Chapter 183 Wukong Was Demonized!?

Starlight is extremely dim, with hazy gray. The lifeless atmosphere makes the whole piece of starry sky cold!

Under the guidance of Great White Planet, Monk Tang and his pupils easily entered the fairy grave.

And they always able to avoid the groups if celestial troops and generals in time.

Fairy grave is a starry sky with numerous stars, large and small, and irregular. It seems more accurate to say it was made of numerous meteorites.

But it happened that these meteorites are emitting gray hazy starlight one by one, making it difficult to distinguish whether they are meteorites or stars.

"A lot of coffins ..."

Sandy whispers, Monk Tang walks all the way, and they did not see many stars but many countless coffins.

The coffins are made of different materials and have different sizes. Some areas large as big stars and some are as small as rice grains.

Can't imagine what kind of creatures are inside the coffin, fairy body should have such a huge difference.

Not only that, this fairy grave is not only as simple as a grave, but also a very dangerous forbidden area.

On the way, Monk Tang saw more than once a sudden explosion of stars, forming a black hole that devoured everything, setting off an energy storm that swept across all directions.

Not long ago, Monk Tang saw a hundred of celestial troops and generals devoured by a black hole.

In response, Monk Tang was proud of his previous decision that let Great White Planet lead the way. Not only did they not let the people from heavenly court see them, but he also avoided many crises caused by sudden explosions of stars, which Pigsy and others couldn't do.

Of course, when Monk Tang watched the stars explode from time to time, he was also anxious. If the stars where Zilan was buried exploded, they would have no place to find Zilan's immortal body? If it does so, it is too late to revive Zilan.

Monk Tang can only hope they had luck ~

"Holy Monk, we are going to the place where Fairy Zilan's immortal body is buried." At this moment Great White Planet said.

Monk Tang felt refreshed after hearing these words and nodded to show that he knew with his flashing eyes. he was not calm at all.

After the five people bypassed a black coffin larger than the sun, they finally saw a common sarcophagus on a small star with a diameter of only 100 meters. Monk Tang could slightly sense the smell of Fairy Zilan from inside of the sarcophagus.

"Holy monk, Fairy Zilan's immortal body is in the sarcophagus. There is no mistake because I left a mark on that sarcophagus."

Great White Planet pointed to the sarcophagus on the small star.

At the sight of this, Monk Tang was excited at first, then calmed down, but did not rush up immediately.

But carefully probe the situation around the small stars, the sarcophagus is lonely and randomly placed on the small stars.

There is no such thing as celestial troops and generals in the small stars, but Monk Tang did not relax his vigilance and worried about being a trap.

After a long time, Monk Tang didn't notice anything unusual, he waved his hand and said, "Let's go, disciples! take Fairy Zilan home."

what a prudent Golden Cicada X....looking at Monk Tang, who took action after a long time to check, Great White Planet couldn't help admiring him.

Monk Tang naturally did not know the thoughts of Great White Planet. He became a streamer flying to the sarcophagus and Pigsy and others guarding the sarcophagus next to Monk Tang.

Just as Monk Tang was preparing to take the sarcophagus into his portable space and find another place to open it, a voice exploded beside him.

At the same time, a horrible breath came down here, just like the great devil of terror.

"Don't touch her!"

A mass of dark golden light and shadow exploded in front of Monk Tang, and a slim and thin figure appeared in front of everyone!

"who are hell you?"

All of a sudden, Monk Tang's so scared that his scalp was taut. The horrible breath suddenly appeared beside him, and no one could bear it.

The ability to ignore the Pigsy, Little White Dragon, Sandy, and Great White Planet is really horrible.

The one who can quietly appear in the side certainly is able to silently murder ...

At this moment, Monk Tang was a bit frightened and almost ran away!

"Who is there?" Pigsy four people are also surprised by the sudden sound, originally they are secretly come over, unavoidably having a guilty conscience. They were also frightened but weapons were clenched in their hands with momentum.

"Is Wukong you?" Monk Tang calmed down and looked at the sudden appearance of the figure, asked with doubts.

"Big Brother?" Pigsy, Sandy, Little White Dragon also followed by doubts, watching Sun Wukong open his mouth.

When Great White Planet saw Sun Wukong's body at this time, he couldn't help shuddering and muttered to himself, "Oh, no, this is the precursor of demonization. This is dangerous!" Great White Planet's worries have occurred.

Great White Planet's voice was low, and Monk Tang and others focused on Sun Wukong, so they did not hear it clearly.

At the moment, Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong with twinkling eyes next to him. Is this really that monkey? What did the hell happen?

Monk Tang was somewhat afraid to confirm that whom he saw was Sun Wukong.

If Sun Wukong wasn't wearing his previous clothes, Monk Tang would think Wukong is another monkey goblin.

The color of his hair has changed a lot. It used to be bright and golden. It was very bright. Now it is dark and heavy. All of it has turned into dark gold.

In the past, Sun Wukong seemed to be adorable and lively as long as he did not show a ferocious look.

But at the moment, Sun Wukong looks very horrible, with his tusks protruding out of his lips and his red eyes like a devil.

In those red eyes, Monk Tang only saw a little intellect, but it was also dissipating a little bit.

Monk Tang had no idea why Sun Wukong had become like this. Without considering Fairy Zilan, Monk Tang was secretly inquiring system.

Monk Tang: "system, what happened to Sun Wukong? what is going on here? he's not normal! "

System: "After checking, Sun Wukong is going to be demonized."

Monk Tang: "being demonized? Why he is going to be demonized? Why a good person is going to be demonized? "

System: "Sun Wukong became like this because he absorbed a large amount of dead breath here. After becoming possessed, Sun Wukong will become an ape demon like a cold-blood killer who only knows about destruction. He will be very dangerous. I suggest that you should stay away from Sun Wukong as soon as possible to save your life before he becomes demonized..."

"System, you shut up!" Hearing these words, Monk Tang's heart immediately missed a beat and interrupted the system's rambling: "Don't be sarcastic, is there any way to stop Wukong from getting into the demonization?"

System: "It was too late!"

Monk Tang: "ha?" Monk Tang heard these words and muddled. why was it so late? You fucking made it clear!

Just when he was about to have a good talk with the system, Monk Tang heard the sound of the stone rubbing and looked at it immediately.

Sun Wukong opened Zilan's sarcophagus at this time, revealing Zilan's two bodies.

Her head rolled aside, stained with blood, with a pair of widened empty and frightened... eyes.