Chapter 184 So Shameless

With a clatter, the sarcophagus was opened, revealing two bodies of Fairy Zilan inside the sarcophagus.

Fairy Zilan's head rolled aside, stained with blood, with eyes which were stared, empty and full of fear ...

Hearing the sound, Monk Tang just thumped in his heart and his heart began to beat like an explosion.

Then he saw Sun Wukong's expression was extremely painful and the last trace of sane in his eyes disappeared.

His eyes became extremely red, like two blood deep pools where there was a golden flame burning brightly. The air surrounding him was almost burned through.

Ho! !!

Sun Wukong's mouth let out a loud terror roar. Sun Wukong's shape body suddenly changed.

The demon clouds were rolling in, the dark golden light was shining, and his dark golden fur was suddenly as dark like a devil hole.

At first glance, Monk Tang felt the atmosphere became chaotic and swaying, and something is like to burst, and the world was going to be ruin.

As if the evilest, horrible, and extreme forces were emerging before our eyes as if all the evil sources in the world are in front of him...

Ho ho ho ho! !!

Sun Wukong repeatedly roared like a wild animal, the demon cloud exploded, and the demon lights burst out, forming a shock wave that swept through and broke out in terror.


The explosion happened incessantly, whether stars or coffins, in this terrible shock wave all is turned into dust.

The air is continuously exploded.

However, it happened that the body of Fairy Zilan, which is closest to Sun Wukong, is in perfect condition without any influence.

At the moment when the demon cloud burst and the demon light burst, Monk Tang felt the great crisis is coming.

In a flash, Monk Tang was making defense, and his whole body is surging with Buddha's power, forming layer after layer of shields to protect everyone next to him.

At the same instant, the shock wave hit his body, Bang!

Monk Tang felt like he was hit by a sledgehammer in his head. He was stunned and his chest was very stuffy.

At the same time, there is also a succession of shield fragmentation in his ear, finally, he felt a sweet liquid in his throat. Then he spits out one mouthful blood.

Just a shock wave caused Monk Tang to be seriously injured and his body was blown out of the distance.

He hit on a small star then he fell down.

Similarly, Pigsy, Little White Dragon, and Sandy were also blown out of the distance, but fortunately, they were strong and not injured.

How terrible! Monk Tang stood on the broken stars and wiped the blood from his mouth with fear ...

Looking at Sun Wukong, who is still roaring upwards, Monk Tang sighed with a sigh. No wonder the system wanted to keep him away. Sun Wukong was really too strong and dangerous at the moment. He knew that the shock wave just now was only generated unconsciously by Sun Wukong, but it has such power.

Monk Tang did not dare to imagine how powerful Sun Wukong would be if Wukong takes serious attacks.

"Master, are you okay? This dead monkey is really crazy! "

"Master, are you ok!? Master, what is wrong with him? "

"Master…… ... how big brother seems to have changed a person! ?”

Pigsy, Little White Dragon, and Sandy soon came to Monk Tang and said one after another, while protecting Monk Tang.

"I'm fine." Monk Tang motioned with his hand and looked at Sun Wukong with flickering eyes. He didn't know whether he should stay away from Sun Wukong since then. According to the system, Sun Wukong now refuses to calm down and he is very dangerous.

Suddenly, Monk Tang found that there seemed to be one person missing. He was surprised and said, "Where is Great White Planet?"

According to Monk Tang, Pigsy was also surprised to find that Great White Planet was missing.

"Wow, why is the old guy gone? ! ! ! !” Pigsy opened his mouth.

"Master, Great White Planet is over there ..." Little White Dragon said, pointing in one direction.

"Damn, this Great White Planet is too shameless? even Pigsy didn't run! Why did he run away? " Sandy was surprised.

Hearing these words, Pigsy's face suddenly darkened. What do you mean? Is it normal for me to run away?

Looking in the direction pointed by Little White Dragon, Monk Tang's mouth couldn't help twitching. Damn it, that old thing runs so fast.

he saw a light golden star in that direction fading away at top speed. Who else would it be if it were not Great White Planet?

As if sensing the eyes of Monk Tang and others, the voice of Great White Planet came from far away: "Holy Monk, Tianpeng Marshal, Juanlian General, Dragon Prince III, I suddenly remembered that I have something important to do and I will not accompany you ..."

Damn it, hearing these words, Monk Tang was depressed and nearly vomited blood. At the moment, he knew why Great White Planet was living extremely well. Because he was fucking shameless, he ran away based on a fucking excuse!

Monk Tang has decided to call him "Mr. shameless" when meeting Great White Planet in the future. He was too bad to friends.

Regardless of Great White Planet, Monk Tang focused his attention on Sun Wukong. His eyes flickered and his heart growled so he asked system again, "System, you come out! you really have no idea to stop Wukong from getting into the demonization?"

System: "Yes!"

Monk Tang:“……”

Monk Tang was angry: "Damn it, are you playing a game with me? why didn't you say it earlier? Tell me what it is. "

System: "The method is very simple, that is to knock Sun Wukong unconscious, but you can't do it!"

Damn it, Monk Tang immediately lost his way, feeling Sun Wukong's terrible power at this time. Not to mention stunning Sun Wukong, it is very difficult to get close to Wukong. However, Monk Tang cast his Shrink Into Inches to dodge the attacks. However, the result was obvious that Monk Tang has just moved to Sun Wukong's side and he was blown back by the continuous shock waves from Sun Wukong. He looks a little flustered.

"Master, what are you doing?" Looking at Monk Tang, who suddenly disappeared and was blown back, Pigsy asked anxiously.

"Pigsy, Sandy, Little Dragon, your elder brother is going to be demonized. As long as you knock your elder brother unconscious, he will wake up!"

After hearing Pigsy's words, Monk Tang said without considering his own mess.

"demonized?" After hearing these words, the three of Pigsy were shocked. Then they suddenly said, "No wonder he has become like this!"

"Master, leave it to us!" Pigsy and the other two banged their chests and then swished towards Sun Wukong. they were very excited and their eyes were shining---there were not many chances to beat the monkey.

However, the ideal is very plump and the reality is very bony. Pigsy three people do not have Shrink Into Inches Monk Tang had. Although they are powerful, the result is the same as Monk Tang's that they cannot get close to Sun Wukong within three inches.

Pigsy, with a big fat face slouching, muttered, "Damn, how did this dead monkey become so strong in defense?" In fact, he felt extremely sad in his heart. What he could see was that he couldn't reach. He was very upset ...