Chapter 182 Meet Great White Planet

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Although Lord Lao Zi's intentions were detected, Monk Tang was also somewhat helpless and only hoped Sun Wukong would remain calm.

Moreover, Monk Tang has no time for other things. Just received the news from the White Bone Demon, it made Monk Tang more muddle.

At the same time, Monk Tang also realized where to find Wukong and what to do next.

That is to go to fairy grave and find Fairy Zilan's body.

And Monk Tang speculated that Sun Wukong also went to fairy grave after getting the relevant information, otherwise it would not be so quiet here at heavenly court!

"Pigsy, Wujing, do you know where is the fairy grave? Let's go to a fairy grave! " Monk Tang asked aloud.

"Fairy grave?" On hearing this, Pigsy exclaimed loudly: "Master, why are we going to the fairy grave? Is it ... "

"Mmm!" Monk Tang nodded in a dignified mood, remembering Fairy Zilan's petite and lovely appearance, but couldn't help heartache.

"Damn, how so? Monkey is not going to be mad! " Pigsy also gnashed his teeth.

If Cuilan were to be dead like this, he would be crazy.

Pigsy understood Wukong very well and worried about monkeys at the moment.

"Don't talk nonsense, go to fairy grave, and find Fairy Zilan's body. And I suspect that your elder brother may have heard the news, and most likely he is at fairy grave." Monk Tang said that if he wants to find Fairy Zilan's body and try to revive Zilan, although the hope is equal to zero, he still needs to try.

"Yes, Master!" Pigsy also knew the priorities of the matter, so she immediately responded and headed for the depths of the starry sky, in the direction opposite to that of the heavenly court.

Monk Tang and his four disciples walked at top speed, led by Pigsy, towards a dark, gloomy, cold, and special starry sky.

The starry sky and starlight are grey, giving people a sense of silence. Monk Tang understands that it should be the so-called fairy grave.

Fairy grave is just a general designation, the full name should be called fairy's cemetery or immortals' grave.

After the death of immortals and fairies in heaven, the physical body will finally return to its place. Not only immortals in the heavenly court will be buried, but also immortals in all world will be buried in the fairy grave. It can be said that the fairy grave is also a very special place in the whole world.

In the half of way, Monk Tang suddenly stopped, his ears quivered repeatedly and frowned doubtfully. "Pigsy, Wujing…… ... did you hear anyone talking as if he was calling my name!"

Three people also stopped, Pigsy's big ears fan and then said: "Master, you may have auditory hallucinations, how can someone shout in this starry sky ... eh? No, someone is really calling you! "

"Golden Cicada X, wait a minute, wait for me!"

A voice came from far and near. At first, it was not very clear, but then it became clearer and clearer.

Looking down the voice, they saw faint golden starlight rushing toward this side, with a long shining tail.

Starlight came in a flash, and the people showed himself. It was Great White Planet!

"Great White Planet, why are you here? What is your aim? " Pigsy looked warily at Great White Planet.

Anyone from the heavenly court they meet in heaven needs to be careful and cautious, and the one is likely to fight in the next second!

"Tianpeng Marshal, you misunderstand me. I am here waiting for the holy monk to report something important!" Great White Planet, sensing Pigsy's first place, hurriedly said, looking at Monk Tang's eyes with sincerity.

Monk Tang raised his eyebrows when he heard these words. Although he felt good about the old man Great White Planet, he did not trust him. he asked, "Great White Planet, you said you were waiting for me here. how did you know that I would be here?"

Great White Planet can know that their master and disciples are here, so does it not mean that others can also know where they are now? Monk Tang was a little worried ... his eyes couldn't help glancing around.

As if seeing what Monk Tang was thinking, Great White Planet said hastily: "Don't worry, holy monk. It is also lucky for me to meet the holy monk here, and some small calculations. After the Great Sage broke into heaven, I knew that the holy monk would come, so I chose several places to wait for the holy monk to arrive."

Monk Tang raised his eyebrows and believed what Great White Planet said. And he said, "What is the important thing you would say to me?"

"well ..." Great White Planet began to narrate, telling Monk Tang and others all about Lord Lao Zi's plot.

Pigsy was immediately angry when he heard these words: "Lord Lao Zi, it's really too cunning ! how could he be so vicious ..."

Little White Dragon and Sandy also cursed in a low voice.

At the same time, Sandy also recorded the whole thing in a small notebook.

When Monk Tang heard these words, he believed that it was almost what he imagined. However, What surprised Monk Tang was the attitude of Great White Planet, he surprised would come here to tell them this.

Lord Lao Zi is the superior of the Great White Planet. He would offend the superior to be published to death. Monk Tang did not understand why Great White Planet did this and what benefits he had!

In response, Monk Tang also asked directly, "Great White Planet, aren't you afraid of offending Lord Lao Zi? If I remember correctly, the relationship between you and Lord Lao Zi should be regarded as mentoring. "

When Great White Planet heard these words, a wry smile immediately appeared on his face and said: "To tell the truth, I have struggled for some time, but I still decided to tell you that you are right after thinking about it. I cannot persuade him, but I hope you and your apprentices can prevent the occurrence of a greater tragedy and not let people suffer."

When talking, Great White Planet gave a bow to Monk Tang.

Seeing this, Monk Tang immediately dodged sideways and did not accept. He said, "Stop? How to stop him! ?”

Great White Planet was shocked to hear these words and froze there. The bitter taste in his heart can't be stopped unless Fairy Zilan can be brought back to life. However, the creatures killed by the fairy hay cutter have never been brought back to life.

A long time later, Great White Planet said again, "Holy Monk, are you going to the fairy grave to look for Fairy Zilan's body?"


Monk Tang nodded without hiding. Great White Planet waiting for them here, that is to say, knew their destination.

"In this case, I can do something to help you find Fairy Zilan's body faster and avoid many celestial troops and generals. I wonder if you need me to lead the way! ?” Great White Planet heard this saying.

Monk Tang's eyes narrowed slightly. He hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, Great White Planet, please show us the way."