Chapter 187 Finding A Place To Heal

Hissing ...

Inside a star, Monk Tang, Pigsy, and others watched Sun Wukong, who was killing all sides.

At the same time, Monk Tang and his apprentices were very glad that they finally got rid of Sun Wukong and give Sun Wukong another target.

Previously, Monk Tang and others were inserted into the group of people. When Sun Wukong run after the living people, celestial troops and generals fought back. both sides were attracted by each other. At that time, Monk Tang told Pigsy to leave the mess and then got into a star to isolate all the breath on them. So that no one would find where they are.

In the starry sky not far away from the stars, there is now a scene of horror, with broken limbs and debris-covered with the starry sky. The energy is surging and there seems to be turning into a black hole.

"Master, shall we hide here all the time?" Pigsy looked at the situation outside and asked in a low voice.

Monk Tang's eyes glistened and he thought for a moment and said: "No, let's withdraw now. First, we will take Zilan's body and find a safe place to heal. here will soon dangerous later. They may have a more violent fight later. Ahem~"

While talking, Monk Tang couldn't help coughing softly, and blood flowed down the corners of his mouth.

Pigsy and others gently nodded, and then the other three disciples took Monk Tang and retreated secretly from the other side of the stars.

Soon after Monk Tang and his four disciples left the star, a great voice resounded through the fairy grave.

"Demon monkey, how dare you to do so? you are dead! "

With the sound of this voice, golden light filled the heavens and the earth appeared, and a huge golden exquisite pagoda was suppressed Sun Wukong. At the same time, a huge spear with three colors of fire that melted through heaven and earth also stabbed at Sun Wukong.

This is Li Jing and his son, who just arrived here with another group of celestial troops and generals to fight Sun Wukong. The situation is getting more and more fierce.


A terrible explosion took place there. countless stars and coffins became dust. The air was collapsed. chaotic air was surging.

Before that, the star that Monk Tang and others were hiding in was also involved in the battle and immediately turned into dust in the sky.

Pigsy looked at the chaotic and turbulent place in the distance and could not help but saying, "Dear god. fortunately, we are not in the star!"

Little White Dragon and Sandy were also agreed, but they soon became worried about Sun Wukong.

Li Jing and Nezha attack Wukong mercilessly. Pigsy could feel the power of terror across such a long distance.

Under such attacks, neither Little White Dragon nor Sandy nor Pigsy can not guarantee to be unharmed.

Seeing the attack, Monk Tang was also anxious and secretly worried, but the next moment he knew that his worry was unnecessary ... ……Sun Wukong was not injured but was completely angered by the attack of Li Jing and his son.


A terrible roar resounded through the heavens, and all the stars in the heavens quivered with the roar, almost like falling apart.

In the depths of heaven at which no one could perceive, Sun Wukong's roar woke up many powerful people who are in deep sleep and cultivation. But those powerful people opened pairs of eyes larger and brighter than the sun. It took a long time before they slowly closed and fell silent.

With this extremely angry roar, the state of demonization in Sun Wukong deepened and his momentum suddenly increased to several levels of terror.

A terrible dark magic light that could run through the three worlds blooms on Sun Wukong. In the magic light, Sun Wukong's body changes again.

His body suddenly swelled up to 100 feet, 200 feet, and plummeted ... In a twinkling, he was 100-hundred-feet tall and he was too high that on one could measure his height.

Sun Wukong, which soared to ten thousand feet high, had eyes the size of two red full moons burning with a golden flame. Scaly ravines crisscrossed like jagged rocks. Cobweb-like cracks were all over Sun Wukong's body. Rolling lava flowed in the crevices, and black smoke billowed up. Terrible magic clouds formed in the starry sky overhead.

At the moment, Sun Wukong is as horrible as the legendary hot-stoned demon made of lava and rocks.

However, the most conspicuous thing is Sun Wukong's huge golden "swastikas" on his chest, like a round of sun pressing down on Sun Wukong's chest.

Although this time it was full of cracks and fragments, numerous chains as thick as stars still formed around Sun Wukong's body.

The golden chain is forged by incomparable pure Buddha power. The first time it appeared, it was the sound of Sanskrit. Sun Wukong's magic was suppressed for a few minutes, and his magic flame was extinguished.

The battle began again. Sun Wukong became more fierce at the moment, gently waving his hands, and destroyed many small planets.

However, Monk Tang and others did not pay too much attention to Wukong. Soon they found Zilan's body, then withdrew from the fairy grave, and found a star with incomparable vigor in the sky. Then they got into it and started to heal.

Monk Tang and his three apprentices have more or less wound on them. They need a good rest.

In a dense place of stars, the energy of an immortal cannot be dissolved, forming fog, which condenses into streams flowing on the ground.

Monk Tang is still wearing a white robe stained with dyed blood. At the moment, Monk Tang has entered a state of healing without considering other things.

However, his injury was unprecedented in severity. His whole body bone was broken and his internal organs were broken and almost turned into meat paste. Even if the system was automatically repaired and Monk Tang took the initiative to repair, it would not have improved much in a short period of time. If he had not the good cultivation that is close to the realm of immortals, Monk Tang would have hung up for such an injury. It can be said that Monk Tang is only half a step away from death this time.

Monk Tang was a little anxious to find out his injuries. If he had enough time he could recover. However, they are in dangerous heaven at the moment. what Monk Tang lacks is time. without a strong enough body, he is easy to die in danger.

So what Monk Tang wants is to repair the injury as quickly as possible. What if it can be restored to normal in the next moment? Monk Tang cannot help asking the system: "System, do you have any way to let me recover the injury as quickly as possible?"

System: "you can choose to upgrade. If the host level is upgraded, your physical state will be refreshed to the best state!"

Hearing these words, Monk Tang was shocked. Naturally, Monk Tang knew it, but he needed enough experience to upgrade ...

Is it? All of a sudden, something occurred in Monk Tang's mind. he opened the character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker )

Grade: 28

Experience: 80220200/1342177280

Deputy: master of divine focus (Grade 3, Proficiency 21/30)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals, Indestructible Knack, Necromancy.

Props: Brocade Kasaya(in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Experience Pellet:3947