Chapter 186 Running After

Boom! !!

In the gloomy starry sky, one star after another exploded directly, emitting light and brightness, just like fireworks.

Pigsy fled with Monk Tang's livid speed, sensing the closer breath behind him, cursing: "How can this damn monkey be so strong? Master, what should we do? If the monkey catches up with us, we'll all be over! "

Monk Tang was seriously injured, which was heavier than he got wound from lord Lao Zi's injury. Although he was very strong and the system had begun to open the healing mode, it would take a long time to recover. When he heard these words and moved his lips, his blood was gushed out.

Looking at Wukong at the rapid speed to approach behind them, Sun Wukong, who ruined everything around him. All of the stars and coffins were all smashed by his feet directly. Monk Tang had a headache. He thought that the monkey was really not reassuring, but the most important thing now was to get rid of Sun Wukong's chasing. If they were caught, there is only one end for them---death!

However, when Monk Tang looks around at the dark starry sky, he felt more helpless. There is no fucking place to hide!

"Oh, no, Master, there are celestial troops and generals ahead!" Just then Pigsy screamed again, slowing down.

The worst thing happened, that is they meet fucking "wolves" in front and a big tiger behind them ...

Monk Tang was shocked when he heard this, then his eyes were bright and he said with difficulty, "Pig, rush toward the team of celestial troops and generals!"

"ah?" Hearing these words, Pigsy was full of doubts. The monk was not seriously injured and confused, was he?

Sandy and Little White Dragon, who had been flying silently and healing themselves nearby, also looked at Monk Tang with surprised looks.

"Hurry up, do you want to be killed by your brother!?” Monk Tang turned a blind eye to Sandy and Little White Dragon's look and shouted aloud at Pigsy.

In the view of the three, this group of celestial troops and generals showed up at the wrong time, but in the view of Monk Tang, its showing up is at the just-right time!

Pigsy gritted his teeth. Although he didn't understand what Monk Tang had in mind, he looked at Sun Wukong and celestial troops. All Pigsy could do was to take a grip on himself and rushed over. Pigsy thought: Damn. It is better to be caught in the hands of a group of normal persons than in the hands of a madman!

When Monk Tang and others discovered celestial troops and generals were in front, celestial troops and generals had already seen them. After all, Sun Wukong made too much noise. Many celestial troops and generals gathered here because they listened to the noise.

When they saw Monk Tang and others, celestial troops and generals were delighted, because Monk Tang and others were all on the "wanted" list. Seizing one of them was a great credit. However, what they did not see was that there was a horrible guy chasing behind them.

Celestial troops and generals looked at Monk Tang and others one by one with bright eyes, just like seeing a peerless fairy.

One general was shouting: "Golden Cicada X, Tianpeng Marshal…… ... you sneaked into heaven is a big crime, so you give in quietly ..."

“Master?” Pigsy couldn't help asking after hearing this.

"Don't listen to his nonsense, rush, rush through them, whether we can get rid of your big brother, all depends on them!"

Monk Tang gave Pigsy a hard pat on the head and said, "are you really a pig today? why don't you still understand my plan! ?"

Pigsy was actually a little panicked and was frightened by Sun Wukong. Now, after such a beat by Monk Tang, he was finally unhurried up. he was enlightened. He immediately understood Monk Tang's intention---The monk is trying to bring disaster to the group of people in front of them!

Pigsy looked at celestial troops and generals in front and Sun Wukong in the rear. His eyes were bright. It might work!

With an idea in his mind, Pigsy immediately put into action and rushed towards celestial troops and generals.

Watching Pigsy and others not only didn't give in easily when they heard what they said, but they were rushed at an accelerated pace, the general immediately became angry and shouted: "Bold?! dare to resist arrest? You got more crimes ... Holy Crap, what is that? You don't come here! No ! run! wow ~ "

That general was shouting, the fairy soldier pikes in the hands were aimed at the Monk Tang and others, but the words have not finished, this general found what followed

Pigsy and others are black giant stuff!

Across the distance, celestial troops and generals felt the smell of death, fear, despair, and so on, making them suddenly cold.

Nevertheless, celestial troops and generals are afraid of something either. When they feel the horrible smell from Sun Wukong, they immediately detect that they can't defeat him so they run away directly ... They even ignored Monk Tang and others.

“Holy crap!” Seeing this, Monk Tang was speechless. celestial troops and generals' reaction was a little beyond Monk Tang's expectation.

But you want to run? There is absolutely no way. Monk Tang just said to Pigsy: "Pigsy, get them! don't let them run! as long as we run faster than the celestial troops and generals!"

Pigsy smiled: "copy that! Master!"

After that, Pigsy's demon cloud exploded at his feet, and the speed suddenly increased several times. carrying Sandy and Little White Dragon, Pigsy rushed into the fleeing celestial troops, leaving behind them one by one.

celestial troops and generals watched Pigsy surpass them one by one, and the monk passed by with a mean smile. They just are furious. Monk Tang is too fucking bad. All the celestial troops and generals still don't get that Monk Tang has used them as a big shield!

As a result, the celestial troops and generals also started to run one by one with their best efforts. They all understood the truth: whoever was behind will suffer ... This is similar to being chased by a dog, and whoever falls behind will get bitten. This is the fucking theory of being chased by a dog!

Next, all of us started to chase each other in the sky.

compared with the speed of the celestial troops and generals, the speed of Pigsy can be said to be not slow, but it is much lower than that of Sun Wukong. When Pigsy rushed into the team carrying Monk Tang on the back and "overtook many cars", Sun Wukong also plunged into the group of the people.

it is definitely a tiger into a flock of sheep. Sun Wukong, who is demonized by hatred, has only one thought at the moment. That is, to destroy everything, especially living things. After rushing into the team, the monkey slapped on the celestial troops and generals around him one after another and turned them into blood mist.

The bloody fireworks blossom in the starry sky!

Of course, these celestial troops and generals did not just let Sun Wukong kill them like this, but also started to fight back, striking out a magic weapon with infinite mana to kill Sun Wukong.

However, there was no effect at all. Before the mana spells fell on Sun Wukong, Sun Wukong's fire on the body burned all those mana lights. Even his scales were not punctured. Faced with the absolute strength, the quantity was really useless.