Chapter 181 Stars Warships

In the distance, a light band lies across the endless starry sky, with no beginning or end. This is the Heavenly River in heaven.

The Heavenly River was full of water, and Monk Tang was surprised to find that the water in Heavenly River was all made up of stars.

Just as Monk Tang was getting ready to bathe in the starlight, Pigsy poured him a basin of cold water.

Pigsy said that heavenly river's water is extremely corrosive, even fairy will be corroded and remain nothing.

Hearing these words, Monk Tang was immediately disappointed---Monk Tang with a full face of an unhappy face!

Of course, disappointment is a disappointment, and even if there is no corrosive force in the river, Monk Tang does not plan to take a bath now, because Sun Wukong has not been found it yet. Monk Tang felt strange at this time. By rights, Sun Wukong broke the Southern Gate of Health. After entering, he should have a fight with people from Healthy Court long ago.

However, after entering heaven, Monk Tang did not find any traces of fighting, and all the way was silent.

Monk Tang scratched his bald head and thought to himself, has Wukong already entered the heavenly court?

"Master, let's prepare to cross the river!" Pigsy's voice broke Monk Tang's thinking.

"Oh, how do we cross the river?" Monk Tang returned to absolute being and looked at the vast river and asked.

Monk Tang secretly tested it. The water vapor over the Heavenly River is too thick and under great pressure. It is a little impossible to fly over it!

And close to the Heavenly River, Monk Tang was even more surprised. Monk Tang found that there were countless colorful glass beads in the Heavenly River water drifting with the current, making a ding-ding sound in collisions.

But looking intently, the river is not made of glass beads but stars that shrink itself ...

Hiss ~Monk Tang couldn't help gasping. No wonder the legend of the previous life, the Heavenly River, also known as the Milky Way, is made up of countless stars.

Now, it seems, is really well-founded.

However, now the most important thing is to cross the river. ordinary methods are absolutely been used!

"Master, look at me. Although I am not Tianpeng Marshal right now, I still have some good skills!" Pigsy smiled triumphantly and then roared at the Heavenly River in a low voice, like saying a special spell, low and desolate.

Monk Tang's eyes narrowed. On the rolling river, he saw a black spot coming through the waves and getting closer.

"What a big ship, Brother. Is this your ship?" Sandy looked at the big thing coming towards them in surprise.

"Haha, that's right. This is the stars warship that I personally ordered to build when I was Tianpeng Marshal. I didn't think it was still there. Only I could control it." Pigsy made a big smile, looked at the approaching warships, eyes flashed a trace of memory.

Monk Tang was also surprised to see the giant thing. What kind of a warship is that?

They saw the warship, which was made of pure gold, with stars twinkling above, and tiny stars inlaid on it.

It is not too much to say that it is made of stars … what is coming head-on, like a whole piece of the starry sky moving!

"Master, let's go aboard!" Pigsy's greeting was that he jumped up and jumped into the warship first. Pigsy couldn't wait to get in touch with his "partner". Back then, he was sitting in this warship, carrying his 8 million celestial troops and generals across the entire Healthy River. Nobody could stop his marching.

Swish, swish ...

Monk Tang, Little White Dragon, and Sandy also flew into the warship, the moment they flew into the warship.

The scene suddenly changed and came to another time and space. The feeling of being down-to-earth appeared again.

This is a continent, with white clouds in the sky, grass on the ground, and a continuous building in the distance.

The building was not very tall and did not look grand, but in the silence, Monk Tang felt a murderous feeling surrounding them.

"Pigsy, here is?” Monk Tang wondered.

"Master, this is the small world inside the warship. The front is the barracks. My soldiers are practicing here and then guarding the Heavenly River with me. It was a great time I had. It's a pity that it's gone forever. It's also a relic. People go and the ship is empty!" Pigsy shook his head and sighed.

...... "As long as we rest here, the warships will automatically take us to the other side."

Next, it was Pigsy's time to lead the Monk Tang and others wandering in the small world of warships, hoping to tell the Mon Tang all his glorious deeds of that year ...

At first, Monk Tang still was interested in those old things Pigsy told, but at last, he lost interest and found a place to cultivate.

Although all the achievement methods can operate freely and independently with the aid of the system, if he cultivates spontaneously, he can still speed up some cultivation speed ... ……Monk Tang wants to upgrade to level 30 in the shortest possible time because upgrading to level 30 will not only bring about an earth-shaking change in strength but also upgrade the system.

Monk Tang is still full of expectation for what changes will occur when the system is upgraded again, ...

Time seems to pass slowly and quickly. They don't know how much time has passed. When Monk Tang felt that the whole world was shaking for a moment. Monk Tang woke up from the state of cultivation!

At the moment when Monk Tang opened his eyes, Pigsy's voice came: "Master, we are on the other side of the Heavenly River ..."


Stars warship drifted away behind Monk Tang and his four disciples. After sending Monk Tang and others to the other side of the river, stars warship left on its own. It did not know where to hide and maybe it was waiting for Pigsy's call again.

"Master, something is wrong!" Little White Dragon, who turned into a small snake dish on Monk Tang's shoulder on the bank of the Heavenly River, said so.

"Well, it's too quiet!" Monk Tang nodded when he heard these words, looking dignified and feeling a little unusual.

Although the place where their teacher and pupil chose to cross the river is not a seriously guarded place, it should not be so silent.

Not only that but also the situation is the same near the Southern Gate of Health. The break-up of the Southern Gate of Health should have been a lot of noise, but there were few people there. Did they all go after Sun Wukong?

Monk Tang couldn't help wondering ~

"Master, where are we going now?" Pigsy asked, feeling there was something wrong if they went directly to the heavenly court, which was a den of tigers and dragons for them, and he always felt like they are sending sheep into the tiger's mouth.

Monk Tang's eyebrows rose a little. Just when he was about to speak, the message from White Bone Demon was coming.

Monk Tang immediately looks at it. when a line of handwriting comes into his view, Monk Tang immediately shakes his mind.

The White Bone Demon delivered the exact news of Fairy Zilan, and the last hope in Monk Tang's heart was dashed.

At the same time, Monk Tang secretly hated the people who dominated all this. He really killed Fairy Zilan, not used her as bait. This is a bait to drive Sun Wukong crazy. Monk Tang vaguely sensed Lord Lao Zi's real intention---to destroy people, he must make them crazy first!