Chapter 180 Bath In Starlight?

Magic Green felt more and more hot and painful on his cheeks and felt something strange. But looking at Monk Tang's friendly and sincere smile, Magic Green finally nodded and said, "Yes, you are right. Heavenly court is in heaven and it can be easily found."

"then thank you, Almsgiver. and I'll leave now. Almsgiver, hope you recover well!" Monk Tang clearly nodded, and then called on his three disciples to jump into the colorful whirlpool.

When their bodies enter the transmission channel, the sight is lost, only colorful light is interwoven in their eyes.

They don't know whether it is an instant, a hundred years, or even longer.

When Monk Tang came to his senses, Monk Tang found himself in the midst of a stunning landscape.

This is heaven?

It is somewhat different from what he imagined. He thought heaven was also a continent, but he didn't think it was the starry sky in the vast expanse.

At the moment of returning to absolute being, Monk Tang felt that his body was wrapped by the rich and incomparable immortal spirit as if he were in an ocean of fairy breath.

This starry sky is full of celestial fairy breath?

Monk Tang was filled with shock and surprise and found himself really lacking imagination ...

Moreover, Monk Tang found that he could breathe freely in the starry sky, and there was also air in the starry sky.

By no means, a surprised expression appeared on Monk Tang's face.

"Ha, ha, ha ... I'm back. This is heaven where I have lived for countless years. How do you feel, Master ?" At this moment, the figure of Pigsy emerged beside Monk Tang, laughing with open arms and picking his eyebrows at Monk Tang.

Pigsy appeared at the same time, Sandy and Little White Dragon emerged one by one. Little White Dragon did not have any special reaction. Sandy's eyes showed a trace of nostalgia, apparently recalling the past in heaven.

Monk Tang quickly folded up his surprised expression, glanced at the vast starry, and said, "not bad, better than I expected, but who knows where the heavenly court is?"

Damn it, Monk Tang felt that Magic Green was lying to himself. didn't he say that if he entered heaven, he would find heavenly court? All around except the stars are stars, where is the shadow of a heavenly court? Monk Tang really wants to go back and slap Magic Green a few more times ... why not you are not reliable!?

Pigsy smiled again and said, "Master, I know you well here. Follow me!"

Monk Tang glanced askance at Pigsy and said, "Don't talk nonsense, hurry up and find your senior brother!"

At this time, the time is not short, even Sun Wukong's residual breath all the way has long dissipated.

At the moment, Monk Tang and others can only go directly to heavenly court to find monkeys.

Pigsy's chest banged and banged, then pointed to a dazzling light band in the distance and said: "Master, have you seen that light band? That is the heavenly river. You can only see the heavenly court if you cross the heavenly river, or else you can't see it."

Looking down, Monk Tang saw a bright light band winding through the endless starry sky. He could not see the end of the beginning.

While speaking over there, Pigsy's body turned into a long rainbow and shot towards the heavenly river.

Monk Tang was sitting on Little White Dragon's back, followed by him, looking at the starry river that did not know how far, the source, or the end. "Pigsy, when you were Tianpeng Marshal, was this is the heavenly river you were stationed in?"

Pigsy shook his head. "No, where I was stationed in the section of the heavenly river was far away and deep in the stars ..."

Master and disciples talked, but they did not delay their journey. Although the speed of several people was much lower than that of Sun Wukong, in fact, it was extremely fast. With the conversation, they were getting closer and closer to the Heavenly River ...


The roaring sound of water was gradually introduced into the ears. Even though he doesn't know how many miles apart, Monk Tang felt the surging power of the Heavenly River, and the water vapor came against his face, with extremely heavy pressure. Every trace of water mist was extremely heavy.

Monk Tang couldn't help reaching for a little mist and gathering it into a drop the size of a needle's eye and holding it in his hand.

At once, Monk Tang could not help but frown and his head glowed. He thought, "What a heavy drop of water, even weighing a thousand pounds!"

The eyes were slightly fixed, and Monk Tang couldn't help but sigh with emotion. How heavy is the water in the fucking Heavenly Lake?

Moreover, when the mist was grasped in his hand, Monk Tang realized that the mist was not real mist but starlight condensation.

Monk Tang couldn't help but surprised to look at the closer and closer healthful river, understand why the water of heavenly river shines.

Damn it, because it was originally formed by the condensation of starlight.

Then Monk Tang's eyes lit up. Starlight, in other words, is a special kind of energy in heaven and earth.

In terms of grade, the energy of starlight is absolutely comparable to fairy power. Looking at the heavenly river in the distance, Monk Tang just did not refrain from drooling.

An idea was born from the bottom of Monk Tang's heart---he has to take a bath the whole heavenly river when he has the chance. With so much water, he can take too few baths. Monk Tang wants to show others what it looks like to bathe in starlight.

Can't help but Monk Tang fell into thoughts!

Pigsy's introduction to the Healthy River still did not stop, and he added to Monk Tang: "Master, when crossing the heavenly river later, you must hold up the guard to protect yourself. A small touch of the water in the Healthy River won't do anything, but large-area contact on your body will produce an extremely strong corrosive force on your skin, that is if a fairy falls into the heavenly river, she will be completely corroded."

"what? why it is so dangerous? Ah!" Monk Tang is still in thoughts, hearing this he immediately is glaring. what the fuck does this mean? Don't let me take a bath, do you?

Hum! I can't bathe in starlight? Oh, No!---Monk Tang was angry.

Monk Tang was annoyed for a while and then returned to normal, and then carefully sensed the fairy breath around him.

Monk Tang has a feeling that in such an environment, he just doesn't kill monsters to gain experience. He can also quickly upgrade his level just by relying on his own cultivation because the energy is too strong.

Monk Tang couldn't help looking at the character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (seek sutras)

Grade: 28

Experience: 80220200/1342177280

Deputy: master of divine focus (Grade, Grade 3, Proficiency 21/30)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals Indestructible Knack

Props: Brocade Kasaya(in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Experience Pellet:520

This is also the case. After opening the character panel, Monk Tang found that the accumulation of Experience Pellet is hundreds of times higher than that in the world. The number in the column of Experience Pellet is constantly increasing, quickly changing from 520 to 521 ...

It takes one hour on earth to accumulate an Experience Pellet, but it takes less than ten seconds in heaven.

At first, Monk Tang thought it might be a coincidence when the number of words changed. However, Monk Tang waited a while and found that the speed of accumulation of experience points was indeed shortened, and the number would change in ten seconds.

Monk Tang is somewhat confused, whether this is due to energy or different time flow rate.

However, this is a good thing. Monk Tang calculated that at the current rate of accumulation of Experience Pellet, he will be able to upgrade again soon.

If he raises his level to 29 or 30, his strength will increase a lot.