Chapter 185 No Way Out

Ho ho ho ho! !!

Sun Wukong is still roaring and turning a blind eye to the attacks of Monk Tang and others. The changes in his body are still continuing and his obsession in anger was deeper.

At the moment, Sun Wukong's hair has disappeared and replaced it with dark skin like scales.

Shining with dark and shiny luster, with substantial metal texture, and his body has a dark fire burning up.

Under the dark demon flame, the star at Sun Wukong's feet had already turned into rolling lava, surging in the air.

During the rise of magic flame, Sun Wukong's momentum kept rising ...

"System, how can Sun Wukong be knocked unconscious?"

Looking at Sun Wukong, who is getting more and more demonized, Monk Tang said urgently in his heart.

System: "it is simple. as long as you raise your level above 95th ..."

Thud~Monk Tang immediately spits out blood, is this fucking "simple"?

What's so simple? Hey, he is away far from the 90th level. Monk Tang immediately knew that he couldn't do it.

"Let's go, Pigsy, Sandy, and Little Dragon. Let's go first!" Monk Tang gritted his teeth and finally shocked the decision with grief.

"ah? Go? What about Big Brother? " Sandy froze at the words and glanced at Sun Wukong, who was becoming more and more horrified.

"Go?" Pigsy was shocked to hear these words, and then there was a flash of joy in his eyes. Damn it, it is high time to leave here. Pigsy feels Wukong more and more dangerous that he could not handle him!

Hearing these words, Monk Tang gave a wry smile. To tell the truth, Monk Tang really didn't want to leave Sun Wukong, but he really couldn't do it to knock Sun Wukong out. He was depressed and said, "Whether Wukong can wake up depends on his own ... Ah, There's no way out!"

However, before the words were finished, Monk Tang felt his scalp tighten and a chill ran from his hip to the skull, shivering.

At this moment, Sun Wukong stopped growling, his head turned stiffly, and a pair of red eyes without any emotion stared up, burning with golden flame ...

Gollum ~ ~ ~

Pigsy couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva and whispered: "Master, is senior brother looking at us?"

Monk Tang nodded and said, "now, I just want to sing a song named “There's no way out”!" Damn it, Monk Tang feels he is over!

"ha?" Pigsy, Little White Dragon, and Sandy all looked muddled when they heard these words. This monk is so unreliable. What song to sing at this time! And what the hell is the name "There's no way out"? It is an unlucky name!

Voice is still floating in the air, Monk Tang several people feel the shadow flash in front of them, Sun Wukong has appeared in front.

"dead!" Sun Wukong's canine teeth bulged and his mouth was slightly open. A cold, ruthless, and husky word "dead" was sent out.

In an instant, Monk Tang felt that the blood in his body was frozen and even air was crunchy.

The next moment, Sun Wukong moved and his palm, which had been covered with dark scales, was reaching out.

Seemingly slow, but in fact extremely fast, so for a moment, it was the fourth hit, shooting at four Monk Tang, Pigsy, Little White Dragon, and Sandy.

"Dead monkey ~" Pigsy felt the danger, his ears were stretched straight, and he defended himself.

Sandy and Little White Dragon also gave a big cry and took out their strongest defense measures to block Sun Wukong's attack.

In the face of his palm, Monk Tang felt the crisis of death and made a defense in an instant. While Monk Tang 's whole body was covered with layers of protective shields. He held the Nine-Ring Monk Spade in front of his chest.


At this moment, Sun Wukong's palm was already falling on them, and the shield was just like an eggshell. It was broken layer by layer with a click. Then with a thud, Sun Wukong's palm was snapped on Nine-Ring Monk Spade, and sparkles were jumping around.

At that moment, Monk Tang felt that he had been hit by a big mountain, and his arms were broken with a click.

And this is not over, Nine-Ring Monk Spade under Sun Wukong's palm, with boundless force hit on Monk Tang's chest.

Dense bone fracture sounded at the moment, as a plenty of chips have come apart,

And there is a sound of air leakage, Hiss, countless pores are open, blood under great pressure from the pores.

Blood fog enveloped the whole body of Monk Tang. Monk Tang turned into a blood gourd.

Monk Tang and his four disciples were so clapped by Sun Wukong and flew out, like shells, knocking, and smashing on stars. They finally hit the big black coffin bigger that than the sun and fell down.

"Wow ~Holy crap, how did this monkey become so strong? Master, are you all right? "

Pigsy hit the black coffin and one mouthful blood was gushing out. Sun Wukong's eyes looked at it with a trace of fear.

"After demonization, how he can so strong? Master, you are still alive! ?”

Sandy said with blood in his mouth, and at the same time he was very dedicated and took out his small notebook to record something.

Little White Dragon stuck out his tongue, and his dragon mouth was also continuously flowed out blood. At the same time, the dragon scales on his body were all broken and dropped, becoming a dragon without a dragon scale like a loach.

Monk Tang felt like he was going to die. he opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but all he vomited was blood and internal organ fragments. finally, he managed to spit out the foreign matter in his mouth. then Monk Tang said, "run ... your elder brother is here again!"

"Holy crap, this dead monkey is really going to kill us!" Pigsy said. Pigsy has the strongest strength among several people, with the highest defense and the lightest injury. After hearing Monk Tang's words, he saw Sun Wukong turn into a black streamer and rush toward this side. He couldn't help cursing Wukong.

Of course, Pigsy's speed is also extremely fast. A roll of big sleeves, he rolled up injured Monk Tang, Sandy, and Little White Dragon to set up a black cloud, then he turned into streamers and run away.

Just after escaping from the huge black coffin, Sun Wukong clapped his hands on the black coffin!

There was a loud crash and the sound of a terrible clash of stones and irons.

In the sound waves, many stars and coffins around Wukong burst in succession and turned into dust.

Even the black coffin, which is bigger than the sun, was not spared. the black coffin made of some kind of metals was crushed and decomposed at Sun Wukong's palm, and the huge corpse of the unknown creature inside was also turned into dust in stars.

At the sight of this scene, Pigsy runs faster with fright. If he was hit, he would not have survived.

They felt cool inside when they saw this. It was fucking too scary.

At this moment, Sun Wukong has shown great power and no one can match it ...

At the same time of running away, looking at Sun Wukong who came after him, Monk Tang smiled bitterly in his heart---He, as a master, was chased by his disciple in the starry sky!