once he was angry, all the immortals in the heavenly court felt a quiver of heart.

Although he has rumors of incompetence, etc. he is not incompetent as the one in the original book. At least no one dares to oppose what he says in the heavenly court.

The immortals with their heads bowed did not find that Jade Emperor's eyes flashed a hint of happiness after hearing the death of thousands of celestial troops and generals. At the same time, Jade Emperor glazed subtly at Lord Lao Zi.

After another long silence, a fairy stood up and said, "Your Majesty, I think it's time to designate someone to give a decree to God Erlang, which is aimed at appointing him to subdue the demon monkey. His cultivation has greatly improved in the past 500 years. It must be more than enough to deal with the present demon monkey. If God Li and Nezha are followed him, it would be even simpler for them. There is no need to disturb Tathagata."

"God Erlang?" Hearing this, Jade Emperor's eyes narrowed and he said, "Well, according to what you said, I will issue a decree to God Erlang now, and you will be responsible for delivering the decree. There will be great rewards when it is completed."

At the end of the sentence, Jade Emperor waved his hand and made a divine golden paper to fall into the immortal's hands.

"Your Majesty, I will do my best to complete it."

Will the golden paper fall to his hand, the fairy is so excited said, and then quickly leave toward an estuary ...

Queen Mother is a beautiful woman who looks only 20 years old. She has always been sitting on the Queen Mother's throne without saying anything.

However, her beautiful and dignified face has always been with a hint of mock, and her eyes are flowing from time to time on Lord Lao Zi and Jade Emperor. Every time she gives her eyes to Lord Lao Zi and Jade Emperor, she seems to be happier.

Other people may not have seen the joy in Jade Emperor's eyes and the secret eye contact between Jade Emperor and Lord Lao Zi. but Queen Mother has seen it clearly and realized that there is something between the two guys.

And Queen Mother smells a conspiratorial flavor at the moment when Fairy Zilan was killed.